3TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive STBV3000100 $138 (Rs. 7500) – Amazon

The Seagate Expansion External hard drive by Seagate offers an easy-to-use solution when you need to instantly add data storage to your computer.

Buy: 3TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive STBV3000100 (AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping)

7 Responses to “3TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive STBV3000100 $138 (Rs. 7500) – Amazon”

  1. Vinay says:

    Amazon has an option of Global shipping, when you select that you can only see those products that are eligible for international shipping. Long back I tot of importing a graphics card, but then after duty it comes to the same price as here, but still a little less. The only issue is some items don’t have warranty and hence I didn’t import the card. When you add the items into the cart and check out amazon adds the customs amount automatically and clears the customs for you as well, and whatever amount that is remaining after customs, will be given back to you (that is what i remember reading).

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Chetan-Bad ques,sorry

    Deal is good but won’t risk.These sites safely keep your card data and can wipe it,hidden T&C etc.No 3d code needed. VCC mistakenly cancelled.
    +Expansion is the worst brand.Use it to believe it. Goflex is a proper drive.These two HDDs are registered as data cables at site and not able to log,old data automatically deleted.Bloody SG.
    WD systems are great and don’t forget WD has made world’s first hard drive and it is reliable and real premium brand. Seagate only keeps buying to learn from them-Maxtor,Samsung etc,still not pioneer.Maybe one day Lacie(not aukat) and childs like Buffalo,Verbatim etc

  3. chetan says:

    Is it on all products purchased on amazon or just this?? How to find that out?? Thanks

  4. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Including everything.

  5. chetan says:

    What abt customs and taxes???

  6. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    The warranty is valid internationally, but you may need to get approval: http://forums.seagate.com/t5/GoFlex-GoFlex-Desk-GoFlex-Pro/Global-warranty-refuse-in-INDIA/m-p/189730

  7. Vinay says:

    What about warranty?

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