Airtel Rs. 10 Talktime Loan

airtelAirtel is offering Rs. 10 Talktime Loan if your mobile balance is less than Rs. 5. Rs. 10 would be deducted on your next recharge.

Airtel Talktime Loan: Dial *141# > Take Adv Talktime / Ask TT

305 Responses to “Airtel Rs. 10 Talktime Loan”

  1. Hemangshu says:

    although all companies have flaws .. airtel has little less

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice good service of aritel

  3. Krishan kumar says:

    Thanks airtel

  4. bruno says:

    fudu service

  5. lightning says:

    thank u airtel such a awesome service

  6. R S Gupta says:

    thanq so much

  7. lalit says:

    I love you airtel aap me mera kaam bna diya

  8. praveen says:

    wow awesome,thank u airtel

  9. Sakhshi says:

    Sharing talktime is fun… vEry helpful service like call me back poke call etcc
    Thanks airtel

  10. Prateek says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Strong network

  12. Vishal says:

    Is that possible to get 100 rupies loan on Airtel ???

  13. ravi says:


  14. vinod kr prasad says:

    I am not able to receive airtel loan of my no.

  15. harry says:

    thank u bhai

  16. Deeksha says:

    Thanks u so much

  17. saif says:

    Thanks a lot

  18. Sourav says:

    This is awesome.

  19. paras says:

    its a very helpful in case of emergency when there is no nearby market we can do our impt call

  20. pankaj says:

    Very nice usefull thanx

  21. @akhi.tanu says:

    thanks airtel

  22. varun says:

    Mast hai thanks airtel

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you

  24. siddhant verma says:

    Mujhe ek bhot jruri cal krna tha or mera balance khatam ho chuka tha or tm itna jada ho chuka tha ke balance nhi dala sakta ta fir mera sath diya airtel ne thanku airtel this service is too gud

  25. Abhijith says:

    i was really stuck …when i recharged my airtel…recharge was not suceeded due to tower problm in all netwrks all over tamil nadu …bt airtel helpd me with this interactive servce…thank u!!

  26. Kuldeep singh says:

    Oye balle balle ji maza a gya emergency mein kaam ayi ji ye service…Thank u Airtel Thank u very much..!

  27. Rajat Solanki says:

    thanks Airtel, to give me 10bgs at very required timed. Tnks

  28. Prosenjit das says:

    yaaa congratulation 10 rupiya mil gyaaa yo yo Airtel.

  29. Santosh says:

    Very useful thank you Airtel

  30. bagwan says:

    nice trick and a thank to the owner for publishing this launch

  31. vishal says:

    Very helpful service

  32. GOURAV says:

    Nice…very help full…good job…

  33. Sanket says:

    Thanks a lot. it helped me in emergency

  34. I'm F0X says:

    give me loan leave me alone!!! if you are angry on a given network provider take loan use that money and port out

  35. Anonymous says:

    thanx a lot

  36. amar says:

    thank you for the information

  37. vinod says:


  38. Merajul says:

    Airtel is very helpful thanks airtel / AIRTEL WORLD NO 1

  39. yuvaraj says:

    very useful…:)

  40. Anonymous says:

    Nice. . Job

  41. md kani says:

    nice & good plan welcome

  42. Anonymous says:

    Thanx a lot ??? Airtel.

  43. Vinoth ronaldo says:

    This plan is suberb thnx airtel

  44. Bhupendra yadu says:

    I Love So Much For Me That My Love Life Safe By This Lone Thanks Airtel Company And Her All Member Gratefull I Use Airtel Thankyou So Much I LOVE AIRTEL SO MUCH

  45. Anonymous says:

    good feature

  46. priyadarshini shradha says:

    Thaku soo much google for posting this talk time loan and I got 10 rs talktime loait was a best service i

  47. Siva says:

    not satisfied vt airtel… :(

  48. Terry says:

    I love Airtel , nothing can beat the service.

