Aluma Aluminum Wallet Set of 2 Rs. 110 – Rediff Shopping

aluma-walletRediff Shopping has Aluma Aluminum Wallet Set of 2 for Rs. 110. Features keep your credit cards secure from RFID scanners used by thieves, nearly indestructible Ultra-slim outer case Made of die-cast aluminum alloy Waterproof to keep your valuables dry & Compact size is great for both men and women.

Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ Coupon: SHOP100 (Payment details > Redeem Coupon Code)

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42 Responses to “Aluma Aluminum Wallet Set of 2 Rs. 110 – Rediff Shopping”

  1. Basha says:

    I want to buy alluminium wallet. Kindly advise me where to buy good product

  2. anand says:

    it is selling in my weekly market at the price of Rs. 40 ;)

  3. a says:

    its showing rd. 160 for 2 plus rs 50 shipping….. rs 160 n not 110, rs 50 shipping n not free shipping….

  4. op says:

    Never buy from this seller, they will so different and will send fake product

  5. raj says:

    Please provide ebay 55 link

  6. Sachin says:

    buy from pepperfry @59..

    Bakwas quality…. don’t buy

  7. Vinay says:

    Even Tradus stuff is plastic one and bad. I ordered 1 and repenting after getting it!

  8. Munna.n25 says:

    Hey anybody remember I bought 3nos some couple of days ago! After I got it there was a defective wallet! Only one was defected! I complained about it and guess what they cancelled the order and started refunding instead of replacing! That means if I got Rs30 as well as the coupon used back than I got the two wallet for free! pity on Tradus! ;)
    He he he

  9. Rajsekhar says:

    Its really great. Today I received an item. Its really good.

  10. Munna says:

    Yeah man! I also got the same quality product today! Couple of months ago I ordered one and got an excellent piece! Today one of them has brocken lock system! :( No water proof!

  11. dinesh says:

    I also faced the same issue as rajeev, it is a very bad quality product, They mentioned it as aluminium, but it is a very cheap quality plastic and no water proof. It is a fake item.

  12. Munna says:

    My product is on the way…
    @Rajeev, its common there is 6 pockets. Only the outer cover is important! Its hardest enough and protects from any physical injuries! I have also earlier and its pretty good!
    Lets see what this time comes….

  13. RAJEEV says:

    I have received the wallet.
    pretty upset with the purchase. not what i have expected,
    as in the pics it is shown that it’s telebrand alumma wallet….nope it is some local.have space of 6 cards.
    I have received no receipt for the order.
    even there is scratched on the product

  14. Munna says:

    Yeah Its 70 now! SMI didn’t updated the price yet! Why? That I have seen you changed the headline in seconds!! R u confused now? ;)

  15. Piyush Jain says:

    thanks Arnav..
    Ordered one at Rs. 70.

  16. Arnab says:

    This product available at Rs. 70 now on tradus

  17. Munna says:

    That was a refunding courier amount for returning a torn cloth back to Tradus! Unlike HS18 or others do, Tradus don’t give any cheque or cash against such courier charges! So they provided me a coupon!
    If you want to get a coupon like this, buy a cloth material, tear it, complain about it and then return it! Make the courier bill double or triple from its original cost! Lolzz :D

  18. Deepak says:

    @Munna i also want to know that how did u get 150 Rs. Discount…..

  19. Munna says:

    @SMI plz delete the comment containing my order# and mob no. It was only for you! One can find other details in that site!

  20. Khaali Dabba says:

    Anyway TRADUS walon ko to pappu bana hi diya munna ne

  21. Munna says:

    Thank got! The order got confirmed!! Indiamall(Shopping Plaza) will ship it! I contacted them by “Write/reply Seller” and got the confirmation reply! Yipee!!!

  22. Khaali Dabba says:

    Munna pappu to nahi bana raha…

  23. Munna says:

    That’s a personal GV Discount coupon, Tradus given me. Not applicable for all! :P

  24. Man says:

    @Munna how did u got.GV Discount of Rs.150 over & above the total order value? I mean how did u got it?

  25. Munna says:

    @Man and Arnab, It was 60 some while ago! The price was changing just like stock market and I bought that on time! Now it changed back to 79! Worrying about the cancellation!
    I have got the following message and email in the next while:
    “Seller Shopping_Plaza has started working to fulfill your Sub-Order ID xxxxxxx” i.e they have accepted. I confused will they ship or reject!

  26. Arnab says:

    Price is showing 79 only……How to get it for Rs. 60?

  27. Man says:

    @SMI & Munna , How & where it is at Rs.60???

  28. Munna says:

    I was checking each second! from 72, 65 and it goes 60 in the next second! I bought that!
    Will they cancel this dear?

  29. Munna says:

    Sorry yar!
    I was tracking continuously last 1 and half hour ago! The price was changing! Now its again 79!!
    Believe me I got it at Rs 60 each!
    Track at:

  30. SaveMoneyIndia says:


  31. Munna says:

    Heyy SMI its now at just 60! Bought 3!! Hehehe

  32. Deepak says:

    how to select wallet color smi?
    I dont want red.

  33. shaik shavali says:

    i agree tradus is making fool and late delievery,product is also available in ebay at cost of 55

  34. happy says:

    ebay link please ??

  35. sameer says:


    Please provide the link

  36. a says:

    dont buy at tradus, it shows free shipping initially but sneakily adds shipping during later billing…. buy from ebay at rs 55 instead!!!! tradus is surely on its way to going down with its gimmiks be an informed buyer….

  37. Hola says:

    Ordered one for 79 Rs. Thnks SMI

  38. Ruchir says:

    @John-You did the right thing.Most are more or less same.SUPER PERFECT PRICING.Mine is probably branded @850.After receiving,share the MRP as Tradus is the teacher of Shopclues in imaginary 10 times pricing where there is nothing like MRP which the company even does not know of.

  39. JOHN says:

    Bought 2 of them- will comment on quality after I receive it !!!

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