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Express yourself with a fun USB drive that “pops” – The Cruzer Pop USB Flash Drive is our thinnest drive yet and features cool graphic designs that fit your personality and style. This drive opens with a “pop” to reveal the hidden USB connector which remains protected from the elements when in the closed position.

Coupon: SC2SP49

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9 Responses to “8GB Sandisk CZ53 Pendrive Black + White Rs. 478 – ShopClues”

  1. razzak says:

    tumhare papa ki dukaan nahi hai ye jo 16gb 200 Rs mai mil jayega. aur dusri baat ye 8 gb ka hai.. lena hai to lo verna bhaad mai jaao

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Satya-We are not God

    @Syed-90% who bought same 16 GB-300/= Sclues are repenting why they didn’t made 3 IDs. JDD says it will never be repeated.So forget clues.Now the best bet is Ebay with coupon or magic like SMI posted MF A/c and Ebay 1200 shopping 8Gb free.Both were because of SMI. Attend Club Mahindra, get 500 off Ebay. And wait.Will need patience.

    @Vinay-Right.Deal itself is not too good. 8Gb PD becoming freebies show it costs 200-300,huge profit. Sandisk is the worst but better than Kingston,Iball. But this model is beautiful,maybe better performance also.One will fall in love because of its design,if he buys this model.

    Need luck also.I had Indiatimes 300 off 600 and bought HP-v220w which is normally 600+ or so everywhere and nobody can buy for much less as cream.Try it.I bought it at 315 or so.Miracles like these aren’t common.But this PD is a treat.

  3. Vinay Kedia says:

    Sandisk Quality is not Good. Good Quality 8GB pendrives are available for 200/- each easily everywhere.

  4. Vinay says:

    Available for 200/- freely evrywhere

  5. Syed Zoeb says:

    yeah need that 16GB sandisk deal again miss it :(
    hey SMI bring one good deal na please for 16GB pendrive
    plz plz plz

  6. satyanarayana says:

    I missed to book 16GB sandisk pen drive @ Rs. 318/ (incl. shipping). Can you put again please.

  7. amit says:

    @praveen buy from indiatimes best lowest price guarantee from all over sites

  8. Praveen says:

    but i want 1 16 Gb, so when will the deals are available for 16Gb and also i want 16Gb micro sd card too.

  9. Mr says:

    Awesome deal

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