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aluma-walletShopClues has Aluma Wallet for Rs. 68. Features sleek, lightweight, ultraslim wallet that easily holds it all, Made from aluminum alloy & Water resistant.

Coupon: SCAW44

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19 Responses to “Aluma Wallet Rs. 68 – ShopClues”

  1. Goldi says:

    Thanks SMI . Good Deal got the previous one at 73 now just ordered this one at 68 .
    Cause the previous one is of good quality

    BTW SMI is there any sms update available of daily deal from SMI ?

  2. G D AIRAN says:

    discount coupon not valid price 299+24=323 not 68/=

    SMI pl check and confirm

  3. Nishank says:

    not valid deal

  4. Sukhwinder says:

    Bakwas product

  5. SG says:

    Ye SC wale gadhe hai .Hamesha jab dekho wahi purani ghisi piti deals or products.
    Cosmetics ke alaawa bhi kabhi koi deals aati hi nahi ya fir time pass ke liye Aluma Wallet.

  6. Gurpreet singh says:

    Maine may month me order kya tha per abhi tak nahi phuncha h.

  7. sagar g bhoi says:

    it is useless. dont go on its look. it is just west of money .

  8. anil gupta says:

    nahi laena itnae sarae colours dikha rakahae hai magar choice nahi hai why

  9. Rajesh M says:

    Even though its Duplicate, its a Good product at this price. Cheers!

  10. Rajesh M says:

    Sangita, This is a duplicate product. Even I received it with the new coupon code NEXT720.
    Refer below the differences in detail.

    Original Aluma Wallet
    Duplicate Replica
    ..Original Seal Inside ..YES ..NO
    ..Original Packing ..YES ..NO
    ..Original Bar Code ..YES ..NO
    ..Made with ..0.5mm Aluminum Guage ..Plastic
    ..Both Side Plain Aluminum ..YES ..Plastic – One side Plain, Other side Ribbed/ Lines
    ..Water Proof ..YES ..NO
    ..Button ..Strong ..Very diligate (Hardly wok for a week)
    ..Folding Hingees ..Metal ..Plastic
    ..Number of Pockets ..7-8 ..5-6
    ..Inner Pokcets made with ..Genuine Soft PVC ..Ordinary Rexine Type
    ..Wallet Security Deep Coating ..YES ..NO
    ..Manufacture in ..UK ..China
    ..Weight ..120 gms ..70 gms
    ..Indian Market Price ..Rs.1500/- ..Rs.65/-

  11. sangita Vaidya says:

    I have received the same n quality is really very good but lock is very hard to open….

    But nice deal…. & its real aluminium alloy……..

  12. Rajesh M says:

    This deal is no longer available :(

  13. Anx says:

    I got one it is good.delivered in 2 days falt.

  14. SHASHI ARORA says:

    i have ordered aluma wallet on 2nd March but still i have not received wallet , when it should be delieverd to me ????????????????

  15. sangita Vaidya says:

    I have ordere aluma Wallet on 28th Feb 2013 but still i have not received where to find delivery schedule….

  16. Ruchir says:

    Thx SMI,Placed and risked as first time on Next.But it is a ploy to psychologically fool people.Where the hell would one find this type of wallet having MRP 799.Just to fool.If 799 was not attractive enough,they would have said 1599 with discount 1500.

  17. Ruchir says:

    Now invalid.Now accepting NEXT700. Price increased by 20.

  18. Bk says:

    Its 99 now…
    Price hiked????? Or what???

  19. Syed Zoeb says:

    nice deal

    THanks SMI :)

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