AllSchoolStuff Rs. 400 off on Purchase of Rs. 1100

allschoolstuff40028th Aug 8PM to 29th Aug 8AM.

Not applicable on purchase of AllSchoolStuff Gift Vouchers, Learning Products, Health & Nutrition products, Shoes Accessories, Notebook & Magazines. Shipping Charges of Rs. 75 applied on every order below Rs. 750.

Rs. 400 off on Rs. 1100+ Voucher: WEDNESDAY

Good Buys: Books | Stationery | School Uniform & Shoes | School Bags | Gifts & Toys | Sports

Website: AllSchoolStuff

78 Responses to “AllSchoolStuff Rs. 400 off on Purchase of Rs. 1100”

  1. Manoj says:

    SMI – Pls find out some gud discount on school stationery like note-books, uniforms, school shoes etc.


  2. niraj maurya says:

    BEWARE!!! Buy at your own risk from this site…
    Order dated August 07, 2013, ID 1278182.
    Item sent wrongly. Reverse pickup done.
    NO RESPONSE!!! (till date).
    Request all customers who have been
    cheated by this site, contact me.
    Together we will make them accountable
    and get refund with interest & penalty.
    Email with details:
    Call/ SMS: +91-8527316690.

  3. shiva says:

    Hi all

    At last i got the order shipped within a week time
    great effort by ASSf

    If you doing it for all customers it will be a great site

  4. shiva says:

    Worked after some time
    But shipping is delayed and they not have any proper vendors
    Other wise this site become a very good site
    Having faith on them i ordered for Rs750

  5. shi says:

    Code not working
    Please enter a valid voucher code to avail the discount offer.

  6. Kishan I Vaghela says:

    Hello all and all people please don’t buy ani product in this marchant cause he is totally fraud and cheater.

  7. Mehul says:

    They seem to be in the business of chit fund and financing. They use customers money for over a month and do not ship the product at all. The consumer court must act against such cheat companies

  8. Mehul says:

    SMI must refrain from sharing any deal from Allschoolstuff and save genuine buyers from being cheated.

  9. Mehul says:

    Avoid Avoid Avoid.. They are cheats based from Gurgaon. They do not ship the products. Deal with them at your own risk. My only experience of dealing with them has turned out to be a nightmare.

  10. ROHIT GOYAL says:

    Shipping Charges extra i.e 75. so discount is not 50% it is 43%.

  11. Neeraj jain says:

    most of the stationery item are not in stock

  12. Raj says:

    It is our greed which wins over reason and we tend to take chances.

  13. archana says:

    never buy from this site, sometimes they will send u updates and yr stuff after 3 month, tht also calling them after 100 times. i tried again 2day with new coupon, at the time of payment they are showing product is not available, stupid and silly work. if you want to buy stuff for next year, order it this year from Allschool, they ll send you prob. within a year. i ordered tshirt few months back, when i received , my son couldn’t wear , bcoz after 4 months size was changed.

  14. Shriya says:

    There is no option for Rs 100/- Cashback

  15. karan says:




  16. mouli says:


  17. Shiv Kumar Rathi says:

    I have never faced any issues till now.

  18. Nidhi says:

    i placed 3 order, 2 orders completed successfully after reminding them 3-5 times n they to upto 30-45days to deliver a order. Bad experience with third one they sent partial order n in name of refund they only 20% money of ur partial total. Not good at all.. just want people to order in huge quantity n then they forgot to deliver..

  19. ROHIT GOYAL says:

    their is no product to buy which price is less from market. They Sale only those products which market has giving discount on these products……..

  20. Balu says:

    Please do not buy anything from AllSchoolStuff. They are just taking an orders and not taking care of delivering the same. I ordered on may 2 nd and it is still showing status like “Ready for Shipping”. Please be aware from this fraud site.

  21. Khush says:

    Delivery is poorest. After sending many reminders, I got my ordered packet of stationery after 37 days.

  22. Nauman Mohammed says:

    I order a school bag for my child on 11 may 13 with order no 1007006. The holidays are going to over but They not able to provide product till date. Now I requested the cancellation. Now I hav to wait 4 return.


  23. prasant says:

    i am trying to get the refund of my order 928724 which took 2 month but not delivered after several call and communication with them still awaited for refund no result so please care full

  24. prasant says:

    i have ordered one product , it took more then 2 months but they did not deliver the product nor i got the refund back still trying to get the same . i should tell one thing we are not here to pass bead reviews we are telling what we have faced with this site

  25. Debasish Chakrabarty says:

    Who is “duplicate” !!!! The victimised customer by you Or You Yourself !!!!!!! You are losing your credibility . A huge numbers of customers has send u request for not to publish any post in favour of the Fraud company I have previously written with my order no. 889264 with your site. I also written to their CEO’s Desk as per your Instruction. But they turned a deaf ear to my Request to back my money. Then I write two negative review in MOUTHSHUT.COM & After that allschoolstuff has compelled to return my money !!!!!!

