64GB Strontium Nitro 566x Micro SDHC Card Rs. 2430 – InfiBeam

strontium-nitroInfiBeam is selling 64GB Strontium Nitro 566x Micro SDHC Card for Rs. 2430. Features ultra high performance,  read transfer speed of upto 85MB/s, Built-in write-protect switch & UHS-I technology for outstanding NITRO performance.

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3 Responses to “64GB Strontium Nitro 566x Micro SDHC Card Rs. 2430 – InfiBeam”

  1. Shravan Trivedi says:

    Yes, I agree with Karun. I had ordered Iball shiny duo wireless keyboard and mouse combo in December. The item I received was like used one & faulty. Infibeam promised me to replace the item and arranged for pick up from my residence. After a month I got thr item back. I thought infibeam has sent me the repaired item. but to my surprise I have received the item as it is – not repaired. Again I called Infibeam centre and requested for the refund, but have not received any reply from Infibeam. Please…..please…please think twice before shopping anything through Infibeam. Infibeam is a cheater company.

  2. Karun says:

    You will not receive a new item when you order anything at infibeam.com. They send items which were manufactured very long back. And when u contact the customercare they claim they only promised the item and they did not say that a new item will be sold. Got irritated by this kind of reply from the customercare of infibeam and Would never buy anything from this cheap and fraud website.

  3. Vinay T says:

    My previous strontium pendrive got screwed up after like 20 uses. However my relatives are having good time with Strontium drives. Went ahead and ordered the 32 GB SDHC today. Giving one more chance to this company.

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