AllSchoolStuff Rs. 200 off (no minimum purchase)

allschoolstuff200AllSchoolStuff is offering Rs. 200 off on 1st order. Shipping Rs. 25 for orders below Rs. 250.

Rs. 200 off (no minimum purchase) from: Sign Up Offer (after verifying email & mobile you will receive voucher)

Website: AllSchoolStuff

76 Responses to “AllSchoolStuff Rs. 200 off (no minimum purchase)”

  1. Manoj says:

    Finally has closed its operation…!!!! I hv read many complaints for him, however i was enough lucky 2 get fabulous discount, i hv purchased routine notebooks, school stationery of apprx 3-4k @50% discount & every time lucky 2 get product delivered. Ofcourse, they took 2-3 weeks 4 delivery, but it was fine :)

  2. Ashish Aggarwal says:

    Please don’t buy anything from They take your money and don’t deliver any thing till to make so many calls to them. My order is received after 2 months and product i received is of worst quality. They send those quality product they don’t exist in the market. I ordered classmate product and what i receive is classmate worst quality product but yes name mentioned in copies is classmate. i think these type of product is specially made on order.

    I suggest before ordering anything please read review on this site I am sure you never order anything from this site.

  3. arpit says:

    its a genuine website 5times I hv placed order nd hv received it also , they tke approx one month to deliver ur order so guys hv patience it vl cme, but dis tme d coupon is nt applicable on any product.

  4. Sachin says:

    the coupon is not valid on anything which i want to purchase but in the mail it is written that the coupon can be used to buy anything from this is a kind of time wasting fraud for the consumers.. will take some actions tomorrow.. till then waiting for a solution from savemoneyindia team….. :)

  5. Arpit says:

    I got the coupon but it not valid on every product
    Please help i not geting the product on which it applicable

  6. Amandeep Singh says:

    no code sent from allschoolstuff on mobile no its fake

  7. sumit says:

    Cheater website…i got only 5 rupees item and got charged 50 rupees 200 rupees order they cancelled against the coupon..that too after 1 month of waiting..

    Never ever buy from this site..your kid will scold you.

  8. Arpit says:

    On which type of product it valid
    Smi please help

  9. harsimran says:

    smi this is not working i tried this with 4 diff ids and mobile nos… they send me mail but no code

  10. anonymus says:

    Totally fraud website. Never buy anything from this website

  11. Praveen says:

    Coupon valid Only on some useless costly products

  12. Tejas Zadafiya says:

    This is Fake site, never buy from this website. My order No. are 957180, 1049822, 1049696 and 1052718 & they are not deliver even one order also. And out of these 4 order they send only half order now and we put our order before 1 month. So please keep the distance from this website and never give order to it and save your money.

  13. Debasish Chakrabarty says:

    Fraudest website in the world!

  14. Amit says:

    Same here, my items are in “Ready to ship” status from past 20 days…

  15. wr says:

    20 days and counting..
    I will consider myself lucky if I will receive product I have ordered, or my 100 Rs. gone …

  16. Basant says:

    Totally fake website. It has been 18 days since I have ordered some notebooks and the order status still shows ready for shipping. I received a coupon from HDFC Bank in my email and therefore did not check any reviews thinking that when HDFC Bank is promoting the seller site it should be genuine.
    I have emailed them on numerous occasions but have not received any update on reason for delay or estimated date of dispatch.
    I will wait for a few days more or else I will surely contemplate legal action against them in consumer court as well as lodging criminal complaint under section 420 and also under the IT act. It is possible since they have acceted full payment in advance and mentioned delivery within 7 to 10 working days on the order itself.
    Will also see if HDFC Bank can be made party to it as abettor. This is not the way to conduct business.

  17. amit says:

    15 days passed but not received my product.

  18. viphiljain says:

    Whats the coupon code to be used ?????

  19. ajeet says:

    100% working
    got my product within 3 days of order.

  20. Aman says:

    i got 1 coupon left anybody wants it?

  21. Yog says:

    I think it is a fake offer because when I went to their website they are not sending any offer code/coupon code and asked for the full Mrp of the product.
    I also observe that this offer promotion is but to obtain a free DATABASE for their use
    No Recommendation for these frauds

  22. sridhar says:

    hey they eat away your Money. Dont get lured and place Orders.