  26. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Duplicate posts are automatically deleted.

  27. Debasish Chakrabarty says:

    Lots of customers are seeing how SMI is blocking their negative reviews about allschoolstuff.
    Only Positive & semi positive reviews they are allowing. After this incident anyone will not rely on this comment section. Because these are now being manipulated by SMI !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ...??????... says:

    good site …shipping slow……
    can buy from it……..
    ordered 5 solo files 1 came damaged complained… then they sent 5 files… thinking all are damaged…..
    happened 2 times like thiss…..
    ………………got 10 files for freeee……..

  29. rohit goel says:

    site delivery process is slow and some time they change the product but over all paisa vasool site for shoppers having kids or too much stationary requirement.. not too much money is at stake so one can try this site

  30. Patrik says:

    FRAUD COMPANY. Given me one of the five products I ordered!!! Well and the product they sent me was also sent after one month man!

  31. Rakesh Gupta says:

    Total Fraud Site. I ordered four products, order number 1006562, received half of them after a month and they are not refunding my money either. The products are of very old date and of very very bad quality. Their customer care number is also not working. THEY ARE TOTALLY FRAUD. FRIENDS DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. THEY ARE FRAUD.

  32. aman rana says:

    Never order from this site
    my frnd review:

    They don’t deliver anything at all.They are fraudsters.There isn’t even a cash on delivery option and so many people were cheated due to this site.Never buy in this site even if they say 99% off because they will not deliver you anything at all and no one picks up their phone lines.

  33. aman rana says:

    chor site hai “Allschoolstuffs” esh liye koi b en se kuch b na loo waran or ki thera roatye raho gaye…..

  34. Debasish Chakrabarty says:

    SMI & allschoolstuff have joined hands to ruin customers. Allschoolstuffs will take money and never deliver your products.

  35. Sathish says:

    I ordered 5 products including school bag on 04-May-13 but I received only 3 items on 15-May-13. Luckily I got the School bag which is bit costly and missed out few cheap items.

  36. Dilip says:

    Their shipping charges are very high….Not worth buying even after these discounts they prove.

  37. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Don’t buy anything from them. I have placed an order on 1st April, Till Date I am waiting for the items to arrive.

    Poorest Customer Service and if you ask for refund they will give you coupons against the same.



  39. Jagadish says:

    Why are they giving offers again and again?? i think they may collect all our money and shut their website because they are shipping after 15 days from the day of order…..

  40. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    AllSchoolStuff CEO Email:


    My order no. 889264, total value Rs 1005, delivered only goods of Rs 581 after mailing them for 6th times. Thereafter I send them 3 mails —- neither my remaining products delivered, nor my money they returned. They are the CHEATER THE GREAT.

  42. naveen says:


  43. Anil says:

    Looks like company is collecting money from people by giving fancy discount. and they will run away.

  44. ROHIT GOYAL says:

    this is fraud site and delivery is very slow. i do the 20orders on 25th jan. till now they do not ship. when i call to them they alwats say material is not there. consignment aane wala h sir 2-3 days me shio ho jayega. always they speak this line. so avoid it……………………
    save mney save rime

  45. Amit says:

    I had a good exp with them, but now by seeing lots of complaint..I am also going to to avoid this site in future..

  46. sridhar says:

    They dont deliver and swallow your Money.Be careful wid them.

  47. Some user says:

    There delivery and customer care sucks!!
    they must be sued for all the inconvenience they cause.
    they are taking customer money and delivering and cancelling orders after 2 months, Its a big scam they can use this money to invest somewhere and earn then cancel orders..

  48. Sunny says:

    They have not delivered since last 3 months any Orders.

  49. Jigar Shah says:

    @dhruvi…. I have orderred more than 15 times….for all my cousins. Not a single delivery on time. Not a single order correct…always something else was delivered. and twice cancelled after 2 months. So yeh, they deserve bad reviews.

  50. preetham says:

    very bad. they take only orders. worst customer care. no response. i had made an order,i waited for 1 month,then cancelled order, because no delivery . Now i have waited for another month, but not received any refund…

  51. balaji says:

    My experience is bad with this site. After payment, was in waiting for a month to get them delivered, finally they couldnt do it. So, I cancelled them. They didnt respond for cancelling the item and followed it up for 2 times.. finally contacted them on phone to cancel it.. BAD

  52. zeeshan says:

    hv ordered few things during Holi offer…

    and i was surprised to see dat dey delivered my ordered

    within 5-6 days….

  53. DHRUVI says:

    i dont know why such bad reviews…… i hav ordered from the site for more that 10 times and service is fine………….quality is also good……….though they take some time but i have always got my order and that too at such a low price…………….packing is also supreme,… what more you can get……
    for me site is great … keep it up all school stuff

  54. Jigar Shah says:

    Yeh…they will deliver after few months :) njoi….(I don’t understand why I still place order with them)

  55. Anshuman Goyal says:

    I have used this coupon “BTS500″ and it worked fine. Waiting for the delivery of the good. Hope they will be delivered in time else they will have one more negative review.

