Apricoat Non Stick Cookware Set of 3 Rs. 473 – PepperFry

apricoatPepperFry is selling Apricoat Non Stick Cookware Set of 3 for Rs. 473. Set Contains: dosa tawa, frypan and kadai.

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4 Responses to “Apricoat Non Stick Cookware Set of 3 Rs. 473 – PepperFry”

  1. Inayath says:

    Please do not buy this product as it quality and make is not at all look. I got this product and its not worth to buy it.

  2. Ruchir says:

    Mehul-Not a ques of will.How do they benefit?They have sellers and online is so fast that orders come faster than update of inventory.If they can do,they will reply but if inventory is not supposed to come soon,can CCE buy from market for customers?But everybody knows no site can guarantee to honor every order.You are unfairly targeting both.We are 125 million when some 3000 kg is sold in 7 min.If we not prepared for it,our mistake. Flipkart did and sent worst shirt and cancelled main shirt but I understand.It is fate.YOU CANNOT HAVE ALL THE DEALS AND THE SEVEN SKY FINAL EXPERIENCE AFTER RECEIPT.Not even SMI,
    So, all above things effectively deadwood and cannot so will not serve any purpose to anybody.Try removing from mind.But you are honest.Most others concoct stories to defame these.
    If you will understand how SD is much much honest and customer oriented,you will squeal but it will take huge space.But all these are the darlings .FK has some very very bad policies but review system,all else perfect.SD has all(My refund is waiting).And HS18 has all but fake review system.Still top 3.Not to forget Ebay which is mandatory.

  3. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Freinds, recent experience with Snapdeal is worst, out of my 6 order, 3 delivered & 3 cancel due to stock issue, SD is going HS18 way wherein cancellation is done frequently. Mail to Customer care will be replied with standard printed format irrespective of what you write. HS18 has now improved a lot & SD has taken his place now. So suppose you get a nice deal on SD dont dream you will get the product, they will take you for a ride for 10 to 12 days & after that one fine day you will get a call your order is cancelled due to stock issue. My Advice please avoid.

  4. Nirmal Kumar says:

    I want to buy this. Can anyone suggest if it is a good deal?

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