100% Cotton Ankle Length Socks Set of 3 Rs. 83 – ShopClues

socks3ShopClues has 100% Cotton Ankle Length Socks Set of 3 for Rs. 83. Features three different shades.

Coupon: SC2AS59

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12 Responses to “100% Cotton Ankle Length Socks Set of 3 Rs. 83 – ShopClues”

  1. Manish T says:

    Not worth…Dont Buy….
    And dont get confuse with JOCKEY SPORTS. Its not JOCKEY Brand. U can get similar one in any market 5pairs @Rs100.

  2. Dev says:

    I would suggest never to buy any fabric materials online… I too have had bad experiences with differences in what the websites vouch & what they deliver… We will ultimately become the fool bcoz, they will not accept for any refund of our money after delivering such cheap products…. Most of online sites which offers “BIG DEALS” are cheats..

  3. jay says:

    china made poor quality socks

  4. sanjay goyal says:

    After shipping Cheap Nylon socks instead of 100% Cotton. Here is the response I received from ShopClues :

    “we would like to inform you that the product which has been ordered by you is the same which has been delivered to you. As we cross checked with the merchant, dispatched product is of standard quality. Therefore, we will not be able to fulfill your request.”

    Shopclues checking with Vendor, as if Vendor will admit that he was fooling!!

  5. SRINATH says:

    Above reviews helped not to buy – 100% Cotton Ankle Length Socks Set of 3 Rs. 83 – ShopClues

  6. sajad says:

    Guys dont buy,

  7. Himanshu says:

    If this time they would cheat me , I would sue them in court. Now You see i have everything to sue them in court.

  8. aiwe says:

    these r of bad quality,i too recievd today! Last week also this deal was ön!

  9. SR says:

    Yes may be correct because i had a bad experience before. DON’t trust shopclues for any such cheap offers. You will get duplicates in most cases.

  10. Himanshu says:

    Sanjay tujhe banane ke liye koi aur nai mila. 30 Min pahle deal aayi hai aur tujhe recieve bhi ho gai.

    Saurab tu kharid le ye hai sanjay ya bana raha hai

  11. Saurabh says:

    Thanks Sanjay……:)

  12. sanjay goyal says:

    Just received the product, they shipped cheap Nylon socks available on footpath @Rs10 each. Asked Shopclues for reverse pickup.

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