  56. kks says:

    I have placed order 3 times. Each time I got delivery, one time in parts. All my friends also got their products delivered.

    They do deliver, but process is V Slow. sometimes it takes 30-35 days.

    but deal is not bad as usually we get off of 10-15% on stationary. here we are getting 50% :)

  57. neha says:

    i have ordered many times and found the site very useful, good experience received

  58. Mahender says:

    All school stuff site is fraud please don’t buy anything from this site they just take your money and forget to deliver. On 1st march I purchased one item they are not delivering it and they are not replying any mail or phone call .

  59. Abhi Agarwal says:

    they are slow but they deliver.
    buy only surplus item, not which you need recently

  60. Tushar says:

    last order that I got using their 200 off received after 45 days of ordering.

  61. Chandan says:

    It is a very good offer, I have just placed the order of 345 of worth Rs 575
    I bought stationery item ….

  62. Denis Patel says:

    Ordered 7 books before one month. received part order (5 books) before 2 days. very slow but they are dispatching product.

  63. Vas says:

    AllSchoolStuff site is fraud site, they take money on placing orders, but not delivering material, DO NOT PLACE ANY ORDERS, I have not got my ordered items, ordered was placed one month back. No phone pickup, no email reply from them.

    DO NOT PLACE ANY ORDERS.They are cheaters.
    AllSchoolStuff site is fraud site

  64. Dhawanbm says:

    ANIFLAT50 is another greed trap by the infamous site, allschoolstuff, rather as a matter of fact over 2000 orders are still pending with the company and they are unable to do so, so far. Beware of this trap, dont be lured.

  65. Vikram says:

    Please do not buy anything from AllSchoolStuff. They are just taking an orders and not taking care of delivering the same. I ordered on 2-Jan-2013 and it is still showing status like “Ready for Shipping”. Please be aware from this fraud site.

  66. Denis Patel says:

    Flat 50% off Coupen is working, only problem is that website is designed badly. In morning and before 15 minutes I had tried in Firefox but Coupen wasnt working but before 5 minutes I had tried using Google crome browser and everything was working smothly. even coupen was working. I had placed order of Rs. 1017 and paid Rs. 507.50

  67. Denis Patel says:

    I was Thinking same. I had placed order of some items on 26 Dec and didnt received product. No reply of email and phone also. but today I got email that my order has been dispatched and they also sent courier detail by which order material has been sent.
    Trying to buy other items from them but 50% off coupen is not working.

  68. shopaholic says:

    last time I ordered a book and they delivered but took 20 days. This time again offer is good. SMI can you please confirm that are they really closing and grabbing money or they will continue to deliver the order. Still if they deliver in 20 days that is not a big issue. Kindly let us know.

  69. Dhawanbm says:

    SavemoneyIndia, caution word for online shoppers, allschoolstuff is not delivering orders and now stopped entertaining the phone calls at all. They are just collecting money before they vanish into thin air!!!

  70. Pratibha says:

    AllSchoolStuff site is fraud site, they take money on placing orders, but not delivering material, DO NOT PLACE ANY ORDERS, I have not got my ordered items, ordered was placed one month back. No phone pickup, no email reply from them.

  71. Dhawanbm says:

    It is a bitter experience that they are no more shipping the goods as promised, rather the phone no (0124) 4495547 / 48 is not reachable, needless to say that they dont reply to my emails.

  72. Dhawanbm says:

    Its quiet some time, they are flashing so much ads, catching the fancy of online customers, collecting money and not delivering the products. On Dec 25 I placed order for stationery pouch order no 642322
    25-Dec-2012 642322 Misaki Pencil Pouch, Assorted Colors, Size – 20X7X4 cms, SR/F-3057
    TILL DATE NOT DELIVERED BY THE FAKE COMPANY ALLSCHOOLSTUFF. People beware of this fraud company and dont be taken in by their fake and false promos. Moreover they are not even picking up the phone Talk to Us: (0124) 4495547 / 48 to give replies to the customers. What to do???

  73. V.V. Sundar says:

    They do despatch the goods if you remind them once after 10 to 12 days. You can call them in phone and enquire. This is the way I got my goods delivered on the rwo purchase I had made. The average delivery time is 20 days.

  74. PRABHAT SOMANI says:

    From All school stuff i ordered many things on 4th dec 2012 using discount coupon 200 and paid 75 shipment but till now my oreder is not shipped.

  75. GANESH says:

    All school stuff i bought 3 times using discount coupon 200 and paid 75 shipment charges only…..all 3 purchased order i got my shipments without any problem……

  76. Sonu says:

    Very high prices compare to other sites

  77. taguu says:

    AllSchoolStuff site is fraud, they are liars. they are just taking orders and not delivering any thing. I am serious . Please avoid.

  78. Tanishq valecha says:

    Company ka khud diya hua hi code kam nahi karta, invalid code kehta hai, froud coupen dekar time kharab mat kare, AllSchoolStuff site se ignore kare

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