FreeCharge Cashback Offers

freecharge-bankoffersNew Cashback for HDFC Bank Corporate Salary Account.

Axis Bank: Rs. 50 Cashback on Recharge of Rs. 100+ & 2x value coupons
HDFC Bank Corporate Salary Account: Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 50+ & 2x value coupons
Yes Bank: 5% Cashback Max Rs. 20 & 3x value coupons
Master/Maestro Card: 2x value coupons

FreeCharge: Bank Offers (click How to avail)

31 Responses to “FreeCharge Cashback Offers”

  1. Naveen says:

    not working for HDFC salary accounts…..

  2. Siva Krishna A says:

    @SMI, Please let me know whether it is valid for first transaction on only or it should be first transaction with that particular axis bank debit card?

  3. Siva Krishna A says:

    @Ankit 2x coupons means, suppose if you select 2 mc donald coupon..

    You will receive 4 coupons…!

  4. Ankit says:

    What i meant by 2x value coupoun ? Anyone tell me plzz :/

  5. Hemanth says:

    Recharged successfully…. Got Rs.50 back to my account….Thanks for the Post….You are really saving money for India

  6. Thariq says:

    I got Rs. 50 cash back by using Axis debit card…
    Thanks SMI

  7. KS says:

    Hi guys.. Well ICICI offer is no more there, and it has expired on 30 Jun 2013!! We guys did not know that.. Anyways thanks SMI.. I availed the axis bank offer!

  8. Binoy says:

    Davinder, Can you explain 2x free coupons pls. I just don’t understand. Is it that you will get Rs. 600 coupon with same conditions if you pick Rs. 300 coupon?


    Successfully recharged without any trouble :) :)

    Maestro Card: 2x Free Coupons (McDonald’s)

  10. N M Rao says:

    I have re-charged my mobile for 100 with correct number but re-charge made to another number. I made a complaint to them and they assured me they will reply within 24 hours but today it is more than 10 days they completely ignored my complaint without giving any reason. Don’t go for cheap gimmick of discount -suddenly they will fool you

  11. swarup says:

    got 50 cashback thnks freecharge axis bank and savemoneyindia

  12. Ruchir says:

    Sorry,it was wrong heading itself. ICICI and Master/Mastercard MUST NOT be mentioned as working ones are Axis and Yes as said by the FC site itself.
    Still even after offer is OK,it has many other issues like it probably does not refund fast or even worse like Paytm where you are the Boss,not Paytm.
    And since it is always wallet bal,u r forced to buy again and so recover money and then potential problems again. Paytm is a different beast.It is a joy throughout.

  13. Ruchir says:

    They are cheaters as suggested by many customers.When I tried using ICICI coral credit card,main and not addon it bloody said-
    Damn! Your card is not eligible for an offer. Please enter other details and proceed to pay. P.S.: Sorry!
    Not used FC for 6-7 months.And its offer page lists ICICI as well.
    Why are they,probably second after Paytm in reputation are doing this.As customer base not increasing and old ones getting out.Any doubt?
    And why will that happen,simple that it is making its customer fools and/or so bad at results and remedial procedures.
    Would you still be a customer,well decide for yourself.Deepest analysis attempted.Addition will be welcome.

  14. SANJU says:

    what a offer….100% success for axis bank…..great post @SMI….HATS OFF 2 U

  15. rakesh says:

    I got creditd Rs. 50 with my axis debit card, I have paid entire amount in gateway, but 50 was credited in wallet balance, thanks for the post.

  16. vishnu says:

    I used my icici credit card with my old account.
    no offers discount or cash back .

  17. Anand Sinha says:

    its 4 days now but they have not refunded my money for a failed transaction

  18. Pralhad says:

    bakwas.. Rs 10 as proccesing fee

    pls use paytm side for free and safe recharge. im using it

  19. Hola says:

    Cheaters have not credited yesterday’s 20 bucks…….avoid

  20. Alien says:

    wish I had an axis bank account

  21. Ravi says:

    Its Very nice site

  22. PSR says:

    Cheating :(

    I tried 3 times to do recharge. It was showing in the freerechage page like, “My card is eligible for an offer” but When It redirected to “Payment Gateway”, It shows, “Only one transaction allowed”. But with my knowledge, I haven’t done any transactions with my axis card in past.

  23. vinod goel says:

    fraud site charging rs 10 extra instead of giving discount on axis debit card

  24. Amal Augustine says:

    they will suck 10 rs for every online transactions

  25. chanchal says:

    recharged successfully…thnx SMI

  26. PRABHAT SOMANI says:

    recharged successfully.

  27. ANKUR says:

    I also got checkout problems, very slow site, do not buy.

  28. Neha says:

    successfully recharged without any trouble :) :)

  29. Rahul says:

    Bullshit website. Its just “PROCESSING” after accepting payment as told by others. Paytm is 100 times better than this bullshit Freecharge.

  30. amarjyot singh says:

    i have entered the details but it is not redirecting it to the payment gateway it is always shown as proceessing and proccessing i have tried to change the browser also but its still not happenning…

  31. sri says:

    site is very slow processing not happening

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