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adictionShopClues has Adiction Deodorant Spray 150ml for Rs. 48. Features long-lasting fragrance from Mankind Pharma is the newest dose for boosting your confidence at any sudden meeting, hang-out, or date.

Coupon: SC2AD29

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51 Responses to “Adiction Deodorant Spray 150ml Rs. 48 – ShopClues”

  1. somnath says:

    @neo..what i m saying is our medical college(calcutta medical clg) we dont prescribe that..we hv seen that mankind medicines r not that much effective than others..
    anywy,this is diff issue..but its true that nowadays most of the JDD r fake..

  2. govind says:

    i request those who ordered more than 1 deo via same bank account and order got honoured by shopclues?. .as i did 3 via same bank a/c with diff shopclues a/c but my 2 order got cancelled and my address was also diff.

  3. Neo says:

    all medicines are effective. any of company.we dont know more than 5 medik firms but using of small medics firms coz doctor says.
    i m accepting that shopclues are going wrost and they dont take return their products. i have faced it. snapdeal is really trustful site which never send u duplicate and even u want to return they dont ask why.

  4. somnath says:

    those medicines from mankind r cheap but not effective..doc prescribe only those ppl who cant afford other medicines..

  5. varun kapila says:

    delivered in 11-13 Business Days

  6. Neo says:

    by the way I have bought one before feom same seller it was packed and original
    lets see what this time

  7. Neo says:

    its a good product. And it is hot selling in market. yes may be shopclues send expired or nearly expired but its worth coz every cosmetic lasts atleast 2,3 months after its date.
    and if anyone dont wanna purchase it then go for hugo boss or casanova.
    why making cheap comments its come from the mankind company and everyone here definitely used there medicines.

  8. Harish says:

    Carry on guys… You will find this bottle filled with water and smell with never last for 15 minutes even.

    I also bought one and it is still not being used because of water filled in it. IF ANYBODY WANT MINE for FREE drop me an email and collect from my place. I am in Gurgaon.

  9. San says:

    Worst deo ever. On top of that shopclues gives fake products.

  10. somnath says:

    i had bought it in prev deal..very bad product..its smell causes headache..

  11. HamZa says:

    This is the worst deo ever. The smell is awful. I bought it in jaw dropping deal about a year back. Useless product.

  12. SANJU says:

    dont know abt smell…ordered 6…lets see

  13. Bk says:

    very bad smell, dont buy, i still have previous bought. Ise acha sunday fleat main hota hai, charli wala. i.e. Good, dont buy this one. Iski badbus aapki gf/bf pareshan ho jaynge… Soch lo.. Ha biwi ko dur rakhne ke liye laga sakte ho… :-)

  14. harsimran says:

    bahut badiya hai……… mastttt 1 order bhi kiya hai

  15. rajat says:

    bahut buri smell hai iski. mere pass hai ye. it smell like diluter (makes me sleepy)

  16. neha says:

    the smell is pathetic… DONT BUY THIS DEO

  17. Rocky says:

    Bhai koi batayega…howz its smell ?
    The previous one i ordered(Axe) was just plai water.

  18. Mehul Shah says:

    Fragrance is long lasting but it has particular odour like FOGG Deo.

  19. shravan says:

    shopclues items are either duplicate products or expired products selling by changing the dates.please dont buy i had a very bad experience JAAGO GRAHAk JAAGO!

  20. Rahul says:

    Itna Bakwas product hai sala koi free mein b nai lega…. :-P

  21. ratika says:

    ordered 2 its good friends

  22. yash says:

    abe dukan kholega kya???,
    bought 1

  23. A.G. says:

    Bahot hi ghatiya deo hai.. Iski wahiyat smell tab tak nahi jati jab tak shirt ko 2-3 baar dho na lo.

  24. Jaijo says:

    Yes , Very poor quality ,Shopclues sell this before Rupees 25 including shipping . Waste Product

  25. sunny says:

    duplicate bhejte hai.. main pahle bhi order kar chuka hu…
    shopclues wale jyadatar duplicate item bhejte hai…

    jago grahak jago…..

  26. G D AIRAN says:

    good one,BUY………..

  27. says:

    Dont buy guys. It smells like some medicine. Earlier i bought 4 pack and all distributed to my cousins.

  28. mmittal says:

    I was waiting for that offer frm last 8 months……

    Gud offer frm Shopclues after a very long tym.

    Bought 3 with 3 different accounts…

  29. Mahesh says:

    have anyone used this product earlier..need a review about it friends..

  30. anonymas says:

    bought 10 :)

  31. naresh says:

    puja ji
    its for men and not women
    so for u it might act like animal fragrance

  32. Swapnil says:

    Bought 1

  33. Vedant says:

    ordered 1 @ rs 7

    Subtotal : Rs.148
    (-)Order Discount : Rs.119
    Price after Discount : Rs.29
    Shipping Cost : Rs.19
    (-)Clues Bucks in Use (41 Clues Bucks) : Rs.41

    Total : Rs.7

  34. pooja says:

    totaly use less
    not buying
    its for animal

  35. shantanu baul says:

    thats very good

  36. Sandeep Verma says:

    Dear Friends
    Please tell me how to shop here??

  37. PRABHAT SOMANI says:

    i have mail shopclues regarding my problem got reply from them

    Thank you for shopping with

    Sometimes it takes upto 48 Hrs for your payment to get updated in our system. This happens when your bank/credit card issuer has not updated your payment status with our payment gateway provider or our payment gateway provider has not updated status of your payment with

    Within the next 48 hrs your order status should move to “Paid”. In case this does not happen we will initiate a refund for your payment immediately. As always, your money is completely secure with

    Shopclues Support.

  38. Bipul says:

    Placed order just now. Available for both new and old customers. Thanks to Shopclues for giving such deals time to time. SMY rocks………….

  39. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    vinit: Contact CCAvenue (their payment processor).

  40. Gagan says:

    What the hell has happened with Shopclues site today. Its hanged since 12:30 p.m…I’ve been trying since 2:30 hrs but couldn’t place an order till now :((

  41. vinit says:

    SaveMoneyIndia: I posted a query 3-4 days back regarding offerbean.
    My order they had finally dispathed, but insted of 3 pcs as per order, they dispatched only 1 pc pen drive.
    Now they are not responding the mails and their support number is switched off.

    Tell me how should i contact them or any other way for refund or dispatch of remaining 2 pcs??

  42. Mayur says:

    Hi PRABHAT, order second time. your “Checkout Incomplete” order will be cancelled.
    OR even your second order and previous (CI) both got confirmed. they will cancel one and REFUND. I have experienced this many times personally.
    GO Shopping :)

  43. Anita says:

    I also suffering fro same problem of checkout incomplete , what should I do
    i have ordered once only

  44. Viral says:

    why the hell this shopclues site is hanged when we are executing the order?

  45. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    For everyone.

  46. Anand Gupta says:

    I would like to know – this is for New user????????

  47. AKASH says:


  48. gaurav says:

    order only one per account/address.they will cancel order if address is same/and prabht somani same happened with me i tried to call but lines busy them i mailed them do the same.

  49. PRABHAT SOMANI says:


  50. sanan says:

    awesome….keep going shopclues….i just ordered 4 ….cod is also available

  51. Ruma Das says:

    It works. Thanks “”

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