askmebazaarLikely coupon error. Orders may be cancelled.

Coupon: DEAL499 (may not be applicable on few products)

Website: AskMeBazaar (Pen Drives & Memory Cards)

16GB SanDisk MicroSD Card Class 4 Rs. 0
32GB Adata UV100 Pen Drive Rs. 0
32GB SanDisk MicroSD Card Class 4 Rs. 0

53 Responses to “AskMeBazaar EVERYTHING FREE”

  1. Mars says:

    Through which courier you are getting?

  2. Dhruv says:

    Got lemon mobile for rs 25. And micromax mobile for 0.

  3. AT says:

    :D :D Real life Comedy :D :D
    All my orders were got cancelled as I expected.
    Now I received one 32gb Adata pendrive for Re.1/-( cod charge). And it’s working fine.
    (Now my worry is, if they give me another hundreds of items, I ordered as much as I could for free! OK, I’ll nor accept them)
    :D :D What’s wrong with these sellers, are they gone mad to give away products? :D :D

  4. Rai says:

    i received 3 products
    1 pc ktel mobile
    2 pc toaster oven @ 75/- only

  5. kartik says:

    i got mine delivered yesterday.
    2 Hp 16gb and 32 gb pebdrive @ 50 only.

    Thanks SMI.

  6. Hitesh says:

    I too got a Adata pen drive worth rs 25 only

  7. raj says:

    i received 32gb adata pendrive for rs.1( cod charges) even when the order was cancelled.

  8. Mars says:

    @krishna, what products did you get? How much you paid?

  9. krishna says:

    Today i got two products but i paid Rs50 out of 5 orders

  10. says:

    Order got dispatched… I think they have dispatched in COD

  11. pranav says:

    Order dispatched!!! Thankuuu smi

  12. Suhani says:

    is anyone order shipped?

  13. Sumit K says:

    all cancelled..

  14. swapnil says:


  15. Vineeta says:

    this is a fake site, my order got confirmed yesterday, talked to customer care and they told that the product will reach me in 10m working Days, but now today received SMS that my order has been CANCELLED. WHY???
    Are you people only doing permissions for userbase? shame on you.

  16. Thakral says:

    These People are Just Fooling, They have converted all the Orders into COD…
    Ho Lo Khush :D
    Sabko Free ka Maal chahiye

  17. Dhruv says:

    Hemant what was your ordering amount so u need to pay rs 2 ?

  18. pranav says:

    My orders are canceled yr!!unhappy!!but thanq!!
    better luck next tym!!•••

  19. Hemant Goyal says:

    Order total 2 items and all are confirmed. I was speak to customer care and they told me that your order is confirmed and now it will not cancel. We will dispatch it soon and you will get in 10 working days.

    Total amount for these two order are 2Rs. which I need to pay at the time of delivery.

    Hahaha. :)

  20. vaibhav says:

    Now coupon not working

    It is working on order of 1599/-
    DEAL499 Coupon Applied Successfully!!

    Flat Rs. 499 Off;Min purchase value Rs 1599

  21. AT says:

    :D :D :D This is a comedy shopping site just for fun-shopping :D :D :D

    I ordered successfully about 200 items, got confirmation mail for all! But I know all will get cancelled. :D :D

    Even if you pay for items, they don’t ship and refund after few days…haahaaahaaa :P :P

  22. MAK says:

    Everything is OUT OF STOCK… ufff

  23. RAJAN says:

    Nothing free coupon applicable on few products tried on HP USB Flash Drive HP 64GB V215B working fine and the coupon is applicable on minimum cart value 1599…!!!

  24. juno says:

    how to check items shipped or not at-least tell me how to check ordered items

  25. ankush says:

    no order placed invalid coupon

  26. bhaskar says:

    bakwaas site never send any item eventhough you paid full amount.

  27. nishant says:

    kuch nahi aayega fraud site hai…

  28. Sajet says:

    Now everything is Out of stock :(

  29. manmohan says:

    i mean i ordered but not confirm ke place hua ya nhi so hw to confirm

  30. manmohan says:

    yes please tell me
    how to check our order

  31. juno says:

    Where we need to check confirmed orders?

  32. rampuri says:

    order 6
    4 cancled

  33. jackie says:

    why they are converting it into cod.? kahi delivery pe money to nahi dena parega?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Even if they are converted to COD, we still have the invoice that states the total amount is zero sent to our email

  35. suri says:

    Your Order has not been placed.
    Please contact to administrator.

  36. kartik says:

    ordered only 3.

  37. srinath says:

    order is confirmed but they are converting it into cod …lol

  38. Biswajit says:

    Invalid coupon

  39. babanya says:

    good news

    order confirmed and they going to ship my order


  40. Sumit K says:

    Your Order has not been placed.

    Please contact to administrator.

  41. dhruv says:

    received message that your cod order is being processed.

    But in order confirmation mail its shown amount is zero.

  42. Tushar says:

    They anyways don’t ship the confirmed order with the regular pricing. Forget this they are never going to even bother people tell about error and cancelling orders.

  43. Dinesh Kumar Jain says:

    applicable only minimum Rs 1599 purchase Reqd

  44. Amit says:

    Ordered not place Got a msg as “Slight Glich”

  45. Kazhikulam M. Natarajan says:

    Invalid coupon. Please try again…

  46. Swapnil says:

    Same here..

  47. Anonymous says:

    not gona ship anything..

  48. assharma says:

    Likely coupon error. Orders may be cancelled. time pass…

  49. Thakral says:

    I too places 2 Orders ;)

  50. AT says:

    Fantastic Offer!
    I ordered about 200 items for free. It’s a nice feeling to be able to order something for free.
    However, this is a comedy shopping site just for fun-shopping, even if you pay for items, they don’t ship and refund after few days…haahaaahaaa
    I think they invest the money of customers at regular intervals, nice trick!

  51. Sarat says:

    ordered all 3 !! fingers crossed…

  52. TBONE says:

    Order placed.

  53. amar says:

    placed 2 orders lets c it it gets shipped..

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