8GB Strontium MicroSDHC Memory Card Class 6 Rs. 99 – Amazon

8gb-strontiumFeatures If you need a thunder-speed data transfer, the more you should try out Strontium MicroSD Card Class 6 that would show you the real power of speed. With an improvement of transfer speed to 6Mb/s, you will be amazed that the data transfer is complete with a blink of your eyes. It can store higher definition of videos, higher resolution of photos and you dont have to worry about losing your precious data.

• Free delivery on orders of Rs. 499 or more & Rs. 40 on orders less than Rs. 499.
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Buy: 8GB Strontium MicroSDHC Memory Card Class 6 + Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Face Wash 20gm = Rs. 124 (add both for free delivery)

9 Responses to “8GB Strontium MicroSDHC Memory Card Class 6 Rs. 99 – Amazon”

  1. Sunny Grewal says:

    strontium product are useless … got 16gb card n now 2nd time not working in 9 months

  2. Anonymous says:

    It showing 170

  3. Anonymous says:

    says minimum price rs. 170

  4. Ritesh says:

    It’s showing 170Rs

  5. Dharmesh says:

    Bought 1.

  6. devang says:

    bought 3 nos. successfully

  7. vashid says:

    it’s available friends

  8. sohail says:

    Least price available is 192 Rs.
    Please check…

  9. Tanmoy says:

    It’s not.

    The lowest price available is Rs.192/- (price+delivery). None of the seller is selling @150/-.

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