4GB Sandisk Pendrive Rs. 15, Himalaya Lip Balm 10gm Rs. 5, Biotique Basil & Parsley Soap 50gm Rs. 5 – eBay

sandisk-cruzer-bladeCould be error or fake.

Seller restricteduser_person is selling 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade Pendrive for Rs. 15 on eBay. Free shipping.

Buy: 4GB Sandisk Pendrive Rs. 15 | Himalaya Lip Balm 10gm Rs. 5 | Biotique Basil & Parsley Soap 50gm Rs. 5

43 Responses to “4GB Sandisk Pendrive Rs. 15, Himalaya Lip Balm 10gm Rs. 5, Biotique Basil & Parsley Soap 50gm Rs. 5 – eBay”

  1. Myshopping says:

    Fake offer,just wastage of time…………

  2. Shopper says:

    @gaurav….ebay india is a fake site…. To make ebay india account u just need an email and mobile no. (can be easily done) . For example this seller he will again make a new account aur ebay wale ghanta nahi ukhad sakte….. ebay usa is different u need a social security number to poen account on ebay …. so u are legally watched there …. but in india its just a fake site selling cheap chinese products and a seller can run anytime… no legallity

  3. VIMAL says:

    kyu time waste karetey ho logo ka ,

  4. Sudhir Rai says:

    lol @bhavun for your link comments left by the seller for buyers on ebay :D

  5. Srinivas says:

    ebay is one of the worst online store. Always problems yar…

  6. Neeraj says:

    farzi hai akal lgao 15rs mein 1 gb pendrive kaun bechega

  7. Ram says:

    How is that ??? Fake seller on ebay…. is that… very bad…

  8. Shubhi says:

    yipeeee i have ordered 10 pendrives

  9. gaurav says:

    Payal I am afraid you are totally wrong.ebay is not fake. It does have control over sellers.just remember something never buy anything from seller less than 98%ranking.I am buying from ebay since 3 years.I myself have bought products worth around 50k from ebay.I was never disappointed

  10. Kishor says:

    Thanks Payal for Useful Information

  11. pooja says:

    koi bataye ga pandrive kase bug karo

  12. pooja says:


  13. Payal says:

    Avoid ebay.com as much as you can… Most of the sellers are fraud and selling the grey market products. There is no authenticity for the quality of product and service. Its an open platform for all the sellers without control of ebay.

  14. Sunil says:

    Better Avoid Ebay

  15. Khaali Dabba says:

    I’ve ordered ’420 Pcs’ and they delivered it within 4minutes and 20seconds
    if anybody want this only for Rs 4.20Paisa then contact me at
    “Fraud Gali Kholi Number 420

  16. somnath says:

    no paisapay id generated..also not showing in purchse histry..fake!!!

  17. Sunny says:

    SMI why post such fake Deals. Pl. Dont spoil your own name by posting useless/fake Deasl and fraud sites. By now you are well aware which sites are Fraud.

  18. akshay says:

    fake do not buy

  19. chander prakash says:


  20. Naresh says:

    all are fake..Pendrive kisi ko nahi mili coz already yeh scheme Ebay staff k liye thi

  21. Anonymous says:

    Too Late :’(

  22. Vivek... says:

    Its totally furji….see the feedbacks and thier timmings …they are made by the seller only….beware…

  23. clash of clans says:

    ordered 4 awesome deal…

  24. PARMESH says:

    jab stock mein hai hi nai kya faida aisi scheme ka…

  25. vivek says:

    myself one

  26. Naresh says:

    kisi ko 1 pd b nahi mili sab jhooth bolte hain

  27. Rajesh says:

    NOT WORKING ……..Pls remove it ADMIN

  28. AbhIshek says:

    FaRzZzZiIiIi Hai.. Jo PuRcHaSe KaReGa VoH DhAkKaN bAnEGA :P :P

  29. bhavun says:

    look at the shipping details he is giving http://i.imgur.com/7ePdHj4.png

  30. kartik says:

    saale fuddu banate hai..//

  31. kartik says:

    fake deal..

  32. Anonymous says:

    i have book 2 pen drive.

  33. Rikky says:

    I have ordered one….

  34. Imran says:

    i’ve bought one

  35. Mahita says:

    0 available…what is this……dont waste time..

  36. abhinav says:


  37. sunny says:

    not in stock..pls remove from the site.

  38. shivam says:

    chopi nakli pendrive

  39. hiren says:

    not in stock.. please take the add out… thanks for the other offers

  40. anil gupta says:

    jab daena hi nahi hota kyo scheme nikaltae ho

  41. pk says:

    not in stock.. pls remove admin

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