16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Rs. 79 – eBay

ebay-sandisk79• Get 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive at Rs. 79.
• First Purchase Only.
• Free Shipping.

Pen Drive at Rs. 79: Click to Get Coupon (Promotion ended. Only users who registered for promotion will be able to buy.)

Buy: 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive

672 Responses to “16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Rs. 79 – eBay”

  1. RAJINIKANTH says:

    I bought 9 pen drives each for 79/- All are working fine, I am very happy.
    Thanks to ebay &waiting for next update

  2. Deven says:

    Best online website…i bought this pendri e from eBay but pendrive is not working…i went to service center and they immediately exchange and gave me new pendrive…

  3. AP says:

    was amazing offer, waiting for next offer

  4. SANDEEP BAWA says:

    I’m waiting next offer…

  5. Ajit Kumar says:

    When will come next promotion code last time I received promo code but I couldn’t book my pendrive causes of given msg there are booked more than 30000 people so out of stock.

  6. Jai says:

    Very Long Time

    i am waiting for next update Rs.79?

  7. Siva says:

    I bought 5 pen drives each for 79/- All are working fine, I am very happy.
    Thanks to ebay

  8. Amit Kapoor says:

    I bought 3 pen drives one for 79/- and two others @ 72/- each. All working fine, no problem at all. I am very happy. I got the bills also.

  9. ganesh says:

    i am waiting for next update Rs.79?

  10. Swapnil says:

    Offers are given by eBay, not SMI..Go and ask eBay CC about next offer date :-P

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    i am waiting for next update Rs.79?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Next promation date

  14. siddhesh says:

    When this offer again comes pls give me the date I also want to buy pendrive

  15. Asif says:

    When this offer again comes pls give me the date I also want to buy pendrive

  16. rahulchauhan says:

    i am watting for next offer

  17. Dilip says:


  18. VISHAL DIWAN says:


  19. Ajit says:

    @Surender Singh USE UR BACK USB PORTs…

  20. Surender Singh says:

    i got pen drive @ 79 but data transfer rate in very low 3 to 4 MBps

  21. Arun says:

    Plz tell me about next pendrive at79 plz

  22. LUCKY says:

    when will be the next offers for the pen drive plz tell me

  23. KARAN says:

    GOOD EBAY I WILL Recived 3 pendrive 79 @

  24. ankit says:

    bhai yar kisi ko pen drive ka bill mila h

  25. Vishwa says:

    I didn’t get any coupon still now!… When will b d nxt offer @ rs79 eagerly waiting…

  26. jai says:

    i am waiting for next update Rs.79?

  27. RajVelusamy says:

    When will be next offer date ? Feb or March 2016?

  28. Ali Rizvi says:

    Best Deal i ever came through.. I ordered 2 Sandisk Pen-drives on 22nd December,2015 and was delivered on 25th December..Wohhh..Awesome deal…Waiting for the next offer..#VRT.

  29. jai says:

    Next offer date?

  30. sri says:

    i parchased 1 order success thanks ebay offer ended pls offer it once more

  31. sripriya says:

    Next offer date?

  32. ankit says:

    bas jald hi

  33. sonu says:

    Ab kab aayega offer

  34. ankit says:

    BHAI longo kisi ko pen drive ka bill mila please comment

  35. Supraja says:

    when is next offer date?

  36. Pankaj jaswal says:

    I got pan drive from ebay @ 79. superb pan drive. I love ebay always.

  37. suresh dangat says:

    I got my pen drive

  38. siddhesh says:

    when the next promotion is coming.
    i want the next promotion date.

  39. prakash says:

    Next promotional events kobe start hobe keu jano???

  40. Ashish says:

    All 5 orders were cancelled by the seller..shit man….

  41. Avi says:

    Anyone got pendrive bill?

  42. chandan parida says:

    its really awesm.. i got my pd at rs79 only… wow…

  43. ravi says:

    got mine too…-:)

  44. sud says:

    got pen drives on 31 dec 2015.

  45. harish says:

    thanks ebay
    received all my 6 pendrives

  46. SANJU BABA says:


  47. nemchand says:

    Got it…thnx ebay

  48. S says:

    Received pen drive

  49. Dibyendu Sarkar says:

    Today i got my PENDRIVE @ 79.


  50. Avi says:

    Kab aayegi meri pendrive ? :( :( :(

  51. Happy says:

    Happily received 16 gb cruiser pen drive. I cant believe it happened only in 79 Rs !!!

  52. Chetan Arora says:

    Thanks ebya, really Pan drive is gd

  53. Chottu Charsi says:

    Aa gayi wo aa gayi.
    Meri bhi aa gayi.
    Sabki bhi aa gayi.
    Aa gayi meri pen drive.
    Thanks smi. Love u

  54. Chetan says:

    successfully ordered sandisk 16 GB pendrive on 22nd december. on 25th I got a message from ebay that your item will be shipped latest by 3 Jan. I tried to track it and they said item has not been shipped :(
    so I wondered.. is it my order cancel by ebay? if it is canceled then will I get my money refund?

  55. Akram says:

    Great Service !!! Thanks Ebay Team …Just got it…and want to order more … please inform when next time selling this…

  56. Zala Shailendrasinh R Dedharota Sabarkantha says:

    i don’t receive my pen drive

  57. swapnil says:

    Oyeee …i got 3..@79…wow..
    Gave 20 rs. As tip

  58. Sneh says:

    I got my pd.. Thankx to Ebay :-)

  59. raj says:

    got it pendrive @79 …just awesome ebay

  60. rohit says:

    got my pendrive today but still my ebay account is saying yet to be shipped…plus the corier company didn’t even called me or message me…the delivery boy just came directly to delivery without any call or sms..

  61. harsh says:

    this is osm …I get 16 GB pen drive @79 only no other charge
    …I get perfect fine pen drive

  62. IPPILI SANTOSH says:

    thanks i got a pendrive at 79/- rs

  63. satish says:


    i got pendrive

  64. Rohit says:

    Yesterday I got my PD thanks SMI.

  65. Rons says:

    Got Pen Drive, Thanks SMI, eBay

  66. sachin Gupta says:

    Very Very Thanx Ebay, Finally i got pen drive..

  67. Chottu Charsi says:

    Sabki pd aa gayi meri nahi ayi :( lagta hai ebay ko mujhse hi pareshani hai.

  68. sourabh says:

    thank you so much i got the pen drives
    awsum response

  69. Himanshu says:

    Kisi ne order ki thi kya check out as guest se ?

  70. Himanshu says:

    I got 1 pendrive today :)
    But not get tge pendrive from other no. On which i don’t signed up just checked out as guest

  71. Bhushan Singh says:

    I got 16gb pendrive for 79/- .thanks to ebay.

  72. ravi says:

    @Chottu Charsi ko har cheej ki jaldi hai…phle CODE ki thi ab PRODUCT ki hai…Yeh EBay hai bhai yaha sab slow hota hai…

  73. Ramu says:

    I got 16gb pendrive for 79/- .thanks to ebay

  74. Rajeev Gupta says:

    Received Pen Drive Today. Address only name and pin code . Received it… :)

  75. hareep says:

    i got my pen drive from @sankalpdeals, mumbai via bluedart, thnkx seller & ebay & smi

  76. Chottu Charsi says:

    Arre yaha toh logo ko pd deliever bhi hone lagi.. Meri pd kab ayegi , 2 din ho gaye order kiye… :(

  77. Govind gupta says:

    i have booked one pendrive 16gb in 20dec.2015 but i didnt get any pen drive till 25 dec.2015.

  78. Kavendra Singh Deol says:

    Thanks Team ebay got my pd today. Amzng service dlvrd in jst 2 days.

  79. swapnil says:

    I have to order 2 more

  80. swapnil says:

    When will deal be back??

  81. Ebay fan says:

    Just received 3…
    yet to receive 2 more…
    Ebay roxxx…

  82. Shakil says:

    I didn’t received coupon code

  83. Bhavin says:

    Received today product with broken in sealed pack

  84. Siddharth says:

    I did not got the coupon code

  85. jp vyas says:

    coupaon received but unable to place ordered after half an hour. its waste of time.

  86. R2Rak says:

    @Sandeep, Could you please share the link?


  87. Sandeep says:

    I got coupon code and successfully ordered 16GB pendrive at 79rs.

  88. PRASHANT says:

    Please Anyone send new link for today’s offer…

  89. suri says:

    First time i tried in ebay, my friends are suggesed it’s a fraud,Coupon code received but, same day offer was end.. only waste of time !!!

