Crescent Vaporiser Rs. 85 – YumeDeals

YumeDeals is selling Crescent Vaporiser for Rs. 85 with free shipping.

Buy: Crescent Vaporiser

15 Responses to “Crescent Vaporiser Rs. 85 – YumeDeals”

  1. prakash says:

    its not great deal.kerala rate just only 48 only

  2. Mr. Thanhlira says:

    Your Crescent Vaporizer works very well with my daughter. I would be glad to know if you can send me at Aizawl, through Post Office Parcels.

  3. Anonymous says:

    its not a great deal. The product not work properly and also the site is not good for online purchase.(real exp)

  4. lavish says:

    ent buy anything from dis site…they will send u cheap products

  5. mohit says:

    it is waste of money shopping with this site………..

  6. Original says:

    Beware!! Dont purchase electronic items from Yume.. Their packaging is worst.. Experience it…

  7. raj says:

    this is false site,selling fake products.

  8. Hemank says:


  9. Arvind Yadav says:

    First Time Buyer from this website lets see how is the shipping?

  10. Mintu lalochi says:

    In market usually cost rs 70. – 100 so not big deal

  11. R Harchand says:

    I also Bought it…:)

  12. PB says:

    Just Bought it… Great Deal :)

  13. anonymous says:

    It is Out of stock already

  14. R Harchand says:

    Checkot se aage nahi jata hai. SMI so funny deal ;)

  15. Rajesh M says:

    This is a great deal at Rs 85. The medical store in Mumbai are selling this product at Rs 350.

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