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. pavan says:

    Thanqu fr dis help it helped me so much

  51. Sai Charan says:


  52. Tammy Roy says:

    saved my sorry arse

  53. Dilip kumar says:

    Nice service . It helped me a lot . Thanks Airtel

  54. Pranai says:

    thank you airtel

  55. G jeevabharathy says:

    Thank you Air-tel

  56. ananta says:

    nice trk

  57. sanny says:

    suppeeerrr i am appriciatining

  58. sarath krishna says:

    thanks airtel, you are beautiful.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I love airtel very much.

  60. roshan nathan says:

    Super network
    This advance talktime has helped me many times..
    Thx Airtel

  61. Anonymous says:

    super network

  62. bunny jona says:

    it has helped me

  63. indrajit says:


  64. Anonymous says:

    thnx air tel

  65. Bhanu prakash says:

    Nic In any emergency we can take lone

    Thanks to airtel

  66. Anonymous says:


  67. Nagesh says:

    Airtel 2G is very slow… I personally feel it is so, just bcz people should start using 3G but it is not at all a good strategy… Plz be fair with customers… They are paying for your service

  68. mk says:


  69. Divya says:

    Thank you so much!! I really appreciate this service :)

  70. akshay says:

    thanx airtel

  71. chottu says:

    very nice thanks airtel

  72. vinaykarthik says:

    Really air tel is the best it’s rocking and thank you so much airtel for giving this number airtel is the best and best ever ?

  73. Prathamesh says:

    It’s a goo plan. But how can i repay it immediately?

  74. vicky singh says:

    thx a lot airtel
    very helpful plan. thank u so much.
    keep rocking.

  75. shubham says:


  76. Anonymous says:

    it’s very helpful…,
    thanx airtel.

  77. Anonymous says:

    its really great

  78. SHAMNAD says:

    It is a very helpful to us. Thank you very much Airtel.

  79. Anash kumar says:

    I like it..Airtel

  80. anubama says:

    thanks to airtel

  81. Anonymous says:

    It is good in urgent time

  82. vinaykumar patil says:

    thanks aitel

  83. Bk Soni says:

    Are baat suno bhai ek to aapne internet ke price bda diye or uper se speed bhi kharb de rhe ho aapko kuch sharm hai ki nhi… dub mro chulu bhar paani me…

  84. Bhupesh says:

    world. best. network. :) (y)

  85. sakthi says:

    Very nice

  86. Vinod says:

    I am Happy with this service provided by Airtel.

  87. M S Yadav says:

    Nice yar

  88. BIREN says:


  89. durjoy says:


  90. Anonymous says:

    Very good airtel

  91. chandhrika says:

    I was saved many times due to this service..
    Excellent and expecting more services from Airtel.

  92. Shahid says:

    Mst hai boss

  93. Ratna says:

    It was very good service

  94. sid says:

    Superb Airtel we just love ? it

  95. anand says:

    Thanks airtel.

  96. deepika says:


  97. Anonymous says:

    Zidagi ki aakhari dam tak

  98. mona says:

    extremely useful plan.. appreciating airtel for his. helped me in critical times when i needed credit n was not ble to reach any shops.. thank you :)

  99. anandhan says:


  100. annappa says:

    thanks a lot, its very help some critical position and out side place means very far to recharge shops in the time of journy

  101. Uday says:

    Thanks a lot to airtel

  102. Romana says:

    Not good vvv vvv Good Good Good

  103. legion says:

    poor network

  104. pankaj says:

    how we take loan more than 10 rupees

  105. Vijay randy says:

    Its very nice.and is very helpful so I love it my favorite company is airtel

  106. Anonymous says:


  107. zabed saifi says:

    wow very nice plan

  108. Anonymous says:

    wow super ji I love airtel

  109. degama akash says:

    thanks for suggestion, ,,

  110. Ankit Dubeu says:

    Sir, mane jabse aapki sim kharidi ha tabse apne mujhe aaj tak kya offer diya hai ,ulta aap mare balance kaat laethe hai,airtel sabse baekar sim hai aap eako toad kar phaek do