  90. ravi says:

    @vamsi…everyone knows you cant use the same mobile number…no trick for that…used up all my family members numbers..and some friends and relatives too..
    i still have 2-3 accounts left registered with distinct numbers and havnt bought anything from them…

  91. vamsi says:

    @Ravi can you tell me you are using same mobile numbers or not. If you are using same mobile number means you are fake if not you are correct.

  92. ABHISHEK JAIN says:

    I am very dissatisfied eBay all time fake code every time

  93. swapnil says:

    Found very useful thanku..ebay…nice deal ..ordered 3…and avail much more offers…love u…wow…and all of u be patience u will also got if u do the process clearly

  94. ravi says:

    @Indian Gal i don’t know what problems you faced, but i have purchased more than 15 items from ebay (till now recieved 10items) in a span of 10 days through different promo codes…its different than other e-Commerce sites…u just need to learn how to get the most out of them…

  95. shivam says:

    hello guys…its not fake…
    1)-the registered number must be not used before in any ebay offer in past time…
    2)- and its first time purchase offer so if u buy something with your registered id in past then create new id…(not need to create mail id just go to register in ebay and write id what to want (EX- JACK MUSTERD@YAHOO.COM) u must be only note that id…
    3)-go to ebay search engine n search 16 GB SANDISK PENDRIVE AT 79 RS OFFER u have to 2 or 3 pendrive option go in any one
    4)click on buy now
    5)type your address n apply coupen
    6)this offer only available on prepaid payment mother
    7)this offer available in all india they have 90000 order already so its takes long time to be delivered to yo
    8)but i think its not big metter when price only 79

    note—many people ask they dont get link or listing expired or not getting offer page…
    this offer getting visible at almost 1pm to 5pm…try in that time if u not succed in first time try after some time u will be succes

    note—many people ask still they not received code yet…dont worry they send code rendomlly day by day…some people got code on 21st…some people got today

  96. Dikshit says:

    I am happy my orders successfully placed pendrive 79 rs

  97. A panda says:

    Coupon code received but, same day offer was end.. only waste of time…

  98. Indian gal says:

    I think ebay is completely fraud company… they used to update such nonsense code and offers… den at time dey show different kind of errors… sometimes during registration… or during payment… or dey don’t send code…bla bla bla…I hate ebay now…making fool every time…It happened for 4-5 times wid me…now I decided I won’t buy anything from ebay if dey offer at zero price also…hates ebay…

  99. ajay says:

    new link please sold out

  100. ravi says:

    can anyone update the new links please…

  101. Tanaj says:

    please tell me any new link all are being showing sold out

  102. vasanth says:

    It’s a fake don’t believe guys I got msg only at 3.30 pm but offer ended at 2 of click itself

  103. Friend says:

    @Manuj bro,i have ordered past month also,don’t worry they will send the product without update status in ebay website & u will get the product with in 4 to 5 days :)

  104. Zala Shailendrasinh says:

    ihave receive link but do not open plese send another link

  105. Manuj says:

    I ordered a pendrive today using that coupon.
    Confirmation was sent but my pendrive is not dispatched yet.
    Anyone know how much time it will take to be dispatched?

  106. ABC says:

    Finally All Listings Are Sold Out… :( :(

  107. Anonymous says:

    send link …
    sold out …atahe

  108. Sathya says:

    Kindly send another link. It shows “Sold out”

  109. Sandeep KUmar says:

    this is fake advertise no coupon code i receive on my mobile

  110. Himanshu Agrawal says:

    I got coupon code and successfully ordered 16GB pendrive at 79rs.

  111. ARJUNSINH says:


  112. Bhargav says:

    The same product, which smi shared is working fine.. Just click the link, deal still in live.. Grab it before ending

  113. sindu says:

    friends please




    please plz post new link of the pendrive deal. plzzz

  114. Kashyap Rathod says:

    Item is nt available why man…can anyone send new link ???

  115. venkatesh says:

    can any one plz post new link of the pendrive deal. plzzz

  116. sindu says:

    i got code

    but link where to buy

    pen drive not available

  117. nilesh says:

    Wtf…maine payment kiya lekin order place nahi hua.

  118. Imran molvi says:

    Nice deal

  119. ravi says:

    Chottu Charsi ko code mil hi gaya aakhir… :-)

  120. Chottu Charsi says:

    Got 2 code, booked 2 pd
    thank u SMI nd ebay

  121. kapil says:


    Booked 1 pd , thank u smi and ebay.

  122. satheesh says:

    You have given the code but when we entered the pincode website is non responsive & when we called the landline it was on repair. Finally the offer is closed. Be genuine. In this matter shopclues is better than you. If you cannot keep your words I am sorry no one will believe you

  123. Anonymous says:

    Coupan code not receive & ebay service is very bad & third class & bakvas offer

  124. anil says:

    i got code and orderd 1 pen drive. you have to search on ebay site to find out offer on pen drive by scroll down. just search sandisk 16gb pen drive and scroll donw

  125. Dnyanesh says:

    I register but not receive mail or code.

  126. jayanthi says:

    I haven’t received any deal code yet .

  127. sachin says:

    Coupon code received but, same day offer was end…
    kya faltugiri hai yaar…

  128. DAXESH says:

    Disappointed as message given to me that offer will start from 22nd December,2015 but it has closed by time. I have registered and didn’t receive any code.According to the given time I have checked but offer ended..I think its not fair link should be send on email who registered.

  129. Rahul says:

    Fake Hai sara golmal.

  130. swapnil says:

    Invalid coupon..!!!…fix the problem..

  131. Geeta Negi says:

    while placing the order and after registration, nothing is opening to proceed…i think its not fair, …

  132. lovekesh says:

    Code nahi mila kisi k pass ho to do

  133. Mohammed Nasim Alam says:

    Disappointed as message given to me that offer will start from 22nd December,2015 but it has closed by time. I have registered and didn’t receive any code.According to the given time I have checked but offer ended..I think its not fair link should be send on email who registered.

  134. sagar says:

    There is error saying ” can’t use the coupon ” :-(

  135. Ravi says:


    Got 10 Pen drive @ 79 Rs.

  136. swapnil says:

    When will stock be back..!!

  137. VP says:

    If you can not arrange the stock as per registration then you should close the registration link first, I have not getting code for this registration

  138. aakil says:

    Worst ebay they told they will coupon code at 4 pm but listed has ended worst eBay

  139. rahul says:

    Please anyone send the pen drive link…

  140. sindu says:


    whetehr today the sale is present

    as i had registered first time and i didnt received the code

    still waiting to get the code

    please comment and give reply friends

  141. Mubbbyyy says:

    Got 1 @ ?79…

  142. lAnil says:

    I have registered 3 number out of which two number received code. 1st I have ordered around 3pm there was no problem while ordering and for 2nd number I have ordered around 6pm.While so many times it shows listing ended while anyhow I have applied coupan and made the payment.

  143. qwerty says:

    They said sale will be on 22 dec but they send code on 21 dec, anyway my new number didn’t get code..idiot ebay.

  144. Bhushan says:

    when the new listing will be available. plz share the link as soon as possible.

  145. Yogesh Choudhary says:

    Yeah this is really genuine actually I registers many numbers of my family so only two numbers are selected then I buy two pendeive 79rs only very good really .

  146. BIRJU BAWARA says:

    I didn’t receive the Code.I have suggested this to my friends.They received the code.Worst #EBAY .Now I have realized why people are saying #EBAY is worst. From now onwards no EBAY. RIP EBAY.

  147. sud says:

    My new number not get code.

  148. Kashyap Rathod says:

    Guyz plz send new listing link if anyone have?

  149. raja says:

    Not working

  150. Kashyap Rathod says:

    Can anyone send new listing of 298rs pendrive???

  151. Anonymous says:

    coupen code is not working

  152. swapnil bandil says:

    yippeeee…I got one at 79 …and offer ends up…feeling lucky

  153. silambarasan says:

    i rechive code but i donot order

  154. mg says:

    i recived the coupan code but its not working

  155. ravi says:

    i received a coupon code ,and i am trying to find the link to book but this pen drive . please tell me whee is the link and how to book this.

  156. kapil says:

    Friends whats wrong with me?
    Requested quantity for item 321955009889 is not available

  157. Hardik says:

    Worth . I registered and also get coupan but can’t buy . I don’t trust . guys don’t waste your time.

  158. jignesh says:

    Promotion ended aave che.

