24Kt Gold Coin 6gm Rs. 18119, 12gm Rs. 35899 (Rs. 2992/gm) – PepperFry

PepperFry is offering 1GM 995 Gold Coin on Purchase of Rs. 15000 and 2GM 995 Gold Coin on Purchase of Rs. 35000. We can use this offer to buy 24Kt Gold Coin 6gm for Rs. 18119 and 12gm for Rs. 35899. Pepperpoints, Coupons and COD are not applicable.

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36 Responses to “24Kt Gold Coin 6gm Rs. 18119, 12gm Rs. 35899 (Rs. 2992/gm) – PepperFry”

  1. Hariharan says:

    Quality – You can TRUST!! 100%
    Shipping Time: Worst than any site in the world

    I bought coins in last time promotion for 1Gram 3025 rupees…I got it yesterday only and today I went to GRT jewellers in Chennai and they are ready to take only for 2999 rupees only as the price is slashed… Good site but waste to buy as shipping time is VERY huge.

  2. HITESH says:

    Is anyone checked quality.
    Or try to sell at gitamjali stores

  3. Hariharan says:

    Not a good time to buy…. Current market rate is very low than this

  4. Visha; says:

    Out of stock…..As always

  5. Hariharan says:

    I thought of buying. But they increased the price…

  6. Prasanna says:

    Did anyone check for the purity and weight of the coin? Is it genuine?

  7. sakthi says:

    hi friends i got a mobile from timtara website last month i.e. 5th december still i didnt get
    i called their customer care many times but they told in 24 hrs it will done but nothing happened did anybody help me to get it out

  8. RINKU says:

    bakwas site hai…… mai last month on 21 st dec, gold coin order kiya tha, but till naw waha se ship bhi nahi hua, bec bluedart waha shippment nahi krti jaha mai rehta hu, fir adress change krwaya, jaha bluedart ship krti hai, bt still unhone ship nahi kiya.. i hate itni harrasment, frustration, dosto mai bta bhi nahi skta, jab bhi customer executive se bat kro, har kisi ka diffent ans,,

    pls dont buy. its better to invest ur amount in gold etf online thru demat account,

  9. Hariharan says:

    12Grams rate is 36299 and not 36219…Please change SMI

  10. Raghavan says:

    Welcome to Pepperfry ! Please wait for your chat to get connected. Please do not click on the “x” button at the end of the chat. Click on “End Chat & Leave Feedback” and fill the survey up! Help us do better :)
    You are now chatting with ‘Patrick’
    Patrick: Hello, Welcome to Pepperfry. How are you doing today?
    Karthik: Hello
    Karthik: 100448685
    Karthik: Please cancel this order and process refund of money
    Patrick: What information do you need about this order?
    Karthik: Cancel the order
    Patrick: This order is already confirmed, any reason for cancellation?
    Karthik: yeah…
    Karthik: Why because
    Patrick: I am sorry but Gold orders cannot be cancelled.
    Karthik: Hello
    Karthik: I saw the price as 18059 while ordering but the price suddenly changed after went to payment page
    Karthik: I have cancelled the orders many times due to technical issues from your side
    Karthik: Can you check with your supervisor who knows about the process and procedure well and get back to me?
    Patrick: Orders which have gold items cannot be cancelled and you have also got a free gold coin with this order.
    Karthik: Hello Patrick…I have not received the item yet…this was ordered just 30 minutes back.
    Karthik: So how can you say you can not cancel?
    Patrick: I know but orders of Furniture and Gold Coins cannot be cancelled.
    Karthik: How can you say you can not cancel. I think it is not acceptable. This is your site problem
    Karthik: How can your item price shows one price in front and one in the back
    Karthik: Is is not cheating?
    Karthik: And I think Pepperfry is the only site who is telling CAN NOT CANCEL AN ORDER.
    Patrick: I will get this escalated to my manager who get this checked and will contact you.
    Karthik: Good. I think you are new to pepperfry. Please learn Process and Procedures of your company well first. I called your customercare and cancelled the order now.
    Patrick: I have forwarded the details and you will receive a call in the next 48 hours.

  11. Sandeep says:

    I had purchased one deal yesterday It’s working fine and rates are really very low..

  12. Hariharan says:

    Nowadays Pepperfry is shipping the coins after 12 working days and it takes approximately 20 days to get in hand. If you are ordering on 01st then you will get coins on 20th only. Also the gift coin takes another 5 – 7 days to reach. I guess it is really waste to buy since the current price is much volatile. I bought coin for 3095 per gram last month and that time the market rate was 3255. After I bought, the market came down everyday and while coin reached me, it came for 3088 range… So I strongly suggest you all THINK before you buy.

  13. Ness says:

    Product will be delivered after 10-15 days after your order.

  14. krishan says:

    HAS ANY ONE BROUGHT IT ??????????

  15. amit kumar chatterjee says:

    I hv ordered for a coin on 18.10.2012. Till date not delivered and tracking number of material also not working. Every time I want to know the status, they are replying for further waiting of 3 working days to update the status.

  16. Mr Perfect says:

    Hi SMI
    any recommendations ?

  17. Boss says:

    Guys, Offer is no longer available.

  18. Alok Mittal says:

    ya harihan u r righr, i hve also purchased many things frm pepperfry and i get the product in 7 working days… I should
    say it is one of the best site ever….

  19. Hariharan says:

    Hello Jai, What did you order? Why are you saying it is worst…I have ordered soooo many items from pepperfry and they are GREAT in everything. I could say pepperfry is very good when compared to all shopping websites.

  20. Pradip Patel says:

    Peperfry is bogus online shopping site..plz frnd donot buy from here..

    i buy my product from here they dont deliver me till today…after 1 month..

    when i talk them they all 3 people tell me u got in just 3days….

    its a bogus site….I lost my money…

  21. Jai says:

    Peperfry is the worst online site.

  22. Hariharan says:

    Gold rate is getting much low….Not a good deal.

  23. Hariharan says:

    Not a very good deal.

  24. Hariharan says:

    What is FDI ?

  25. Rohit Sharma says:

    Buy all the gold you can… if FDIs are disallowed now, gold price will surely cross Rs.35000!

  26. anil gupta says:

    lae lo baad mae aisa offer nahi milaega

  27. Hariharan says:

    I would like to infor you all that the coin which pepperfry sells are -10mgs less per gram…So you will not get exactly 1Gram coin….In that case current market rate for 0.990 gram 995 purity is 3150 only…So buying for 75 rupees per gram profit is risky i guess.

  28. gagan says:

    did anybody 1.recived the coins 2. checked the purity 3. after what duration of booking ???/
    please post

  29. Hariharan says:

    Super Offer. Pepperfry is Great!!!!!

  30. nagasrinu says:

    i bought todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………

  31. Raghavan says:

    it is again not available

  32. Raghavan says:

    It is available now

  33. ABHINAV MITTAL says:

    now the coin r in stock and they are also giving the free gift.. now u can purchase it if u want….I have purchased it..

  34. ABHINAV MITTAL says:

    Now pepperfry don’t give any coin at special price.. whenever the promotion comes it gives the message out of stock….

  35. S MANOHAR says:


  36. nagasrinu says:

    out of stock

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