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bikanoTradus has Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia for Rs. 7. Features authentic taste of Rajasthan & Munch this spicy treat any- time, anywhere at teatime or with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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69 Responses to “Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia Rs. 7 – Tradus”

  1. Gagan says:

    not available for old customers….Tradus Sucks

    now i need to create again a fake id :)

  2. Number says:

    bevkoof bana rahe hain……pehle 3 ka tha……..

  3. Number says:

    yes i made a complaint about their vim bar order………and then got a refund

  4. GANESH says:

    I got mail from Tradus , They cancel VIM BAR order…due to sending wrong product..they will credit amount back to our bank account…Need to wait 3-4 weeks time….After sending remainding mail to them of wrong product sending to me on saturday…Now they take action….I think who ever ordered VIMBAR they will get their refund…Lets hope and happy all…

  5. Lalli says:

    Fraud site..bad experiance..never buy anything from tradus. save money & buy directly from shop.

  6. Bhushan says:

    why you write “You have already availed the maximum allowed number of offers within the promotion ” whenever I try to redeem GV code

  7. Hola says:

    Ordered 4 packs for 12 bucks……….savings of 30 bucks……

  8. G D AIRAN says:

    if it is beggar deal
    then all deals of tradus are the same
    donot comment like it
    if you not interested why are you surfing and putting silly comments

  9. vikas says:

    Beggers deal

  10. G D AIRAN says:

    good deal bought

  11. Hola says:

    3 rs in bangalore……just ordered …Thanks SMI

  12. Satish says:

    You have already availed the maximum allowed number of offers within the promotion

  13. Pz mumbai says:

    SMI Gayab ho gye kya? Please remove this bakwas deal

  14. Amit says:

    Now purchase count is 878,

    any of these 878 brave people – would you like to comment on your brave decision to buy 10 rupees product for 18 rupees..??

    @SMI – Please clear the air !

  15. Amit says:

    on tradus it shows 875 Pieces sold till now , I am not sure how these 875 people are buying 10 rs product at 18?? not possible..

    @Tradus: Are you showing fake status here?

  16. Ashish says:

    GAURAV@ ask DTDC who is the receiver? Go there office and ask to verify your signature.

  17. Amit says:

    Looks like Tradus changed mind.

  18. GAURAV says:

    Hey Red Label Tea is not 65gm. its 35gm only.

  19. GAURAV says:

    This is same as ppl who bought Vim Bar.
    MRP Rs 5.
    and ppl receive the product at Rs 6.

  20. GAURAV says:

    I order more than 15 Vim Bar. I received the Tracking Numbers. But when i checked today. It shows that all are delivered at my home address. but i didn’t get any product.
    Courier Service Name DTDC.
    I also mail them about the same and they said as per there records i accept all the shipment
    and i was not at home at the time of shipment.

    Help me. what i do

  21. Srinath says:

    10 ka maal 18 mei… wah wah wah wah

  22. Ashish says:

    Shilpa@ don’t buy

  23. Ashish says:

    Sonia@ If they are doing as you said ,they are 100 % cheaters :-(

  24. Ashish says:

    Sonia@ nahi yaar mai tradus ka nahi. Ya you r right.

  25. vrsh_mehta says:

    sonia,,,,,,,,,,, agree dear. . . . . .. .. ..
    they showing sum products delivered as before bt all were delivered at later in cases except delivrd from professional courier.
    professional courier really a crap/trap didnt avbl any tracking here in Haryana nd delivered here through third party courier services.

    plz tradus if u r checking this thread, dont hire professional couriers.

  26. Sunny says:

    SMI U said its for 3?- Then howcome its for 18/- Tradusis fooling ppl.

  27. Sonia says:

    @ Gagan………. truly its a gamble……..:-)

  28. G D AIRAN says:

    Any clarification from Tradus or Save Money India

  29. Shilpa says:

    Who will buy the product of 10 rs. in 18 rs???
    Tell me Tradus

  30. Sonia says:

    @Ashish …… are talking about refund……..If they are showing our orders as delivered without sending/ dispatching them…then what kind of refund do you expect….please reply..Are you from tradus?????

  31. Gagan says:

    @ Ruchir & Forum…Tradus is selling chindi chor these days which cost not more than Rs 10. As Khaali Dabba already mentioned they know its just a small amt which they are charging from ppl, so ppl may not be bother to call their customer care.

    I’ve noticed their courier partners DTDC and Professtional couriers are the worst. I’ve lost both these product from these courier comp. In past i’ve faced the same issue with Professtional courier but the product was refund was generated for the same after 1 month.

    May be Tradus follow the stratergy to deliver only 20 % products. Rest money they keep as its just a minimal amt so ppl are not that bothered and if they get active sometimes tradus refunds them their money.