  159. ravi says:

    at last got one…

  160. Avi says:

    i got one for rs 79 only

  161. Chottu Charsi says:

    Abhi tak apke apne pyare chottu charsi ko code nahi mila. (Angry)

  162. ashish says:

    i got the coupon code & booked the pendrive for Rs. 79, thanks ebay

  163. Shoaib says:

    I registered my mobile number to get the code, but the code did not received yet.

  164. varu says:

    yes , i got..coupon worked fine…tqs ebay…

  165. SANJAY ROHILLA says:


  166. KRISHNASAIRAJ says:

    how to buy the 16gb pendrive i have already registered with new number and new email address plz answer

  167. shubham singh says:

    i have got code but what i con do?

  168. varu says:

    i got the coupon and i registered as a first time member.but after signing in there is so buy now option showing .so plz someone let me know the procedure.

  169. Anonymous says:

    How to sign in for offer pendrive 79

  170. Diptesh says:

    ab Ebay bhi bana raha hai…Got coupan but can’t order it?

  171. uma says:

    Hey…i got the coupon code & booked the pendrive for Rs. 79, thanks ebay

  172. Anonymous says:

    out of stocks ebay

  173. Kashyap Rathod says:

    Listing is removed…why man???

  174. RITESH says:

    We have not received code for pendrive for Rs79/-

  175. Suneel says:

    Wow I got coupon code,I book the pendrive..

    Thankq eBay. In



  177. Shannu says:

    Don’t Use This Listing Because It Is 5 months Old Listing. You Can See new Listing In Todays Ebay Offer

  178. RAMANAN says:

    its working try using ur codes. if cant pls give it to others who can

  179. Shannu says:

    Who Got Coupon Please Check Through This Listing…

  180. rohit says:

    ordered one pendrive…it is confirmed now…lets see whrn it comes

  181. Manohar says:

    I was received coupon code but it’s not working.Plz help me.


  182. ananth says:

    I got a promo code…how to buy that pen drive

  183. praveen says:

    Listing has been removed

  184. Anonymous says:

    Bullshit i received the message at 1:30 today but receive the coupon only at 3:30 but thats not working, dont cheat the peoples.

  185. S N Mishra says:

    Coupan code received today 1:36 pm but pen drive not listing yet.
    Time waste

  186. manish says:

    I have promocode but in site item is removed and promocode is valid today
    What i do.

  187. dasharath khamkar says:

    i got coupon code but i use this code there are show one massage
    Sorry, this coupon can be used only for your first purchase on eBay. Please try some other coupon or proceed to pay

    please tell me how to use this code

  188. raj kumar says:

    i have code coupun but i am 3 time tri but not discount

  189. hiren says:

    i got a Code ANd Purchase The Pendrive And I Have Pensrive in 79 R

  190. Faisal says:

    What a bullshit..
    First i received a message on 11 am saying that im going to receive the code at 11:30 am…
    I was waiting for the code and lastly received it at 2:49 pm…
    On applying the code it says Maximum coupon applications exceeded..
    i mean wtf…

  191. Pankaj says:

    I also receive the code but It is not working properly Plz can you help me.?

  192. dileep says:


  193. .. says:

    i got the promo code but am not able to log in…help me yr

  194. Anonymous says:

    Are year 10:30 ko code mila or 12 baje expired bhi ho gya .what is it? This prmocord has ended

  195. deepak kumard says:

    today morning i received also and i ordered the 16gb pendrive @79 only haaa

  196. Abhishek says:

    Got this Product :)))

  197. JAYESH says:


  198. Bhushan Singh says:

    Code received but pen drive is not available. It is sold out. When it will be back into the stock.

  199. bhanupriya shah says:

    dear sir please send me coupon code…

  200. Eldho Jose says:

    Registered with mobile no. I didn’t get coupon ,Please tell me when will i create account ? Before or after recieving code ?

  201. sindu says:

    i didnt received till now

    help me friends

    please help me alll

    how to get code

    all are purchasing..

    i got fooled

    felling sad…

  202. Aditya says:

    I recieved the code and applied too.. but during payment i clicked back button.. n the payment didnt completed.. after again i tried to purchasr do they says code not applicable. Can anyone help??

  203. jbkid says:

    Me and my friend both entered the contest together at same time but till now i have not received the code.
    Kindly Update

  204. Rajkumar says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    We have not received coupon code pls sent code

  205. Anonymous says:

    i dint receive d code

  206. sindu says:

    oh my got.

    i didnt erceived code till now.how u all received pls tell

    i lost my 16 gb pen drive offer

    feeling sad and alone

  207. kamani mayur says:

    thanks sir
    received the code.

  208. ashish says:

    16 GB pen drive is not available cash on delivery why

  209. Shakil says:

    Didn’t received code.
    Till now

  210. Harish says:

    don’t worry.you will get coupon code ON or Before 22nd december.
    just wait for it to receive.
    you will get a message with coupon code and link of the pendrive.
    buy immediately after receiving message

  211. N K Jain says:

    Dear Frnds nothing worry u will get code on 22nd dec-Thx

  212. sandeep says:

    i have sent my number befour 4 days (16 december ) with pin code of my area
    still up till now i have not got code of coupon

    please say me what i will have to do ?

  213. ravi says:

    thank you Anil Suryawanshi for Clarifying…

  214. Shubham says:

    I am not receive coupan code

  215. Anil Suryawanshi says:

    Procedure to buy Sandisk pen drive @t Rs.79 only.

    1) Register ur number on eBay flash sale. (Only register numbers which are not used on eBay before. Already used numbers will not get code even if u register ur number.)
    2) Make new account on eBay with new email id & new number which is not used on eBay previously.
    3) U will get code on ur registered mobile number on 22 Dec.
    4) As soon as u get code login to ur eBay account – search “Sandisk 16 GB Pen drive” in search bar of eBay.
    5) U will see the listing named as “Buy 16 GB Pen drive at Rs.79 only”
    6) Open that listing & click buy now. Enter ur address. After that enter ur code before making payment so ur payment amount will decreased to Rs.79 only from original amount of Rs.449. Don’t forget to enter promocode.
    7) After applying promocode & address succesfully, click on make payment & proceed ur payment via any suitable payment mode.
    8) U r done. :-) U will receive ur pen drive within 2-5 days.

    Tip – If u want to buy more than 1 pen drive then follow the method.
    Suppose u want to buy 5 pen drives then make 5 new email id’s, register all of them on eBay with 5 different numbers & create 5 accounts on ebay. So u will get 5 codes on sale day. Login to each account & order 1 pen drive from each account. ;-)
    Trust me I ordered 7 pen drives in single sale 3 months before & All the pen drives was original.

  216. Jiji C George Kochi says:

    I have registered,but still not received any link in mailbox, please advise.

  217. Qwerty says:

    payment is prepaid. no COD

  218. Ramya 2015 says:

    Please anyone tell…
    Is it online payment or Cash on delivery…???

  219. sudhir says:

    i m registered here…amezing

  220. RAJ says:

    this ur one frnd
    You will get link on 22ND dec
    Be in touch
    Tc ur slf

  221. Sanjay Patidar says:

    Sabra Karo Bhaiyo Sab ko Milegi Yrrr.,,,

  222. akshay says:

    friends don’t worry this code recived 22nd dec…

  223. jon says:

    i have regestred but i didnt got the mail

  224. ramesh says:


  225. Priya says:

    I have registered,but still not received any link in mailbox, please advise.

  226. apoorva says:

    thanks akshay for this response .thanks alot frnd.. ;-)

  227. akshay says:

    Hii apoorva,
    Now we will New registration for pen Drive and then 22nd Dec eBay providing you Purchase code, that code use for purchasing…

  228. apoorva says:

    friends,Please tell me how to order.is this pen drive good because they are providing for rs 79 thats why am asking is it original.Please friends comments please

    any previous experience with this 79 rs pendrive anyone ? please reply

  229. Manpreet Singh says:

    @ Best Deal …

  230. kapil says:

    Bhaiyo order kaise ki aap logo ne pen drive.

    please tell me

  231. jagdish kumawat says:

    Super price…

  232. ravi says:

    thanks…working again

  233. surender kumar Gupta says:

    super price

  234. mukteswar mohanty says:

    again working…thank u ebay

  235. Khokon says:

    when the next offer is coming???

  236. Rajesh says:

    Smart price give me 2pendrive

  237. Ajay Bansal says:

    Got 3 pen drive @Gwalior by Bluedart on 13th oct

  238. Kashyap Rathod says:

    When the next pendrive offer registration is coming ???