  111. Anonymous says:


  112. punit kumar chaube says:

    very good services and network was always higher level never be low very faster internet

  113. Ganie Towheed says:

    thnx airtel

  114. manroop sandhu says:

    you will get also 50 .m.b internet loan by using *141*567#

  115. Rohit says:

    good service on just one click & airtel take only intrest of Rs.2 compared to idea service take intrest of Rs.3

  116. ram aravi says:

    do u know, they charge interest on this loan? was thinking, if its a gift it must be gift right? for 50 Rs u have to pay them Rs53,

    anyway its good for emergency rs3/- penalty is okay to pay

  117. Suresha says:

    thank u so much

  118. Anonymous says:

    Not wrking 60 days of user can be take loan its very greedy you want us to used it more and more, its no social wellfare you should get us on a problems situation, definitely we wll be happy very pleasur to use tha service if you provide better not sixty days ok thankyou

  119. Pulak says:

    It’s a great services innovate from “Airtel” I personally helped with this many times. Well done and go ahead.

  120. Deepak kumar masanta says:

    nice service by airtel.

  121. rakhi says:



    muchhhh…for this loan services

  122. vicky says:

    Vodafone already started this service years ago…

  123. Anonymous says:

    thanks airtel.

  124. Rahul vishwakarma says:


  125. pothik says:

    thank you very much airtel…….
    this service very healpful
    Take loan*141#
    dial *141*10# directly u will get the amount.
    koi vai??


  126. Parth Chauhan. says:

    Thanks airtel.
    It is a great service in critical condition.
    Thanks again.

  127. kibria says:

    yes. it is the great news for all airtel user

  128. sahil kumar singh says:

    Thank you my air tel friends :)

  129. pintu sharma says:

    Airtel was very halp full thank you

  130. sonali says:

    tanq airtel

  131. nipun says:

    its a gr8 service.
    helps in tough situations.
    thanks airtel!!!

  132. amit sharma says:

    thanx airtel

  133. K.l.D says:

    Allthe Plans offers providing by AIRTEL Servie are almost Good,but why the amount of GPRS pACK IS DECREASING daa by day

  134. arti says:

    aaj airtel loan ne muje bacha liya mere bf se

  135. Satyaban Sahoo says:

    Emergency service
    10 rupaya kamaiye jald hi..
    Airtel jo aakash ki baat krta he..

  136. sandip says:

    thank you Airtel !

  137. Anika says:

    great service. . .

  138. Abhisek says:

    very very good…..

  139. Bhagwan Singh Rawat says:

    Very Nice Services i like this service ek din rat ko mujhe koi emergency pad gai aur mere pass balance nahi tha to maine turant loan liya aur mera bura waqt tal gaya i am happy

  140. prasath says:


  141. Philips says:

    Thank u for the needful help

  142. vishwanath Rajak says:

    thanqu airtel

  143. manipal says:

    This service is good to use only when urgently needed. because if we take 10 rs, they will charge 12 rs, it means to repay back your loan you have to recharge with rs 20 card, in which you get 13 rs talk time and from that 12 rs will be deducted. its a huge profit to airtel by fooling innocent people..

  144. Nagesha says:

    Thank you very much for the great service that you are getting to your subscriber…..
    Its really good thank you

  145. Linda says:

    Life saver!!

  146. Suresh says:

    Very Costly, there is no plan for Std except 40paise per minute. Every Network has plan to reduced call rates. I am changing my Airtel sim second time every time due to its useless plan.

    Not beneficial, you can only use its network but never be comfortable with its plan.

  147. sahib khan says:

    its a good service

  148. Narsimlu says:

    very good support from airtel

  149. sai says:

    no clearing outstandig loan in 2hrs

  150. vijay says:

    very goog iam appriciating airtel

  151. tushal baraskar says:

    this service is best but 10 nont 20 is better pls. reply

  152. michael says:

    super but there should me more!!!

