1TB Dell Portable Hard Drive Rs. 3790 – Tradus

dell-1tbTradus has 1TB Dell Portable Hard Drive for Rs. 3790. Features USB 3.0 connectivity, sleek design & light weight.

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9 Responses to “1TB Dell Portable Hard Drive Rs. 3790 – Tradus”

  1. Johny says:

    Dell Backup Drive is rotating among many e-retail site for quite some time, but this time the price is lowest…

  2. Ajay says:

    You won’t get this price in local market. Recently we had purchased 500Gb Seagate for 3500 Rs. and that also from Lamington Road Dealer.

    and by the way, This product has sold out

  3. ravi says:


    Will your father send 1 from UK for @yash

    If you cant help somebody then you should keep your mouth shut!

  4. Raj says:

    @ yash…. free me le leo UK se…:)

  5. yash says:

    I want to purchase 1TB HDD. ….sabse sasti kitne me mil jaygi…
    Pls helppppp

  6. SMI-fan says:

    agree with sameer, tradus’s cc is very responsive.

    i have purchased 5 items from tradus & at 2 instances the size was wrong, they responded very promptly.

  7. sameer payyadi says:

    i dont know why the people blindly blaming tradus who gives us low price and good service.tradus c care is very responsive than shopclues and ebay please examine

  8. Unknown says:

    Buy from shopclues at 4100 & they are reliable not like Tradus the fake king

  9. Unnikrishnan says:

    Still a bit high.. We could buy a 1Tb drive for around Rs.3500 before the Thailand floods

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