  239. Harsh says:

    Awsm … love it

  240. Gaurav sahu says:

    best deals are available on eBay….Philips spa50 speakers of worth rs 550 at just 149 rs was available on 12 october…i missed pendrive offer but got philips speakers offer…

  241. Girdhari Bankar says:

    I order my product on 6th October but I didn’t get my order till now…

  242. Nilesh Kuli says:

    Awesome…deal with Ebay…

    Superb Service…

  243. Rajeev says:

    When will next registration Start..for Pendrive

  244. kripal mondal says:

    i recived a message on 6 but i see it on 10

    pls tell any reason to by 16 gb pen drive

  245. Jatin says:

    Got my pen drive today by Blue dart courier ???

    Thanks for amazing deal

  246. pranav says:

    My order status to be shipped till now

  247. sonuu says:

    Got pendrive. Today @puna

  248. pranav says:

    Thanq #New plzz tell me where do u leave?
    I am from haryana kaithal i havnt recieved ny pendrive till now yr

  249. ikrar ahmad says:

    i got my pendrive 2day

  250. Minesh says:

    Bhaskar I received it through BlueDart Courier… Dream Deal

  251. new says:

    @pranav bro i have got the pendrive from bluedart courier :)

  252. pranav says:

    Plzzz dear tell me the name of ur courier,?

  253. new says:

    I also got the one pendrive,thanks smi & ebay team :)


    All don’t worry without update the shipping details,they will dispatch the product

  254. himanshu says:

    igot 4 pendrives for 79rs yay…

  255. bhaskar says:

    Minesh bro kaunsa courier se product aya aapka ???

  256. rashon says:

    woow…got 2 pendrive …but ebay account says to be shipped…didn’t update about shipping

  257. ram lokesh says:

    thanks ..recived 2 pd’s

  258. MINESH says:

    Hi , got my 2 pen drives yesterday , lucky to have got , delivery status was not updated from eBay side , there it is still showing TO BE SHIPPED , but out of surprise got it , Thnx SMI for the deal.

  259. Namit says:

    got it yesterday … such an amazing deal will try again for sure :)

  260. name says:

    I got the pendrive today :) semma offer

  261. Rajeev says:

    Received 3 pen drives. Thanks SMI and Ebay

  262. pranav says:

    Same here my pendrive also shows to b shipped!!
    No msg till now!!

  263. Sunil Purohit says:

    both pen drives recd,…

  264. Bishal says:

    just got that …amazing offer by ebay

  265. Aru says:

    Mine is till showing – to be shipped :-(

    Why is not shipped?? Or is it shipped and not updated in the system. Anyone having this experience?

  266. Akhil says:

    Got it just nw:) thanks ebay

  267. ankit jaiin says:

    thanks to ebay for receiving my item on time.

  268. sam says:

    received one today purchased through sankalp , waiting for another one bought from nexusdeal. i thought sankalp will deliver late. thanks ebay n savemoneyindia.com

  269. Chinu says:

    Guys I have registered for 3 pen drives but i got 2 of them Just Now…Yipeee!!! Ebay rocks…The pen drives r working fast and good

  270. Akhil says:

    Anybody got in Belgaum? Mine is nt even shipped

  271. kanhaiya sharma says:

    i got 3 out of 3 pendrive today… yahoooo

  272. Saurav says:

    Got one today @ bangalore

  273. firoz says:

    i placed 5 pen drives form ebay..
    i had registered mostly 8 or 9 numbers.. but i received only 5 coupons…
    great deal by ebay…

    just waiting for shipment details …hope they will ship soon…
    dont worry guys ..

  274. KITTY PARKER says:

    i order 1 & its not shipping yet

  275. Rajasekhar says:

    While I am ordering amount from my account is debited and till now I did not receive any message or mail regarding it. In my account it was not even showing its tracking status or booking history what should I do now???

  276. uttam says:

    Maina 2number register kia tha and 2no ke cupon mila aur maina 2 pendrive order kiya 79|= \unit .just amazing…and now i hope 2no pendrive jald sa jald muja miljay

  277. gajjar sunil babubhai says:

    Good deal

  278. Pranav kalra says:

    Ordered 3 pendrives in 3 accounts but till now no shipment msg
    Hope for the bst…finger clossed thanq smi

  279. samir ranjan dey says:

    To day 6-10-15 at 6.20 pm i have received message from DM-ebayin wherein instruct me for log in for sign in apply coupon. Several times I try to log in but could not done.please check and if possible send me the coupon.

  280. sonu says:

    note coupon code rec.

  281. ARFAT says:


  282. Abhishek says:

    amazing offer i just purchased it @79..!!!…Its not fake!!!

  283. Bhushan Singh says:

    I have 2 coupons but during payment transaction faile and when try again then coupun code not working, it is very bad. Not able to do anything. Tried many times but code not accepted.

  284. barun says:

    orderd 11 pd

  285. Shahid says:

    Its not a fake offer. Jisko code nai mila woh ho skta h last tym v registered kiye honge ? I have registered in 6 nos. bt sirf ek no. pe hi code aaya h, which is not registered previously. This offer is only for new users with new nos. So no fake offer. Purchased one pendrive @79/-. Thanks SMI & eBay.

  286. Deepak says:

    its totally fake, yet i have not received coupon code, have applied on 1stof this month, smart way to make fool.

  287. ramesh says:

    code not received

  288. Jigar Navlakhi says:

    Awesome offer.I apply my code and got the pendrive at 79rs.
    Those who received the code & want to apply it please go to this link http://www.ebay.in/itm/SanDisk-16-GB-pen-drive-Rs79-/291581705234/
    Procedure are as follow:
    Go to link->Buy Now->Register with new Email ID & Registered Number->Apply Code->Purchase it

  289. Chotu Charsi says:

    Booked 1 pd , thank u smi and ebay

  290. Sunita says:

    Code not received yet…

  291. RJ says:

    Great offer…

  292. darshita says:

    please tell me how to redeem this coupon code???
    as i received the coupon code today but how to redeem it its not mention over here???
    when i click on the given link i didnt found any buy pan drive link? please tell me the stepls

  293. shaktisinh says:

    I can’t give my order

  294. EVA says:

    I have not received the coupon code.

  295. benazir says:

    didnt get code

  296. Vinay says:

    Got code and ordered it… THANKS SMI

  297. AUSTIN says:


  298. sk says:

    not received code yet

  299. Darshan says:

    did not receive coupon code yet

  300. Srinivas says:

    I received 3codes with different mobile numbers. I booked 3 pendrives @79 with 3 new account s

  301. rohit says:

    ordered 2 pendrives…

  302. Saurabh says:

    Offer is only valid for first time buyers on e-bay.So create a new account and try again if code is not working.

  303. juhi says:

    i have receve a code on mobile but not work …see incorrect
    what can i do…

  304. Sunil Purohit says:

    I just Received code around 2.20pm and booked 2 pen drives with different ids.

  305. arun karthick says:

    not received the code yet

  306. Nirav says:

    i got 2 codes

  307. arun says:

    not received the code yet

  308. chetan s says:

    no such code received

  309. Anonymous says:

    received code @ 1:15 PM on 6 Oct 2015 while buying message as it is
    Sorry, the eBay coupon code cannot be used as you do not meet the coupon eligibility criteria . Please try another coupon code or proceed to payment.

  310. Navneet says:

    I did not receive the code.

  311. PARDEEP says:


  312. ashutosh says:

    i received a code and i apply this code on ebay and i received an pendrive at just Rs 79 .e bay is great

  313. Ajit Jain says:

    I received coupon today and booked it

    just only Rs.79.

    It’s a Great Offer like for Diwali

  314. Biranchikar says:

    I got coupon and order 2 pendrive

  315. yp says:

    I purchase one

  316. kumar says:

    where is the coupon code

  317. mondinaik @fb says:

    Booked two pendrives today.. and already purchased 2 Pendrive before using same deal..

    Waiting for another Code..

    Hope i can book one more.. :-)

    Good luck.. (y)

  318. sandeep kumar says:

    On the day when ebay start promotion i received the message we will sent the coupon code by post, by email or by message on your phone. still on today did not receive any code.

    Can anyone help.

  319. mohit khanna says:

    not recived any coupen fake offers & site

  320. SIJU says:

    I have not received any coupon

  321. RAJESH says:

    I received coupon today and booked it

    just only Rs.79.

    It’s a Great Offer

  322. Namit Dwivedi says:

    got the code, order confirmed … hope i will get it :)

  323. raj says:

    yes one code received on my new number

  324. deepak mittal says:


  325. Sudheer says:

    Total waste of time. these people are just wasting our time.