  153. Anonymous says:

    new costumer wait till 60 days

  154. tammy says:

    i think airtel is gud 1

  155. Mohabbat says:

    Airtel is the best then any other co. In world

  156. Ammu says:

    airtel loan service is help for emergency.thank you for airtel.

  157. Ammu says:

    dial *141*10# directly u will get the amount ,.,.,., 10 and rs 12 will be deducted from ur account ,.,.,.,

  158. mani kandan says:

    airtel loan service is help for emergency.thank you for bharthi airtel.

  159. Vignesh says:

    Airtel…. Nice Plan very useful at emergency factor….!

  160. suganya says:

    really nice

  161. mohit gandhi says:

    airtel I like this so much

  162. srikanth says:

    thanx for service to airtel

  163. NARESH says:

    Thank’s to airtel

  164. sharath says:

    This offer is working awesome!!!
    liking it..thanks to AIRTEL

  165. Anonymous says:

    thanx to AIRTEL

  166. Suganya says:

    Thank you airtel for giving such offer.

  167. THAMEEM says:

    thank u airtel . very useful service

  168. amith says:

    good service from airtel.
    thank u airtel fr d loan

  169. Harendra says:

    I got my balance thank u for ur support

  170. Anonymous says:

    thanks 4 airtel.

  171. anita says:

    i have urgent aircel rechrge will be deducted on next recharge

  172. Suuuu says:

    How to giv back the loan before the tym.plz giv me any code

  173. kiran says:

    super airtel sim service

  174. Dr.Ramkaran saini says:

    Nice plan on Airtal
    on bal.lone

  175. m raja says:

    it is a bakvas plan made by airtel

  176. Anonymous says:

    It nice thanx airtel

  177. dar mehraj says:

    Nice facility. ……helps out really at some crunhy times

  178. preeti says:

    waste airtel no offers nothing

  179. Anonymous says:

    Best service but not deducted loan balance untill next recharge done.

  180. SARIKA KATE says:

    plz take a loan &port sim

  181. K. Shivanand says:

    Very useful on emergency time.

    Thanks airtel

  182. Aja says:

    Sir calling vocher sasta kar de jiya mere no par

  183. Suman Kalyan Das says:

    Very useful on emergency time.

  184. Bala says:

    Thank you airtel for this loan service.. its very helpful..

  185. Umesh says:

    Thanks to you and airtel

  186. sandy says:

    airtel is very helpful in bad time ..thanku airtal

  187. Anonymous says:


  188. Jenith says:

    its very useful

  189. kittu says:

    nice and need One more

  190. Anonymous says:

    It is very best but 2 rupess is adhik le leta hai,yehi to garbar hai,i am uttam rana from chitra,deoghar,jharkhand

  191. Hyari harish says:

    its very nice sir

  192. Anonymous says:

    It is very best but 2 rupess is adhik le leta hai,yehi to garbar hai,i am uttam rana from chitra,deoghar,jharkhand

  193. Himavanth says:

    Thanks to airtel to giving a very very good opertunity to take loan its very help full

  194. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for ur info..itss work

  195. Bala says:

    Its really nice… I like it..

  196. Anugya says:

    Very Nice Plan

  197. Pulakesh says:

    Nice job,Thank u Airtel!

  198. Kumar says:

    very nice plan

  199. guruprasad says:

    Thank u airtel

  200. davinder singh says:

    Thank u airtel

  201. rajao. says:

    overwhelming humane service….smtimes Rs 10 can change ur fortune also.

  202. puneeth says:

    more helpful thank u airtel

  203. ajitendra says:

    Yah its really good service

  204. Siva says:

    *141*10# ??