    So before placing an order on tradus just keep in mind you are plaing a gamble… :)

  32. chirag says:

    isse toh accha bhaya bahar se lekr kha lunga, 8rs ki bachat…… loot lo offer……:D

  33. Sonia says:

    @krishna………this is used to be tradus’s number few months back…..Have u ever tried their number …..try this now….. you will hear only prerecorded message about their site and nothing else and after repeating their message for couple of times, the phone will get disconnected and till the time you will realise what happened… will end up paying for 5min call charges…………… believe me no one will pick your phone….not that today is Sunday….you try their number on any weekday………

  34. Neha says:

    Very Bad Deal :-(

  35. Ashish says:

    Red Label is not shipped and they cancel that order

  36. Anonymous says:

    yup tradus is fraud…..i brought red label tea…on site it was written 100gm n i got 60 gm pckt….and same in lux soap it was written 100gm n i got 65gm….

  37. Ashish says:

    Sonia ji , agar tradus wale product ship nahi karte hai to amount refund kar dete hai

  38. Ashish says:

    What a deal Sir ji !
    10 ???? ?? ?????? Tradus ?? 18 ???? ?? ??? ??????? :-(

  39. krishna says:

    @Sonia: Tradus customer care:01246777005

  40. Sonia says:

    Navin..atleast you can track your shipment….guess what happened with me…they gave me wrong tracking number.

    STOP BUYING from tradus…….its a big fruad……big surprise is they don’t have any customer care….no helpline numbers……….If you have any problems you need to mail them and they will never reply you…….

  41. Manoj says:

    @Sonia, do u have ny link with the Tradus staffs!

  42. navin says:

    Tradus mere 4 lotion dispatch kiya 22nd ko, and 27th ko ajana chahiye tha but av tak nahi aya, courier me tracking kiya to av v on transit dikha rha hai, kya kru??

    and 6Rs leke 5Rs ka vim de diya

  43. shweta says:

    fraud site

  44. Number says:

    fraud tradus……

  45. Sonia says:

    Guys….one of the tradus staff has himself said that during their Mega deals…..they deliver only to 20% customers…… please don’t buy anything from them

  46. Ashish says:

    Very Bad Deal

  47. Anonymous says:

    bewakooff bana rahe hai

  48. krishna says:

    useless deal……… 10rs worth item for 15rs? worst deal

  49. Ashish says:

    Yue are right Sonia ji :-)

  50. Ashish says:

    Fraud deal

  51. Sonia says:

    Tradus site is big fraud…….don’t ever buy anything from them…..unless you want to loose your money

  52. Ashish says:

    Shipping charge Rs 15

  53. Ashish says:

    Order Summary Change
    Product ValueRs. 10
    Shipping ChargesRs. 15
    Shipping DiscountRs. 0
    Gifting ChargesRs. 0
    GV DiscountRs. 7
    Grand Total : Rs. 18
    Total Payment to be made

  54. Anonymous says:

    6 rs leke 5rs ka vim bar pakda diya

  55. Anonymous says:

    3+15 rs shipping …nt worth at al…..avl. at rs 10 in mrkt…..

  56. Sunny says:


  57. bhaumik says:

    Deal is at 18 Rs.. 10Rs product in 18Rs .. Making fool….

  58. G D AIRAN says:

    Fraud deal 15 shipping charges total cost 18 mrp 10

    cheating tradus

  59. Sunny says:

    Its chargeing 15 shpn chs total 18?- useless Deal!!!!

  60. Khaali Dabba says:

    I also experienced same thing with tradus their website showed delivered but I haven’t received it. Maybe their idea is that for Rs3 nobody call to customer care and spend more than order itself or go to consumer court.
    Anyway its very unprofessional approach, it doesn’t matter that order is small or big they should honour it.

  61. Ruchir says:

    @Gagan-Good that u made a new ID and tried but have they nailed you even after that.Your opinion?
    Such weird thing was never experienced by most.How can courier say lost in transit????????????If you have a proof,plz go to consumer forum and you will win.Open and shut case.
    Why do you fear to take the name of courier comp.What was the AWB no. etc.
    Last 2 out of 2 not received is serious and SMI alone can untangle this enigma if at all.

  62. Gagan says:

    I’ve not recieved last 2 deals from traud. Even after registering with anew id and phone no…on the website it shows that product is delievered but i’ve not recieved it till now..When i called up customer care of courier company they said they have lost the product in transit.

    I’ve posted query on tradus but didn’t get any response from them. So i’ll suggest you guys not to waste ur time for cheap deals.

  63. vishnu kumar says:

    totally fraud pese kha jate hai saman bhene ki yaad nahi rehta

  64. Rightsay says:

    Pls ignore such false deals

  65. Anonymous says:

    Bakwas site

  66. Abhi says:

    fraud site!! do not buy anything from tradus

  67. Number says:

    its the same seller who tricked us into buying vimbas of rupee 5 at a rate of rupee six

  68. Arif says:

    Not interested !!!

  69. shaik shavali says:

    wast of time

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