  326. Ankit says:

    I purchased 9 sandisk pendrive @79 each today at 11:37 AM (Diwali Offer)

  327. RAJ3SH says:

    Coupon Received 11.25am but maximum redemptions reached 11.45am.. Unable to buy

  328. Anonymous says:

    code not received please send me code

  329. Jai says:

    Any one received coupon code on 6th oct..

    START: SanDisk 16 GB pen-drive @ Rs79/- %

  330. Jai says:

    I have not received any coupon on 6th oct

  331. Sammy says:

    I have not received my code.

  332. Debasish panda says:

    i am not receive code

  333. Reddy says:

    i have not recieve the coupon code and how to get this deal….?

  334. abhijeet says:

    I have not received any coupon on 6th oct

  335. Furqan says:

    i have not recieve the coupon code and how to get this deal

  336. Madhu Dhir says:

    when will some more useful coupons we will get like 200 off on 220+ etc

  337. Niranjan says:

    I got the same offer price @79.I thought it might be duplicate 1 but its really original one

    Thanks Ebay

  338. nikhil says:

    I have booked the pen-drive during the offer period and received the message that you will get the coupon code within 3 days but till now i didn’t received any coupon code

  339. Rinku sharma says:

    i will recived order @79 in 16 gb pendrive so thanku ebay

  340. suraj says:

    I received the order with no pendrive in it… i already claimed a file on the issue…’what next??

  341. Harsh Patel says:

    I didn’t get any pen drive yet..

  342. s p pandey says:

    really we got 1 pen drive at rs. 79, enjoy the deal

  343. Madhur Thukral says:

    Making fool.

  344. tej says:

    I got 4 pendrive @79 rs…

  345. abhijeet says:

    i received 2 pendrives @79.

  346. Sri says:

    Its True…
    I Got 16 GB Pen Drive at Rs. 79

  347. joy says:

    Not shipped
    After complaining they refund the money

  348. Garry says:

    This item has not been shipped.

  349. Ps Rakeshwar says:

    feeling xited!!! gt a 2 pendrv jst now…

  350. Rk Rakesh says:

    mere ordar karne par do bar sms me code mila lekin dono bar nahi mila
    very bed

  351. zishan ali says:

    got 2 pen drive today yupiee nice deal nice product thank u… only in 79 each

  352. Pretti says:

    Hey still didn.t got the code sms from ebay.think its lapsed or cancelled.

  353. Jayant says:

    got 2 pendrives. thanks smi.

  354. Gurpreet says:

    eBay suspend my 15 account …but all order punch in account…in this situation mujhe mera order milega ya nahi.

  355. Pranav kalra says:

    ibhave recived 7 pendrives yoday…fellling happpy…thanks…SMI

  356. arvind says:

    thanks too much ,i got 16 gb sandisk pendrive model z15 @only 72 rupees.

  357. sathish says:

    got 3 pendrive yesterday,,
    but apology coupons worth 250 expired before 10 o clock on 31st,, its not a good one

  358. hunny says:

    250 off kisko mila h..muje to ni mila..and common coupon h ya unique h..pls tell

  359. Biswajit says:

    Not yet shipped :( :(

  360. zishan ali says:

    bahi jis k paas 250 ka coupen he wo new id banaye apply ho jayega successfully try i used 4 coupen of 250 new id…

  361. Devi dayal says:

    My order is cancelled very bad

  362. vivek says:

    Got pendrive today:)
    Excellent offer

  363. priya says:

    received today thnx ebay nd SMI

  364. Abhishek Gupta says:

    Yes I received it yesterday and quite surprised they send it through blue dart express service.

    Thanks ebay

  365. Shruti says:

    @Nagaraj paisapay id itself is ur order no,u can contact seller or ebay using dat

  366. Shruti says:

    Got it today
    Awesome deal

  367. Nagaraj says:

    I have placed order -16 gb pendrive . Amount is deducted but still order id is not generated. How to track .
    I have only PAYPAISE ID .

  368. Pranav kalra says:

    brought 2 hp pendrive of 8 gb at 250rs. and 1 godrej car freshner at 150…I habe 3 coupans…all orders are successfully placed:-):-)

  369. sud says:

    250 rs coupons code not applied,
    but valid till 31 th july.
    it is not good offer.

  370. Raumil says:

    Initial procedure for ordering of 16 GB PD with coupon code was bit complicated but finally I received it in just Rs.79, within 48 hrs of order confirmation.Great offer from ebay.in. Thank you for promotional offer. waiting for more offers in future…

  371. Srinath says:

    I received mine today afternoon by Blue Dart.

  372. Shruti says:

    Anybodyz order got shipped?

  373. Pratik Panchal says:

    I have order this pendrive.

    But today I got account suspension email from the ebay

    Dear ppan9021,

    After reviewing your eBay account, recent activity has raised serious security concerns. As a result, we’ve taken the following action on your account:
    - Your eBay account has been suspended indefinitely.
    - Some or all of your listings may have been removed. A list of any removed items will be listed further down in this email.

    You won’t be able to use eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account. Any outstanding selling fees are due immediately, and any amounts that you haven’t previously disputed will be charged to the billing method currently on file.

    We’ve taken this precaution to protect our members while we make sure that the activity doesn’t cause harm — however unintentionally — to the eBay community.

    We appreciate your understanding.


    eBay India Customer Service

    - I have talked with customer car of ebay, they told me that if your account is suspended you order will canceled and refund will initiated.
    - they told me to submit my id proof and address proof to activate the account. I have submitted let see . what happen next.

    Is any one got like this email ?


  374. KUSUM says:


  375. munish says:

    paisapay id mein ja kar dekho, kayi baar order book ho chuka hota. may be ur order also booked, if payment deuct from ur bank

  376. KUSUM says:


  377. deepak says:

    thanks ebay for double rs 250 coupon bought 16gb sandisk pen drive and 32 gb sandisk UHS memory card both at rs 715 (1215-500)

  378. sud says:

    250 coupons are apply, but it can not get 79 rs.
    offer is not good.

  379. sam says:

    thanks ebay for giving me rs 250 coupon in lieu of pendrive for rs 79, i bought a basic micromax mobile for rs625 – 63 cash back . i already have 5 pendrive . thanks SMI and EBAy

  380. Anonymous says:

    promotion stunt only

  381. VISHAL says:

    got message from eBay along with Rs. 250 coupon code.

  382. Kunal Choudhary says:

    Its say sold out…

  383. Anonymous says:

    Dear Customers,

    This fantastic offer was on a first come first serve basis and thousands of people claimed it! You can have a look at our T&C to read the other details of the offer: http://deals.ebay.in/terms-and-conditions.html#flash-sale-july-2015 !

    Thank you for your participation! The Coupon Code was only sent to users registering their phone number for the first time. Your number might already be registered with us. Hence, You didn’t received the coupon code.

    Also, The Flash Sale has ended. If you have received the Coupon Code this morning but couldn’t use it, rest assured that you will receive a complimentary coupon soon.

  384. sud says:

    amezing offer,coupon apply,
    but continously server down on payment time.
    i missed amezing offer.

  385. tarini says:

    tried for an hour.yet couldn’t get successful.missed it.when is the next flash sale?

  386. Raghav says:

    It says sold out

  387. Varshney says:

    yes i have experience the same bro
    Money got detucted from mobikwik wallet but no order placed in ebay…WTF @deepak

    Another problem is that(from other id) i have entered the correct address but it was not showing correct ..
    dont know , will i get my order or not… :-(

  388. Ankit says:

    Successfully ordered for 72 bucks. yayyy!!! :)

  389. Atul says:

    total pagal banane ka dhanda hai… will never trust on ebay onwards…

  390. Raghavendra says:

    I got 2 pendrives from two difrent acount s:)

  391. Ranaboy says:

    Just waste of time…ebay just get our mob no. Email id’s n wil use it for promotional emails n msgs…Ebay foks not a gud idea to fool ur customers…super unlike…

  392. deepak says:

    even after successful transaction from mobikwik wallet i didn’t receive any order confirmation has any one of you received any official confirmation via mail or sms,meanwhile when i called customer care they said that they will refund it if order not successful as payback point.Has anyone of u experienced this??

  393. Anonymous says:

    purchase one. fully satisfied. purchase at 71rs. :-)

  394. dheeraj says:

    Dont b happy guys until u get the order because cancelling order is hobby of ebay

  395. Amber says:

    buying more than one pendrive is not cheating or misusing , even ebay or other websites that give such deals know that customers will be availing the offer more than once. It is a matter of luck , sometimes it favors you and sometimes it don’t.

  396. sanoop says:

    Misuse? lol..dont be stupid sunny..i used the coupons for my friends and those who couldn’t avail the offer.

