Aquafit AQ15 Home Gym Rs. 7900 – SnapDeal

aquafit-aq15SnapDeal has Aquafit AQ15 Home Gym for Rs. 7900. Features Triceps Extensions Preacher Curl Forearm Curl Military Press Bear Deltoidscrunches, Brand New Home Gym With 21 Exercise Heavy Guage Pipe, Aprox Large Comfortable Foam Leg Rolls Continuous Loop Cable System Space Saving, Lot Pull Back Lot Pull Front Bentover Pulley Leg Extensions Leg Curl (Single Leg), Quality Weight Stocks & Perfect Angles For Accurate Workouts To Provide Stress On Desired Muscle Group Easily Operate Able Weight Stacks Quality Product Seated Bench Press Butterfly (Pac-Deck).

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3 Responses to “Aquafit AQ15 Home Gym Rs. 7900 – SnapDeal”

  1. yogesh says:

    What is the defect?

  2. amit says:

    Thanks abhi

  3. abhi says:

    stay away from this seller. I bought this more than a month ago, but cannot use it as it is defective. I raised complain with snapdeal and seller told them issue is resolved without solving it.

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