Amazon Indoor Lighting Lightning Deals

indoor-lighting35Buy: Indoor Lighting (under Today’s Indoor Lighting Lightning Deals click < or >)

Good Buys:
Wipro LED Bulb 7W Rs. 220 (54% off)
Wipro LED Bulb 12W Rs. 330 (52% off)
Wipro LED Bulb 5W Pack of 2 Rs. 375 (50% off)
Wipro LED Bulb 14W Rs. 395 (50% off)
Wipro LED Bulb 9W Pack of 2 Rs. 429 (61% off)
Philips Billy Table Lamp Rs. 618 (35% off)
Wipro Cosmos Rechargeable LED Emergency Light Rs. 949 (50% off)

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  1. Suam says:

    Eveready LED bulbs 27W + 20W + 15W are CFL in actual not LED Bulbs!!!

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