  205. koushik says:

    press *141*10# to direct recharge

  206. Santosh Roy says:

    I like it

  207. Akbar yaradona says:

    Good work for airtel in poor people usefull work in airtel company

  208. bharat sevak says:

    please me help nesessary take loan

  209. bharat sevak says:

    airtel loaning good&best plan

  210. akhil says:

    tx airtel thank you very much. …

  211. manish says:

    airtel only network best but bhaut paisa katha hey sabse mehnga network for customers airtel have no benefit india is a poor country but airtel poor people ka paisa khake bada ho raha hey,agar tum best network bolke halla kar rahe ho to apna call rate reduce karna chahiye barna logo tumhe kabhi maaf nahin karage

  212. Raju baru says:

    Har network bakwash hai.????

  213. Arun says:

    Thank airtel 10rupees loan

  214. BaLu says:

    Thank you Airtel, and thanks for Sandy
    This is the Best Service…….. :)

  215. Sivakumar says:

    Sir, This value added service is best for all in difficult situations.

  216. Anonymous says:


  217. raju says:

    My balance 100 ruppes OKbalance when I show my balance is a zeros without any information SMS to air tel at time I called my boss for emergency problem in my company but myoutgoing call 00000000000000000000

  218. Kirti Pandey says:

    Really helpful in an emergency :) It actually works!

  219. s.karim says:


  220. P selvam says:

    this plan very useful in urgency

  221. Sarvesh patel says:

    Thankx aritel

  222. Suhana Waris says:

    Very Nice it is helpful Service

  223. Abdul says:

    very nice it is helpful in emergency

  224. surekhaswathy says:

    very nice help full skim

  225. aziz chakki says:

    Very helpful .. thanks alot

  226. muthumahalingam says:

    veeri thanks

  227. prajwal says:

    Plz dnt change frm airtel to Tata.bcz Tata very bad.dey vl gv offer for sme days aftrdat dey vl duduct

  228. Anonymous says:

    nice thanks

  229. Kumar Yansh says:

    Nice Plan Airtel…………..

  230. Pallab xxx says:

    Airtel loan is Bakwas.
    All airtel services are so expensive.
    Airtel call rates are worst.
    Airtel is for rich people.
    Now Vodafone offer best services at low cost.

  231. Mandeep says:

    Thanx 4 this service

  232. SRIPAL REDDY says:

    Thanx 4 this service

  233. DARPAN says:


  234. Anonymous says:

    airtel utta waste network. simply waste comparing any other network…. dnt get into loan problem as they wil give 10rs n they will deduct 50 – 100rs as penalty charge ….

  235. jagadish says:

    Gd 1

  236. Vinod gour says:

    Thanx 4 this service

  237. rohit jain says:

    its good in emergency

  238. kiran says:

    Its best 4 us in difficult situations

  239. dinesh says:

    i am absolutely against…. this airtel wil deduct now rs12 if suppose ppl forget to recharge and airtel wil keep on adding penalty and will lead to another burden ….i got many problem , i dont want to add more to it…. and one more thing i would like to inform yu… before if i had balance of 3 rs i could do call and give a miss call which is now not possible…. yewwwwwww utter waste… planning to change the network…

  240. Optimus Prime says:

    We will take this Telecom to our Planet……..

  241. Dhanu says:

    Nice plan

  242. Imran says:

    Thanks But u should not deduct that loan amoutn.

  243. Shaan Ali says:

    Low on your Airtel mobile balance?
    Call 52141 (tollfree)
    or dial *141*10#
    and get talktime loan of Rs.10

  244. sunil wagh says:

    Very good service

  245. Pravin says:

    Thanks airtel.

  246. Anonymous says:

    Little Thanks for 10rs if it will 20 then thanks*2

  247. Anonymous says:

    Thanks airtel its very helpful for the time of emergency when no blance in m phon

  248. smoke says:

    bharati thanks …..u have proven more than the Ambani’s

  249. Rajanish says:


  250. Natharsh says:

    Good…its working…**

  251. mani says:

    Good plan

  252. Anjum says:

    Smetmz Rs10 meam mch mch mre thn actl wrth,rlly aprciate the plcy…..

