16GB Strontium MicroSD Card Class 10 + Lancer Queen Toothbrush Rs. 597 – ShopClues

strontium16gb-microsd16GB Strontium MicroSD Card + Lancer Queen Toothbrush can be bought for Rs. 597 from ShopClues. Features store higher definition of videos, higher resolution of photos and you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data.

Rs. 100 off on Rs. 650+ Coupon: SCOMG100Y

Buy: 16GB Strontium MicroSD Card Class 10 + Lancer Queen Toothbrush (to make total Rs. 650+)

15 Responses to “16GB Strontium MicroSD Card Class 10 + Lancer Queen Toothbrush Rs. 597 – ShopClues”

  1. pankaj says:

    for class 10 it is a very good deal

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is the maximum amount of discount I get if I buy a data card? What is the coupon?

  3. jaskaran says:

    at rediff availble at 480 i purchase today its available all time

  4. neo says:

    strontium is not reliable. they get currupted. i dont trust on strontium .samsung class 6 is much better

  5. Hitesh Garrachh says:

    Yes. most of the people don’t understand the importance of class 10. They buy cheap memory cards of class 4 for Rs. 300-400.

  6. nitin verma says:

    Yeh some one might have bought at 300 or 400 but that would not have been of class 10…. i think class 10 comes at a higher price

  7. swapnil says:

    can anyone give me the code??

  8. Don007 says:

    Bought it for Rs 309 months ago from Infibeam!!!!

  9. Raghavan says:

    I am waiting for 300+ deal….not buying in this price

  10. vicky says:

    thanks :) bought 1 \m/

  11. sanjay says:

    yes i also bought 16 gb for 340 rs long time ago

  12. pradeep says:

    costly :(
    i have bought 16Gb for 300 b4

  13. SaveMoneyIndia says:


  14. DEV says:


  15. DEV says:

    what abt 15% coupon..??

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