  23. Praveen says:

    I ordered 3, in the morning but now they are not sending any coupon, even they not verified the email. ERROR MSG. comming

  24. SANJU says:

    guyes…i got d code after 1 day…..after complan to cust care

  25. Bhupinder says:

    Didnt get the code

  26. raj says:

    Bebkuf bana rahe hai koi free cupon nahi milta

  27. neha says:

    Shipping Charges are reduced from Rs.75 to Rs.50 and now they are shipping free orders over Rs. 500 instead of Rs.750

  28. neha says:

    Guys its working………….and not expired……………SMS is coming late, I got my coupon after 30 minutes of registration.

    AllSchoolStuff Offers have always worked well for me and i have saved alot on my notebooks, pens – Stationery.

    are yaar every company cannot make its customers 100% happy, its better u try urself and experience instead of relying upon what the world is saying, otherwise you will have to spend more instead of saving which im sure very important for students like us who has limited money with them.

  29. Anand Sinha says:

    Didn’t get the Coupon Code. they are collecting data.

  30. SANJU says:


  31. Amandeep Singh says:

    order karo aur bhul jao 1-2 mahine me jarur mil jayega ye gurantee hai allschoolstuff ki

  32. manish bhatia says:

    i have recd my order after 2 month after keeping my legal advisor in loop. Very poor service. Its like mginger.

  33. FARID says:

    I sign up and vrrify my email id but now I did jot received coupon code yet.

  34. Mahita says:

    This is cheater website…i ordered tupperware classic lunch box..means round shape box’s one is 500ml quantity and another one is same shape small quantity containers with bag… i ordered 21st april 2013 ..but today i get only one box that to another shape and nobag…

    i advised please dont buy this site…..after words ur wish..

  35. Amey says:

    Doesnt work…no coupon code forwarded to me on my cell…fake..fake..

  36. Vivek says:

    Admin tell some sites for international shopping…

  37. Vivek says:

    mera to ship hi nahi kiya tja…itne mails kie tak jaake refund dia…mene 2 mahine waait kia tha…

  38. Jain CoolDude says:

    I don’t got coupon after i registered?????/

  39. chaitanya says:

    Already i purchesed using this offer on 11/1/13 but till nw i din get my order.They are not responding to my msgs i think All school Stuff is not good site.

  40. SAHIL says:

    It is a great offer. i have used it many times. they ship their items late sometimes very late…..i even got one of my orders after a month…but they do send and the products are genuine….and if you dont get any mail after registerin check you spam box…it happened to me couple of times.

  41. raj says:

    fraud site.. ordered school shoes before one month and stll not got ..all time tey says to wait for 6 days

  42. NISHAR says:


  43. bharu says:

    correctly said chandra shekhar..sign up offer is 250 off on order of 750

  44. Varun Kanungo says:

    For all those folks who are spreading rumors about the validity of the site pls read

    I have ordered 7 orders till now since 30th Dec 2012 and from which I have received 4 of my orders, 2 orders were made recently so I expect them to be delivered in upcoming 2-3 weeks and for the one order they are asking for one more week.

    All of their coupons have been working, TO get the coupon you need to register through the POP up windows that appears on the main screen, that pop up windows would also mention about the coupon you will receive, registering on the site will not fetch you the coupon.

    Well after all this chemistry I know trust this site.

    Regarding order cancellation I had a bad experience, after sending them many emails and phone calls they didn’t cancel my order.

  45. Vishal says:

    Stay stay from AllSchoolStuff website, review my review:

  46. Amit says:

    not worth it…shipping takes for ever….bad service ! STAY AWAY

  47. sanju says:

    wrere is the damm COUPON???????? i registered 2 times still dont get any coupon

  48. chandrashekhar says:

    now their sign up offer is rs 250 off on minimum purchase of rs 750 with 7 days validity, pls update

  49. shweta goel says:

    very good site i get cupon

  50. Abhishek Goel says:

    thanks i get cupon

  51. shruti says:

    very good site, they delay shipping bt othr thn tht products are too good, n ts offer s valid. i had myslf bought 5 times

  52. kanakam says:

    wr is the coupen

    i regesterd but i dint get the coupen this is fake i think

  53. Ruchir says:

    @Raj-Most are genuine sites;which site takes your money and all others and only sits back. Timtara has a reputation near that.Ques is whether it respects customers like Flipkart,HS18,Zovi,Inkfruit,Goodlife etc or it does it WILLINGLY OR GENUINE PROBLEMS influenced by their capital or the lack of it.