  253. Anonymous says:

    Jab loan he dena h to 5ruppee due balence kyo rakhe

  254. naga siri chadana says:

    very nice offer.good luck airtel

  255. prince says:

    Not bed

  256. yash says:

    thank you air tel

  257. manish janoriya says:

    This i s “icing on cack” nice for all for night.

  258. shiv says:

    very helpful

  259. manoj kumar says:

    Are yaar airtel tu aisa sewa kahan chupa ke rakha tha.jante ho ye kitana kam rarta hai hamare village mein airtel ka cupan milta hi nahi hai emergenciy mein ye bhaut kam ka chiz hai.Thank you airtel ….

  260. manoj kumar says:

    Good good……..



  262. Ramesh rajan says:

    Very nice……
    best wishes airtel …..

  263. Anonymous says:

    Airtel rate cutter keep balance is less than to rs.4 type sms A10 to 121 and call ur friend (airtel only) Ur call charge is 10ps/min.

  264. prince says:


  265. shrirup says:

    good prosses

  266. Anonymous says:

    Airtel ne bahut achha kiya hai

  267. Anonymous says:

    Thank’s to airtel

  268. Jani basha says:

    I love airtel

  269. Pitter says:

    Great service…

  270. Anonymous says:

    Very nice plan thanku very mach dear

  271. prakash mandal says:

    very nice

  272. Yeshya says:

    really very nice help full offer

  273. Anonymous says:

    Good plan

  274. sandip singh says:

    for emergency perpose it’s very cool..

  275. Kumar says:

    How to get loan frm tata

  276. Nitesh Badoni says:

    nc service by airtel, very usefull in emergency.. (y)

  277. nagaraju says:


  278. Anonymous says:

    thanks to airtel

  279. Chandan Basfor says:

    Airtel hamara bharosa hai. jo hamesa dusrose jurne ki hosla deti hai…………..!

  280. Chandan Basfor says:

    Thank you Airtel loan service

  281. Anonymous says:


  282. sanu says:

    Airtel is becoming so worst no offers no sms cost is high also no 3g iam planing to change to tata :)

  283. yh says:

    good urgently plan

  284. m.gajendra says:

    this network is very use full in small cities&villages

  285. airtel user says:


  286. dharampreet says:

    this is a nice scheme on airtel

  287. vignesh Nagu says:

    hi friends….

  288. narender singh says:

    very nice it is very helpful and efficacious application. it has helped me in calamity situation. i was stuck in kedarnath and no source of recharge was available.

  289. SG says:

    TATA Docomo UP East Users recharge with 195 or 97 both are very best plan in its segment.

  290. anuchocochip says:

    its very helping me to talk with my friend urgntly so, thank you airtel

  291. TIKESWER BHATH says:


  292. manasa reddy says:

    thank you for this service

  293. Rawat g says:

    It’s nice…. It helps u in emergency…. I thk it’s a cool service…

  294. jose says:

    thank you very much airtel…….
    this service very healpful

    Take loan*141#
    dial *141*10# directly u will get the amount

  295. kaif says:


  296. joni says:

    Pure bakwass airtel……….already so costly………….guys u need cheap and best call rates then use

  297. SG says:

    Pure bakwass airtel……….already so costly………….guys u need cheap and best call rates then use tata……… need of loan.

  298. keerthana says:

    good plan

  299. Anonymous says:

    Take loan*141#

  300. renuka says:

    please take lon

  301. sandy says:

    thanx to AIRTEL

  302. sandy says:

    dial *141*10# directly u will get the amount ,.,.,., 10 and rs 12 will be deducted from ur account ,.,.,.,

  303. RAVI KUMAR says:

    very good i am appriciating AIRTEL

  304. ganesh says:

    its working .nice post

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