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amazon-happy-hour-blockbusterIf 100% Claimed: Join waitlist. When you’re the next customer on the waitlist, you’ll see an alert in the upper right-hand corner indicating that the deal is available.

• Free delivery on orders of Rs. 499 or more & Rs. 40 on orders less than Rs. 499.
• Or for Free Delivery add any Beauty Product or Book to Cart: Beauty Products | Books

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Tata Tea Fusion Assam Kenyan Tea 100gm Rs. 1 + Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Face Wash 20gm = Rs. 26 (add both for free delivery)
Rs. 100 Dominos Pizza Gift Voucher Rs. 1

17 Responses to “Amazon Blockbuster Deals”

  1. aNIKET says:

    bought 4 tea .. thanks smi

  2. Anonymous says:

    kaat dia sabka Envent speaker @40Rs cancel kar dia

  3. T. Apu says:

    Bought 4 Envent speaker @40Rs. Now I got mails from Amazon that all are cancelled! See this mail: “We’re very sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to fulfill one or more items from the following order(s) due to a technical error. We have canceled items from the Order(s) listed below:”
    Fake offer, they show offers only to attract customers, no one gets them actually.
    Now I understand that none also got Re1/- deals few days back.

  4. Rk says:

    Yahoo, ordered home theatre @40?

  5. Raja says:

    Bought memory card, good offer. And added the speaker @40rs to cart, but they don’t deliver it to my address.

  6. Rk says:

    Neeraj, tum he kuch nahi Mila toh iska matlab yeh nahi Hai Ki aur kisi ko v nahi Mila. Meine aaj v abtak total 10 books 25*10=250? Mei kharida. 3movies 30? mei

  7. Neeraj Ji says:

    Fuddu mat bnao kisi ko kuchh nhi mila

  8. satish says:

    Why this give this type of offers waist of time.

  9. Rk says:

    Its genuine, ordered nyle shampoo, rasgula, comfort without any shipping charge. Add a face wash and book to cart

  10. Rinku says:

    Order Nyle shampoo for Rs 11, toothbrush for RS 1, Unibic cookies for 11,

  11. Prince says:

    Genuine !
    Ordered vim 1L for 11
    Lee t-shirt for 199

  12. Anonymous says:

    Genuine !
    Ordered vim 1L for 11
    Lee t-shirt for 199

  13. Anil says:

    toothbrush for Rs.1 and 40 shipping charges.. bakwas

  14. Anand says:

    Only himalaya rash cream available for waitlist rest are full and also 40 delivery charge so no one interested haan free mein doge toh le lenge

  15. surji says:

    fake and waste, they put shipping charges also.

  16. balu says:

    Fake …all product wait list full

  17. Puneet says:

    Waitlist is full before broadcasting..
    Tactics for Promotion.

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