  397. Harish says:

    Registered mobile no. and ebay id mobile no. must be same for the coupon apply
    if both no. are different then code not applied and write that “coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  398. sunny says:

    tried atleast 100 times but payment fails. people like sanoop misuse offer and other people are being beheft of this offer

  399. sonu says:

    Dosto Dnt loose Patience, try karte raho Its works fine… i brought 2 pendrive! in two hours :P dherya ka phal meetha hota hai ” try karo try

  400. ASHISH says:

    Cheater !!! Completely Waste of TIME. 5 times reached till payment but failed transaction.

  401. sanoop says:

    This was fantastic.. i used 3 mobile number for registration..3 coupons and
    i have successfully ordered three 16GB pendrive fot 79*3 Rs.. yay

  402. pravin says:

    my code is increect i am purches this pen drive but apply my code send by sms but code is incorret and i am not purchsing pen drive 79rs my code is 1Z0G01ZXN6

  403. himanshu says:

    here’s my coupon but at time of purchasing it show coupon can not be applied – BISOEPX7YU

  404. BaSwamy says:

    Placed the order after spending 2hr in my mobile

  405. ved says:

    Yes I have got it my 16 GB pendrive

  406. sonu says:


    Friends use Coupons pen drive at 79rs… happy Shopping

    share your coupon

  407. jag says:

    Sold OUT :(

  408. Ganesh says:

    Dear smi team,

    please add the another product link & i have miss this deal :( but got the coupon

  409. arjun says:

    How to purchase on 72. Price is 79???

  410. amarjyot says:

    how are we getting the coupon, is it by mail or by sms ?

  411. Raghu says:

    I have placed order but I couldnt find out order details in ebay website. Is there any one able to check details.

  412. Karan Bhullar says:

    finally ihave got it after 1 hour of labour on my pc

  413. amarjyot says:

    successfully registered for the promo, but coupon not received :(

  414. Ashwin says:

    72 – 8 = Rs 64
    My math is horrible :)

  415. Ashwin says:

    Successfully purchased for Rs 72 + Rs 8 cashback from mobikwik = Rs 66
    Yay… thanks SMI :)

  416. Sandy says:

    Anybody having working or unused codes plz reply me

  417. reshma says:

    not at al worki…waste

  418. Debasis says:

    Amazing ,its working and i can place the order successfully only cost to me was time after struggling for 1 hour.

  419. Husain says:

    fake deal…while processing the payment it gave me following error:
    “Sorry, your payment was not successful.”
    “There are no items added currently to proceed to payment. Please click here to continue shopping.”

    shame on ebay for fake deal…

  420. yogesh says:

    recive 2 codes both i claimed

  421. Anonymous says:

    Recieved Coupan.
    finally Successfully Ordered pendrive for Rs. 72 after trying 2 hrs , lets see what happens next.

  422. sumit says:

    try these (1st and 2nd codes worked for me)




  423. prabakaran says:

    pls i have a code . how to get pen drive pls any have to link give me

  424. Teja says:

    suprised to see coupon getting applied (all fake promotion jimmicks) and took me to secure payment page and after giving details routed back to order page. trying again just shows an error that coupon cannot be applied due to some unknown reason…waste of time

  425. Prathap says:

    Recieved Coupan.

    Successfully Ordered pendrive for Rs. 79

  426. Suraj says:

    patience… what do you mean by patience …it’s more then 2 hour gone still waiting for code …fake site.

  427. Suraj says:

    not received any code yet. ebay is most fake site…

  428. sagar says:

    after 45 min waiting ebay confirmed my order :) pd got @79 rs

  429. Nitin says:

    Does any one have a working code ? who can please share ??

  430. sumit says:

    finally got the pendrive at Rs 72 after trying 2 hrs , lets see what happens next.

  431. srikanth says:

    It is working but we have be patience

  432. Satish says:

    Govt. charges applicable . anybody know how it is ?

  433. D K says:

    i am trying but not get it making fool… to us

  434. harshil says:

    why does this code not works

    I think I got a fake code

  435. 0007 says:


  436. Yuvaraj says:

    Finally i placed the order. Only Rs.79/- got the pendrive. Wow..
    But after lot of patience for more than a hour, finally ordered.

  437. krishnareddy says:

    i got code and ordered for that .. cost is 79only… successfully ordered.. pay using MOBIKWIk .. u wil get 8 rs cash back!!!

  438. Gourav says:

    It took me 1 hour, 3 devices, and a lot of patience to finally get the order confirmation !! pheww !!

  439. Vianyak says:

    I got it pendrive for 72 Rs ??

  440. Akshay says:

    snapdeal, homeshop18, flipkart, amazon, shopclues… thease wbsites r trusted and thease websites dont cheat with customers.
    ebay is cheater website.

  441. VISHAL says:

    purchased before 10 o’clock nd got confirmation of my order, it will be delivered in 31st July.

  442. Akshay says:

    its showing more than 2800 unit sold last hour…
    i dont know who got it because here everyone is saying that i didnt get.
    lier ebay

  443. devang says:

    i have made 8 – 10 shoppings from ebay and I have to face problems all times. products on ebay are not genuine. I had purchased a micromax mobile from ebay but its seal was open and hence it was not working well. i had to communicate so many times to replace it and wasted tooo much time for communicating. After a long period, it was replaced and money was refunded. I had been assured for refund of courier charges and also a coupon code was given to me but it was not working. So, i had to loss my courier charges. I have made so many purchases from shopclues but hardly had to face any problem and if any problem was found, shopclues refunded my money without getting back the product from me and it was also done in only single communication and within 2 – 3 days. So, advice all of you to not purchase anything from ebay and purchase from shopclues, amazon, flipcart etc.

  444. Manish Bhasin says:

    Ebay is losing its trust from the customers day by day.. I received the coupon at 10:32 AM ..first of all it took so long to open the link and at the time of applying coupon it says ‘ This ebay coupon has exceeded maximum redemption limit so cannot be applied.
    This is non sense and cheating to customers ..how can a coupon exceed maximum redemption limit when it is being applied for the first time ?

  445. Akshay says:

    fake website.. waste of time

  446. logu says:

    coupon code received but the link not available pls help me

  447. Ankit says:

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  448. Abinash says:

    Ridiculous ebay..

  449. Akshay says:

    ek ghante se page loading hi ho raha h.. itna slow ebay server

  450. sudha says:

    pendrives for 79 rupees cheated to the customers

  451. Akshay says:

    message aya tha sale 10 baje start hogi
    then 10 baje tak out of stock kyu ho gya ?

  452. Akshay says:

    do kodi ka ebay jhoota

  453. dipjyoti says:

    world’s no 1 fake website…

  454. vino says:

    EBay is a total waste…

  455. karthik says:

    Tried 3 codes but it says all codes reached maximum redemptions . try new code…I think its fake promotion..:(:(

  456. PRANAV says:

    simply waste of time.
    according to me ebay is biggest website known for frauds and cheats . never buy any thing you will be cheated

  457. SHAKTI says:

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment

  458. Aarti Rana says:

    ebay cheaters. no option available there COD cash on delivery nd use another code …

  459. Shaeeb says:

    Not receiving Confirmation code after checking out as guest.

  460. yash says:

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

  461. Abhijeet Patilkhede says:

    Waste of time, Ebay plz stop fooling people by your fake promotions, the code errors , etc wont shop from Ebay now onwards & will advice everyone for the same.

  462. Aarti Rana says:

    there is no option available of cash on delivery . ???

  463. umang says:

    Make Facebook group and take action against eBay…then this type of e commerce company will not make dump like this…

  464. L@nd Singh says:

    Ebay is website he is never success i was know that cheating with all person

    Sabse mast Flipkart,Amazon.in, And Paytm etc

  465. Nikesh says:

    it said maximum redemptions no1 online cheating site ebay

  466. bb100194 says:

    u ebay … cheaters
    “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  467. sam says:

    height of fraudulent activity by ebay.i tried to book withing 1 min after receiving code. even before 10 am it was out of order. even at 10 am it was not available

  468. yash says:

    sue ebay for fooling customers

  469. HM says:

    eBay is new Kejriwal.

    “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  470. subhashsis says:

    ebay ko olx pe bech do…mera net balance wapas chahiye..

  471. hemanth says:

    Page is keep on loading . Waste of our time. Ebay cheating the users.