    @Nitin-Proves it is an unprofessional site,preposterous.If buyer doesn’t have the power to cancel after payment,how can you arbitrarily cancel the order as per your wish.Terrible delays as well.That is why it lives on discounts to lure new customers into buying.

    @SMI-Thanks,such help is rare and deeply appreciated.Higher percentage and we will be able to feel proud about being an Indian.Majority as of now keep duties much below rights and personal interests.

  54. pankaj says:

    i got a coupon in my spam.
    but coupon is showing invalid

  55. HAMID says:

    Fake Website
    send me previous Courier details:Overnite and Airway Bill number:7057806162 which i had returned to their address vide courier service : Bluedart and Airway Bill number: 60146244955 because they had send me wrong order.they are cheaters. I think they have cheated me because i have ordered on 2 dec 2012 but till date i have not received the order. they are misguiding me by giving wrong /previous courier details.It is too sad that i have shown sincerity by sending them back wrong order but they had not shipped my order which shows their quality of service and cheating habits.

  56. nitin says:

    its not the trustworthy site. My 3 orders got cancelled out of 4.

  57. Raj says:

    genuine site, but takes a lot time for shipping.

  58. PRABHAT SOMANI says:

    I ordered on 4th dec and 15+ working days gone but till now they have not shipped my order.

  59. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Email Manoj Chandra, Founder & CEO:

  60. mayank says:

    Guys, please refrain from buying from this site. They don’t understand customers and my order is still pending to be shipped when it was dated 5th nov.

    Very bad experience. Lost rs75 but they hurt a lot.

  61. Ruchir says:

    @ Many
    1-Everybody who were not getting coupons first sign up which is the wrong step.First join where it is stated that coupons wl b givn.Chk inbox,if recd,sign up by setting personal details and go.Land at the right page what SMS says.Join after coupons sign up.
    2.My worst thoughts for ASTUF came true.
    3.@Only Problem is delivery takes Upto 1week—20 days for Rajendra.
    4-Issues not widely considered is the delay trouble and the abysmal redressal system compounding it.2 out of 100 maybe expert in litigation and time.For others,by the passing time,one thinks more and more that it is gone.Worry is one of the worst things to have after all.

  62. Shaleen says:

    Same problem is wid me… i ordered on 12th dec for my exams from 20th dec. but till now it has not been shipped & my exams already started… All School Stuff please first fulfill previous orders & if you are not able to fulfill previous orders then please do not post this offer again & again..

  63. Rajendra says:

    All School Stuff please fulfill your previous orders…. I ordered on 2nd dec… even till now it has not been shipping… their service is poor… didnt get any satisfactory reply from their representative… dont know weather they will ship that or not or i will get refund.. poor service..

  64. shreekanth says:

    Guys this is A GENUINE SITE AND this offer is still Valid.Good Products And Good Offer.
    Buy Anything for 200 you’ll have to pay a shipping charge of 75 so Pretty much Worth it.
    Only Problem is delivery takes Upto 1week

  65. sai swaroop says:


  66. msquare24 says:

    This is a valid site. I have shopped many times from them. They usually delay the shipments by 3-4 days from promised time.

    I got MB blank dvds(set of 10) for 135 only.

  67. ALOK says:


  68. Sunny says:

    I did not get the coupons after signing up.

  69. Pavan says:

    reviews are bad on mouthshut, buy any thing irrespective of price of item shipping is 75 and if your cart is 275 you’ll pay only 75 however bought a solo folder lemme c when I’ll get any ways thanx SMI

  70. Ruchir says:

    In simple terms you have to shell out Rs 75 in all cases and if after seeing reviews,one can risk relatively small sum of Rs 75,good.Follow link,Join get working 200 coupon with max 24 hr validity and order for Rs 275 or so for ex. Moser Baer CD pack at 75 for 10 CDs.Only thing is if and what one gets.It is not Flipkart or Homeshop18. Be prepared for simple debit if that happens

  71. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    AllSchoolStuff provides free shipping on all items if your order is prepaid and the total order amount is Rs.750 or more. Otherwise a nominal fee of Rs.75 is charged as shipping charges per order.

  72. A says:

    is there any shipping charge?

  73. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    You will get coupon after you sign up. Follow the steps.

  74. Himanshu Gupta says:

    Whats the coupon code to be used ?????

  75. Anonymous says:


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