100BestBuy Rs. 100 off on Rs. 101, Apparels Rs. 200 off on Rs. 201

100bestbuy200100BestBuy is offering Rs. 100 off on Rs. 101 & Rs. 200 off on Rs. 201 on Apparel. Coupon may not be applicable on a few select items.

All ProductsRs. 100 off on Rs. 101+ Coupon: CARE100
ApparelsRs. 200 off on Rs. 201+ Coupon: WELCOME200

Good Buys: Cosmetics | Personal Care | Clearance Sale

Website: 100BestBuy

70 Responses to “100BestBuy Rs. 100 off on Rs. 101, Apparels Rs. 200 off on Rs. 201”

  1. sanjiv says:

    I have purchased on 28 th Dec,But Till now I didn’t received any product.Even I called to them many times they replied that representative busy try after some time. chor hai sale sab ke sab. ullu banate hai customer ko coupn ka lalach dekar

    SMI plz kabhi bhi 100bestbuy.com ki post mat karna

  2. badar says:

    I have also ordered the product but till date no shipping done by them. I have also called them, took maximum time on hold and finally cut the line. I think we should file a case against this fraudulent website in online consumer court. Same of problem was faced by others. Kindly do not post any post from website, they totally cheaters.
    What are your views?

  3. Din says:

    Cheaters …. they never deliver.

  4. VENKAT says:

    They are calling every 5 days your selected the contest,i never participate the any contest in 100bestybuy,i was purchased on 27.12.2013 ,till date they are not shipped,when i was asked the product was not shipped why ? it is happening immediately disconnect the phone !! i think it was a big cheating web site, i don’t now SMI,why the posting the this website offers,i think so many customers loss there money(small amount),and every customer not taking the action because of it is a small amount !! please tell any one take action 100bestbuy site,please help for other customers !!

  5. Man says:

    Really a big big cheater website. I think no order delivery is the sole motto of this 100 worst buy website…………

  6. Chandu says:

    I have purchased on 27 th Dec,But Till now I didn’t received any product.Even I called to them many times they replied that server busy try after some time.IT is totally Fake and cheat site.

    SMI Please dont put 100bestbuy any offer in this SMI.

    Please help to all the victims.

  7. karunakar says:

    Dont buy any items from this site.These baster sending fake products and they making calls with cheap tricks .Pl dont buy on this iste.I kindly requesting SMI dont publish this type of fake sites.

  8. Ajay says:

    This website is only malfunctionally. They got our number and spaming through contact. Not shipped your order or not utilize your coupon. I was more than 10-12 days ordered still not any kind of response of shipping or not any positive reply. My coupon & my Money both they are collecting. Not return my money or not shipped my money. Please do not order otherwise your money & time waste.
    Its totally fake site just collecting customer details & contact numbers and their uses for disturbing.

  9. manish says:

    i have placed order on 27 & today is 6 but till date i have not recd any courier or order confirmation number, on asking they customer care updated its technical issue. I will go legal agianst this if they donot deliver the product. Team dont waste your time & money … i have applied for new debit card because i am afraid because this is not good site as per communication with them

  10. Dharamveer says:

    Cheat site & fake products.
    Please dont buy anything from this website. I have already lost 85 bucks, which they are claiming will be credited to my account again. The excuse they gave was “the product is out of stock”. ANd they dont answer the call for first 10 minutes.

  11. bhanwar says:

    complete fake site…haven’t received the order yet…customer care always busy..never got a chance to talk to them..lost my money…anybody have done something against it then let us know…i want to kick there butts too…

  12. sam says:

    SIM help me. They have cheated my money.

    please tell me where i have to go and complaint about this fraud, suggest some genuine way to get my money from this cheater.

  13. ak says:

    never buy…………..

  14. Jagadish says:

    Don’t buy anything from this website they will not deliver…

  15. Ashish says:

    Dear friends,
    All are right this is truly fake site. I have ordered 4 item on previous offer after that they shipped my order through indiaontime courier but the tracking number given by 100 best buy is fake. all four tracking number is face. I am going to complaint a file against them.

  16. vivaswan says:

    totaly fake dont buy ,… other vise …. paisa waste hoga ..i had bought a leather belt and pers combo .. n they send me ..PLASTI BELT N CHEAP PURSE …….
    DONT BUY ..

  17. Uzair says:

    They are frauds so don’t order anything from them. SMI ban this site from your listings.

  18. Adil says:

    This is indeed a cheat website and inspite of reading the reviews by others i had ordered a few products from them as the discount had made a Rs 600 product to Rs 6 product. I know its is not digestible but yet Rs 6 is not a big deal for anyone so i gave it a try. I dint receive anythin till date, not even the courier details. just imagine how many people get duped of
    Rs 5 or Rs 6 or so. It doesn’t matter to us but see how much they are collecting from people. If 1000 people purchase sumthin frm them, they get 5000 to 1000 bugs.

    So better keep away from this cheat website. Go and give that 5 or 10 rupee to some poor person.

  19. sam says:

    whre to enter coupon? none of the item have coupon option

  20. SANJAYJI says:

    pls dont any amount it will not be refunded either. file a complain in your nearest PS. its a fraufd site.

  21. Mehul Shah says:

    Did any one got the ordered product, I guess no one. Its completely fraud site.

  22. Naresh says:

    First ask them to complete the previous orders…
    Fake website stay away

  23. VENKAT says:

    Dear friends, don’t purchase this site it is 100% cheating website,i was purchase the same offer 27.12.2013,but they are not shipped the product and no information,they are not responding,waste of money don’t go,I bought from same offer in 10bestbuy . Dont see my order in bestbuy. SMI please dont post this site offers this is 100% fraud site,

    SMI please respond,privious already i was posted ,same thing repeat ???