  472. Sai says:

    Ebay new cheating

    “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  473. Bala says:

    Still not work

  474. sumit says:

    ELEGIBILITY criteria for the First Time Buyer Promotion:

    The promotion “eBay Flash Sale 2015” (hereinafter “Promotion”) is valid only for successful PaisaPay transaction on http://www.ebay.in (hereinafter “eBay Website”) during Promotion Period
    “First Time Buyer” means a User who has not completed successful transaction before on eBay Website.

    The User must be a First Time Buyer on eBay Website.

    The User must hold a valid/active email id and mobile number.

    The User shall share the name, mobile number and email address as requested by eBay under the promotion/campaign.

    The Promotion Period means: 24rd July 2015 10:00:00 Hrs. IST till the 25th July 2015 23:59:59 Hrs. IST.

    Promotion Name:

    eBay Flash Sale 2015
    Promotion Starts:

    24th July 2015

    Promotion Ends:

    25th July 2015

    Deal is Live (Redemption Period)

    27th July 2015 – 30th July 2015

    The Promotion is valid only for Users with Registered Addresses in India only (hereinafter ” User/s”). Users shall pay for their transactions only through PaisaPay payment facility of eBay Website. However the Promotion is not applicable on Cash on Delivery [“COD”] as a payment option.

    A User will not be eligible to participate under this Promotion more than once in any manner whatsoever.

    eBay shall send a Coupon Code through SMS to the eligible User/s to purchase this product.

    The Coupon Code will be valid for four days [i.e. from 27th July – 30th July 2015] for redemption. Users can apply this Coupon Code to purchase the product under the Promotion between the above mentioned periods.

    The Coupon Code will only be applicable for the product under this Promotion and cannot be combined or used for any other eBay promotions on the site.

    Limited Stock offered by Seller and shall be valid on First come first serve basis only.

  475. Siva says:

    The worst thing I never faced.
    Dont believe in eBay.this is fraud
    I tried to redem the coupon, but it is showing like ” reached…

  476. Rohit says:

    waste of time deal got slow and prome code used

  477. BALAJI UCEP says:

    EBAY no1 cheater

  478. TUSHAR says:

    bana raha hai please don’t waste your time …

  479. VINOD says:

    Coupon Code 10.12 per aaya

  480. Amber says:

    ebay …make your fucking server strong…just fooling the customers…

  481. Uttam says:

    They have not sent exclusive coupons, full janta durbaar, if you have speed n tricks you can get it else u will keep getting error like http 408 error, coupon has reached its limit or the page will not move atall…

  482. Nagamani says:

    Why eBay want to waste the time of users? It unnecessarily dampens your brand. Why the system throws an error ” “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.” when I am applying it for the first time. Bullshit eBay.. If you cannot handle the traffic.. never come up with these kind of offers… Good Bye. I will never shop again in eBay.

  483. Amber says:

    Error while applying coupon code “Requested action cannot be completed now. Please refresh the page or try again later.”

  484. Amber says:

    Booked one order but now the website is not responding … while applying code it shows errors…dont know wht to do

  485. Premlal says:

    >>>This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.>>>

    >>> new way of cheating >>>

  486. arvind says:

    i got the code but server busy

  487. Natarajan M says:

    I got the code. But dead slow

  488. yash says:

    Check out as guest is just going on and on.. page times out.

  489. bharat bhadoria says:

    Code is not valid error occurred purchase time

  490. Lince says:

    waste of time i tried 4 codes,
    “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemption’s. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”
    Ebay is cheating us

  491. shikha says:

    i have not received any code for pendrive .what crap is this ??
    u guys r making fool or what ??? non sense

  492. Bala says:

    Get code but.. its not working

  493. mohammed aslam says:

    i hv code but link is not open anybody help me

  494. aj says:

    eBay they are cheaters

  495. Anonymous says:

    i hv recived code but link is not open any body help me how to purshase pendrive

  496. Anonymous says:

    Ordered 1. Thanks ebay nd savemoneyindia

  497. Hari says:

    i received coupun code but it didit work msg be like “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  498. king says:

    Chiting kar raha hai eBay nai cupon code kam nahi jar raha hai this is to much

  499. Karthick.G says:

    Still Not Received the Coupon Code

  500. Bala says:

    I dont get any code

  501. Lourensa Maria Fernandes says:

    Still waiting for the deal code..

  502. Arjun says:

    i got coupon code but error occurs while applying the code

    “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  503. Aakash says:

    Yeahhh got it !!!

  504. suhas says:

    Still waiting for the code

  505. Sunny Nagpal says:

    Msg abhi tak nah ayaa pagal banaeka

  506. sree says:

    time west

  507. amitesh says:

    ebay hasnt sent the code till now. and apparently the pendrives are now out of stock..whether its flipkart or ebay,same story,,,customers not able to order,

  508. Gaurav says:

    Not received any code yet

  509. subrata says:

    i have not get any code

  510. jag says:

    Maximum redemptions :(

  511. KUSUM says:

    its cheating . If they say that sale will start at 10 am then how can they start before

  512. LALIT says:


  513. MUKTI RANJAN says:

    wat the hell is dat…ebay fooled us…whr the hell is the code???

  514. Rashmin says:

    Already out of stock at 10:00 AM!!!

  515. Dikesh says:

    no coupon code. its 10am.

  516. Kunal says:

    Received the code at 9.41 am. but during apply they say

    “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

    what the.

  517. Lourensa Maria Fernandes says:

    Not yet received the deal code.

  518. santosh says:

    Now its the end. Good luck for those who got the code. no code received for me. Really i feel E-Bay is fooling.

  519. Akshay says:

    I got msg says code will be send at 9am but not get yet.

  520. Narendramnr says:

    I did not receive d any code.. This is bullshit

  521. avinash jha says:

    Coupon code not received

  522. gaurav says:

    Still waiting for the code

  523. Uttam says:


  524. nitin says:

    I don’t get any code

  525. SID says:

    Got code & redeemed it

  526. AshuP says:

    OMG! Cant believe it.. I received the details and placed my order as well!! The website says it will be soon shipping the unit out!!! HURRAAYYY!!

  527. K.R.Bharath says:

    i did not get any code

  528. Mukesh says:

    don’t receive coupon code

  529. anynonymus says:

    We are really sorry for inconvenience caused.

  530. santosh says:

    Even I have not received the code and the time is running now what to do?

  531. nitin says:

    I didn’t riseved code …

  532. miro says:

    got code and purchased :)

  533. sanjay says:

    Hi All,

    yahan per likhne se fayada nhi hota, aap facebook per ebay ke page per ja kar likho,

    aur secondly aap twitter per jao aur likho…inse javab mango…tab ye log response karte hain,,otherewise ye log bebkoof bante hain …

  534. Rana says:

    Got the coupon & Ordered one Pen drive :)

  535. isdelhi00 says:

    No coupon code received, fake promotion by eBay…

  536. vikas says:

    total April full banaya ebay a kya he bhai sab kuch aaj kal fake hi hai.

  537. ankit says:

    the ebay company made us fools…crab…. not received code..

  538. kallu says:

    yipee received code …

  539. Akshay says:

    bhai logo kisi ke paas code ka msg aya kya ?

  540. golu says:

    code ni ayega or aa gya to work ni krega bcoz stock ni h…

  541. shubham says:

    i didn’t get coupon code

  542. Pratik says:

    I am not receive coupon Code Yet.
    Msg rcvd that code wil delivered u at 28/07/15 at 9am and sale start at 10am but no code delivered yet to me.

  543. bhuvana says:

    Not received any code till yet.

  544. zaibi says:

    code not received yet

  545. yash says:

    waste of tym stock khatam invalid code

  546. hello says:

    bhai abhi tak kuch code nahi aaya

  547. himanshu says:

    yet to receive coupon plz help

  548. Phani gowd says:

    I don’t get the coupon code.. I think ebay make fools of all user

  549. Tushant says:

    yrr code to aaya nhi ..
    site pr 374 price aa rha h

  550. Hari says:

    may be fake one?? for publicity…

  551. Deepak says:


  552. sachin says:

    got coupon code but stick is end

  553. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t code riseved

  554. rajkumar says:

    if u r anyone get Coupen code?

    This is Fake,

    Only on first purchaser only

  555. Anonymous says:

    Code nai aaya

  556. Surya says:

    Msg rcvd that code wil delivered u at 28/07/15 at 9am and sale start at 10am but no code delivered yet to me.

  557. AshuP says:

    @Karan: LOL before 10am how come out of stock!?

  558. nagaraju says:

    not received any code yet.i think its fake

  559. Amrit says:

    Sala bakwass he ebay …thoko salo ko

  560. Rohit says:

    Did anyone got any code yet?

