32GB Toshiba MicroSD Memory Card Rs. 849 – Groupon

toshiba-microsdGroupon has 32GB Toshiba MicroSD Memory Card for Rs. 849. Features 5Mbps Write Speed / 15Mbps Read Speed.

Rs. 250 off on Rs. 750+ from: Just give a missed call to 080-66719111 from Groupon account mobile number and get 250 Credits Free. (Offer Details)

Buy: 32GB Toshiba MicroSD Memory Card (click Buy Now! & select 32GB) | More Gadgets

14 Responses to “32GB Toshiba MicroSD Memory Card Rs. 849 – Groupon”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @Him-Unfortunately I didn’t bought card which was the best deal ever. SMI has bought me a 32Gb Samsung CLASS10 SD card at 700.Not yet opened.Class 4 will look like garbage as slow trfs and hanging as most apps,files directly use SD card even in most advanced smartphones.
    Buffalo never used but is a big company.To be super safe one can wait for Dell or Toshiba at similar rates.4500 and WD 1Tb,no second thoughts

  2. MEHUL SHAH says:

    No good deal available, freinds please share some more deal if you come to know

  3. him says:

    How is buffalo 1 tb hard disk available on groupon in 3999. Any reviews, please share..

  4. him says:

    Thanks Ruchir for all your help
    have u received your memory card??? How is it functioning??

  5. Ruchir says:

    @Him-The real pleasure is mine.At least someone listens to me even if not SMI. So,Thanks equalizer.
    Now Liteon 208 is not the premium one and 108 is,I posted somewhere L— external DVD writer comes to 12xx or 13xx.Check rev. on FK.If I didn’t had an Asus external wr.,would have jumped.Compare 208 with others like HP,LG,Samsung etc and decide.
    2.Two above mentioned SD 32G I bought,nothing else.3-Tosh 32G not me,sold out.
    4. http://www.groupon.co.in/deals/shopping/Coido-Electric-Compressor-Tyre-Inflator/401392
    5- http://www.groupon.co.in/deals/shopping/Philips-GC1905-01-Steam-Iron-SKU-170449-/397417
    6- http://www.groupon.co.in/deals/shopping/Philips-SoundDot-2GB-MP3-Player/397371
    7- http://www.groupon.co.in/deals/shopping/HP-1050-All-in-One-Printer-SKU-162202-/389477
    8- http://www.groupon.co.in/deals/shopping/JBL-Flip-Bluetooth-Speaker-SKU-175264-/398482
    Most are unbeatable deals-250 but c need.

  6. HIM says:

    hi guys.. any suggestions for using the coupon???

  7. mehul says:

    Got 3 in 3 accounts. 1 old & 2 new created yesturday itself.

  8. him says:

    @ Ruchir
    Finally got it.. Got inspired by your post above to try again… I had lost hope..thanx man.
    Any suggestions on what to buy??
    What did u bought??

  9. Ruchir says:

    @Raghvan-Lage raho yaar. Sometimes it takes some calls,try after some hours,you must get BOSS.I got 4 on 4 nos.Just check ur bal,network etc and try again and again.I had to do the same.

  10. Raghavan says:

    Mine was very old account and verified number..but did not get credit…Groupon sucks as usual

  11. xyz says:

    I got:)

  12. VT says:

    I give miss call by my verified no. but not received the credit??

  13. Ruchir says:

    It looks tricky.You may have to have an old A/c.Maybe no. should be VERIFIED as well.My success rate is 100%.SMI is the inspiration behind this small grandmastership(invented word).Miniclip 8 ball is the reason.I have won 46 awards in 8 ball and going OK

  14. Raghavan says:

    I gave missed call…did not get any…how long it will take?

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