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aone-silverGrabMore has discounted A One Silver Shining Liquid 100ml to Rs. 79. Features Gentle all Purpose Polish for all silver items, Speciality Formulation to Clean, Polish, protect and shine silver items & Brings new sparkling brilliance to silver jewellery.

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8 Responses to “A One Silver Shining Liquid 100ml Rs. 79 – GrabMore”

  1. Grabmore India says:


    The A-One Silver Shinning Liquid image shows that it was RS. 100 before and now it is RS. 49 – inclusive of shipping it will cost a buyer RS. 68.

    This offer price is not available from any other online stores for now!

    For customers who have complaints , please provide us the order no or call our customer support to have your issue resolved.


  2. Sunny says:


  3. alok kumar says:

    hey guys
    plz dont buy anything from this site…they show something else and ship something else……grabmore is really lootmore….they are looting complettely

  4. Sunny says:

    Useless Offer. A-One Products are of Bad Quality. Grabmore is LOOTMORE!!! Dont fall for their Deals. They are fooling people.

  5. S K Kedia says:

    I have spoken to Grabmore and got the Shipping chs removed.Its 100ML bottle.

  6. S K Kedia says:

    Pl post Offers after verifying and sate clearly how much shpng chs. Grabmore has become LOOTMORE!!! without ml how is one to decide.

  7. S K Kedia says:

    They are charging Shpng chs-rs 100/- not worthwhile. They never specify ML.

  8. Ramdoss says:

    Shipping Charges Rs. 100 for Product Value of Rs. 69. What a Deal?

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