  561. aakash says:

    are yaar code aayega ya nhi

  562. HARISH says:

    didn’t received any code yet??

  563. gopal duddi says:

    coupon code not recieved

  564. Suriya says:

    2015 at 9:20 am

    Msg recv from ebay that u will get code at 9am, and sale start at 10 am. but code not yet recvd

  565. sahith says:

    did not receive any code…

  566. gopal duddi says:

    coupon code not recvd yet

  567. Anonymous says:

    not recive code yet

  568. karan says:

    code and link recieved but stock is out ..waste of tym..

  569. Monu Rohila says:

    No coupon received so far…

  570. Shilpa Srivastava says:

    didn’t get the code…

  571. Ishrat says:

    waiting for the code.

  572. Krishna says:

    Code not received

  573. Tyagi says:

    I didnt get any code till now. They wanna make us stupid and we fulfill their wishes.

  574. AshuP says:

    code to kuch nahi mila par jaha register kiya tha there they are displaying .. we will be back with more offers etc…

  575. Abhishek Maurya says:

    I does not get coupen yet.

  576. rajkishor rajput vaishali says:

    Msg recv from ebay that u will get code at 9am, and sale start at 10 am. but code not yet recvd link nahi mil raha

  577. karthik says:

    I too not received any code

  578. Arya says:

    boka bana diya

  579. Ankush says:

    where is the coupon … plz tell me

  580. vivek says:

    didnt recieve any code

  581. Tyagi says:

    Last night a msg received from eBay that u will get coupon on 2morrow at 9 am. But still no code. Total tym of waste on such kind of offer. They wanna make stupid of us & we fulfill their wishes.

  582. Kusum says:

    Not receive any code

  583. jay says:

    not recd code yet

  584. RAKESH says:

    Ganta bana rakha h site wala n

  585. Sathish says:

    Not Received Any Code Yet

  586. dpk says:

    kuch nhi hone vala jb tk tumhe code milega tb tk sold out ebay ki

  587. Rana says:

    Hi anybody got the coupon code to your mobile?

  588. gautam says:

    Kiss ko aya code ?? Mujge toh nhi aya

  589. sumanth says:

    still not received coupon code from ebay may be product is sold out

  590. RAM says:


  591. king says:

    Ulu banya eBay nai koi code aya nahi

  592. Sho says:

    No coupon received

  593. anybody get a code says:

    anybody get a code i still not received yet

  594. Mahesh says:

    EBay vale bhi PayTM ki tarah pagal bana rahe hai

  595. Kasi says:

    Ebay cheating users yaar..till now i’m not receiving any code..time 9.24am ..fake tricks…cheating users…publicity stunt…

  596. Narasiman says:

    Still haven’t received the coupon code? how to redeem the coupon once obtained? I don’t find any link.

  597. Bhargav says:

    code aaya kyaaaa

  598. sunny says:

    didn’t get any coupon

  599. naveen says:

    any one got code?

  600. Rajendra says:

    Msg recv from ebay that u will get code at 9am, and sale start at 10 am. but code not yet recvd

  601. Shahid says:

    Kisi k paas code deliver hua kya ?

  602. Dheeraj says:

    ghanta aaya msg

  603. Naveen kumar says:

    Ab to 9:00am Ho gye code send kro

  604. Bhargav says:

    Not receive any promo code

  605. vijay says:

    not received the copoun

  606. Sushil says:

    Not received any code..

  607. kanhaiya says:

    don’t received any code aftr msg

  608. Atul Ojha says:

    09 to baj gaye hai .. start kabhogi

  609. ashwin says:

    anybody code code?

  610. mahesh says:

    deal code for 16 gb sandisk pendrive not sent so far…

  611. Pranav kalra says:

    Recieved Coupan…but yr SOLD OUT!!

  612. himanshu says:

    yesterday night i received msg from ebay that u will get ebay offer coupon on 9 am in morning.

  613. Rakesh says:

    1min 2 go

  614. Atul Ojha says:

    kab tak selling start hogi pan drive ki

  615. avinash says:

    link ta send krdo jitho order krna

  616. Amber says:

    Is there a specific link to order the pendrive …reply soon smi as the sale will start at 10AM

  617. V.k.jain says:

    Congratulations!Ur exclusive eBay Deal Code for Sandisk 16GB Pendrive will be sent to you on 28Jul at 9am.The Sale starts at 10am.Limited Stock Offer. Be ready!

  618. sandeep says:

    I got a code ..and i also got a pendrive (Y)

  619. king says:

    Not receive eny promo code

  620. Pranav kalra says:

    Plzz send the link jha se pendrive order krne hai

  621. sud says:

    coupon will be sent at 9 am tomorrow and sale from 10 am tomorrow.

  622. salil says:

    ordered 10 pen drives from different laptops and got 9 out of them.

  623. Anonymous says:

    Ha…Ha…not received any code yet

  624. Vivek says:

    Just received a sms from eBay that the code will be sent at 9 am tomorrow morning and the sale will start at 10 am

  625. Rajesh says:

    coupon will b sent at 9am tmrw and sale from 10am tomorrow

  626. pani says:

    Hurrayyy received code on 9.10pm … code of 8 digit CVBYX***

  627. tH says:

    No code so far…registered on 24th @ 8.30pm…

  628. Thamarai says:

    Till now i didnt receive code

  629. sunit says:

    me too waiting for the code

  630. Alisha says:

    Not received any code till yet.

  631. karan says:

    was registered on 23rd july at 11:37 pm but still waiting for the code . Anybody plz help

  632. muthukumar says:

    i was regestred 24th july at 4 pm but today not recev ebay message. any one got coupen code

  633. ashish agarwal says:

    haven’t received any any coupon code

  634. Aniket says:

    Not received any code with in 3 days.

  635. harpal says:

    only i got ebay message (we will send exclusive deal coupon code within 3 days)

  636. hari says:

    till now i didnt get any code from ebay.wt i do smi.

  637. Gokul says:

    I hv placed before 4 days.. But till now cant get any code r link message..

  638. sud says:

    offer is good ,but not received any code with in 3 days.
    amezing offer is faku.

  639. Amber says:

    Still waiting 4 the codes

  640. vinay mehta says:

    Whethter anyone receive code tillnow

  641. ajit says:

    Waiting for codes frm 4 days

  642. krish says:

    wating 4 promo code

  643. ramkumar says:

    I am waiting for code to SMS to my mobile

  644. iAkshay says:

    Just ordered 3 pendrives…Thankx SMI…

  645. Manish says:

    I am waiting promo code.

  646. none says:

    How to reedem the coupen code ls anybody can tell me..

  647. King says:

    Me wait promo code

  648. Sanjay Rajpara says:

    Just Wait For 2 Days…
    AND Get Coupen code. ..

  649. anand says:

    Super price

  650. shri says:

    i got message from ebay saying that u will soon get the coupon code within 3 day

  651. R2 says:

    I believe, registration to get coupon code expires on 24th July 11:59 PM. Those who have opt to get coupon code will be able to purchase Pen drive after 24th July.

    I too have received only eBay message that they will send code within 3 days.

  652. shiv says:

    u need to enter ur area pin/postal code. in the place where its asking for pin. @bhupi

  653. SeKaR says:

    only i got ebay message (we will send exclusive deal coupon code within 3 days)

  654. Paul Phoenix says:

    Amazing Offer :D To All Friends Who Want To Buy This,
    Open That Link By UC Browser, Enter Your Registered Mobile Number And Your Area Pin Code, Then Click The I Accept Box And Submit. You’ll get the Code Widin 3 Days.

  655. harsimran singh says:

    SMI did u get the code???/

  656. Chotu Charsi says:

    @james: after how much u got coupon code?

  657. james says:

    From which seller should we buy this items after we got the coupon code

  658. Gezel says:

    tick the option to activate submit button

  659. 0007 says:

    i got message from ebay saying that u will soon get the coupon code within 3 days

  660. Anonymous says:

    i am unable to submit the ph. no and pin no. bcz of the the submit option is not active.

  661. Rakesh says:

    Amazing offr…

  662. Gaurav says:

    You will receive your coupon code and activation instructions via SMS in 3 days

  663. hiten says:

    @Bhupi.. Enter area pincode

  664. harsimran singh says:

    obviously pin code

  665. vinay mehta says:

    May be enter your city pincode

  666. bhupi says:

    How to get this deal? when i open Get coupon page it shows a page on which we have to enter Mobile number and pin, so what pin we have to enter? can anybody tell ?

  667. gagan says:

    not received any code yet.

  668. Bhaskar acharyya says:

    Super price… Amezing

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