  24. balaji says:

    Guys it is a worst site. I already ordered one. AFter so many follow ups they asked me to send the proof of transaction I made. After sending it, they replied that my order was cancelled with screenshot of it. hope it helps

  25. Mehul Shah says:

    They provided me junk tracking no of Delhivery which says wrong tracking I’d. Complete fake

  26. SUNIL says:

    Its fake site… Please don’t go for this site….

  27. VENKAT says:

    SMI ,please bann the posting of offers this type of site, so many customers loss there money,dont cooperate this type of sites and offers,

    Please respond SMI


  28. SANJAY says:

    its a fraud site for sure. big racket going on for credit card frauds and selling duplicate products. I am sure after my findings. pls stop buying from this fake site. they are on the path to make a big scam.

  29. Mehul Shah says:

    I Also can’t see order in my account. Mailed them for order status before 2 days but no response. I think its a fraud site.

  30. VENKAT says:

    I made the payment around 5 days ago.but they are not ship my order and I dont see my order in my account ?? ,I called the customer care they says shipment is process !!

  31. balaji says:

    Its a fraud site. I made the payment around 4 days ago. I dont see my order in my account. When I called customercare they gave me the order#. When I called again about the status of it – they asked me to provide the bank statement as a proof that I made the payment. WTH… bakwas..

  32. rahul s says:

    Its one of the fake site i came across..
    Frnds beware of it n dont buy anythng, either they dont send u d product or they send u cheap n duplicate products.
    Its My experince..

  33. senthil says:

    my order shipped

  34. Sam says:

    My friend have ordered one product yesterday and today call came that they have cancelled the product, this website is fake and totally fake don’t trust and don’t order a single thing…… now lets see money is coming or not……..

  35. Joydeep says:

    I’m surprised how they’ve increased prices of Branded products too !!!

  36. karan says:

    skipp skippp its all known to be a scam site pls dont post such smi thanks

  37. Avinash Reddy says:

    one of the worst website .. n never participate in any deals offered by them. I was cheated last year…

  38. G D Airan says:


    Sorry,we cannot apply coupon for the selected product

  39. sajad says:

    Last time i purchased a recharge worth rs 100 for rs 50 n it was done. today i purchased 4 products worth rs 826 for rs 26. i am not worried at all coz 26 bucks are not too much. n i am sure they are gona send it coz i received all details about my orders.

  40. G D Airan says:


  41. guru says:

    just bought something for Rs6.

    lets see if it delivers..

    SMI— ur comments would be helpful..

  42. Amit Sareen says:

    Not even a single good review of this website!!!

    Friends, please avoid this offer…

  43. Debasish says:


  44. dalo says:

    Hello savemoney india reply do coupon kaha dale

  45. Chiru says:

    Its fake website. dont buy anything from this site.

  46. zak says:

    Hi guys you re just looking prices and applying coupons and getting at low costs,don’t be happy (see there will be 1/2 month expiry and every product is double the cost)

    The final statement ,{they wont deliver the product}

  47. prateek says:

    This is a scam website.Don’t order anything.

  48. Sanjay says:

    fake website. dont buy from this. ive been cheated year ago from same website :@

  49. VIRENDER GARG says:

    They are completely Cheating Website. I have placed some orders today using coupons. But in emails received on my email account, they have written in all orders that why I have not completed the transactions, even though I have made full payment. AVOID THESE CHEATERS. I AM GOING TO LODGE A CASE WITH CYBER CRIME CELL.

  50. kalyan says:

    where to enter the coupon???

  51. stranger says:

    no option to use coupon, total waste of time

  52. RAVI KANT says:

    @SMI.. your response is awaited.. kindly look into it and please don’t entertain sites with low creditibility.

  53. dalo says:

    coupon code kaha dale dalne ke liye jaga hi nahi he chodu bana ti he site

  54. RP says:

    Thank you all for sharing your cautious view on 100BestBuy.com. I would skip this offer.

  55. Anonymous says:

    thnx smi .. order two garnier face wash 100 ml at 54 and 60 :)
    :D :D :D :D :D
    THNX SMI (y) (y) (y)

  56. Rocky rahul says:

    Just a complete bullshit…

  57. Shashank says:

    where to option for using coupon? anybody knows? comment here

  58. VENKAT says:

    ohhh coupon is working ,

  59. Rachit Mittal says:

    prices are doubled but garnier pimple control pen is a good buy for INR 12

  60. amit says:

    Dont go on site. Waste of time n money. No option to use coupon,

  61. balaji says:

    I bought from 10bestbuy just now. Dont see my order in bestbuy. SMI help me. IS it a fraud site??

  62. Prateek Jain says:

    I donno is it true or not but i already ordered 2 products for 14 and 12 before i read this given link.


    I just hope that they deliver the product. Else its not a loss of huge amount but Thumbs Down to Site’s Credibility. I’ll Post as and when they deliver the product. fingers crossed..:-P

  63. Vik says:

    where to apply the coupon???

  64. ak says:

    @ savemoneyindia comment about website????????

  65. Jango says:

    the items that are listed in 200+ range is of less quantity ie – 20 ml or 20 gm..seems these are samples

  66. Pradeep says:

    This is a fake website. I have already been cheated of Rs.200 on this website

  67. IKRAM says:


  68. Rahul says:

    This is a scam website.Don’t order anything. You can check any website is trusted or not at http://www.scamadviser.com/

  69. rohit says:

    whre to enter coupon?

  70. vam says:

    how the website?

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