Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB, Datawind Ubislate 7C+ Edge Tablet, Philips Ujjwal LED Portable Emergency Lantern, Oster Halo Air Fryer CKSTHF-049 – Amazon

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Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB Rs. 29899 (Citibank) or Rs. 31899
Datawind Ubislate 7C+ Edge Tablet Rs. 2519 (Citibank) or Rs. 2799
Philips 28″ LED TV 29PFL4738 Rs. 15299 (Citibank) or Rs. 16999
Philips Ujjwal LED Portable Emergency Lantern Rs. 832 (Citibank) or Rs. 925
F&D A521 2.1 Channel Speaker Rs. 2069 (Citibank) or Rs. 2299
Skullcandy 2XL Shakedown Headphone X5SHFZ Rs. 890 (Citibank) or Rs. 989
Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player Rs. 1070 (Citibank) or Rs. 1189
Oster Halo Air Fryer CKSTHF-049 Rs. 7649 (Citibank) or Rs. 8499
Bajaj DX3 Iron Rs. 404 (Citibank) or Rs. 449

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