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fablooms-bike-coverShopClues has FabLooms Bike/Scooter Body Cover for Rs. 208 and on order completion you will earn Clues Bucks worth Rs. 4. Features Super soft, 100% UV protected and waterproof.

Coupon: SCFC59

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9 Responses to “FabLooms Bike/Scooter Body Cover + Rs. 4 Cashback Rs. 208 – ShopClues”

  1. Mukesh says:

    There is no option anywhere to choose the model of bike/scooter.

  2. Ravi says:

    Do not buy…absolutely FAKE

  3. Ruchir says:

    Thanks Man.Your actual experience with 150 bares all of SC from SC.
    Now almost all lessons learnt.Hope everybody read them once.
    1-Know what the brand is.Any Tom Dick & Harry is not a brand.If fablooms was,at least one was selling it.Google it.No site is selling Fabloom and name,logo looked quite intimidating.899 to 368.Proton is not etc.What u know currently with history is a brand.Period

    2-Shopclues is ONLY good for ultra cheap not even cheap deals,like all JDD,and very few cracker etc.It is NOT and I wonder anybody else thinks stands for trust.I won’t venture any deal above 200.Strategy is concocted list price,inflated selling price and saying this one day price.That price is much more costly than available commonly or with difficulty elsewhere.Reputed like Snapdeal etc even if don’t mention discount incorporates some std of quality.Whereas worst quality items if surveyed,well will come out from Shopclues although % will be low for most than good deals.Overall good but Handle with care 210+210 Shopclues. Its marketing strategy is immaculate other than JDD which make it so rich.

  4. Man says:

    Rightly said Ruchir.

  5. Ruchir says:

    @Praveen-The heading when I posted was from Trauds. Only today the heading directs to Shopclues. Dates are fifferent.It happens like Flea market market which is same throughout although different items every week.

    And right. Sarika carpets is playing games also.Another 420 and outside Delhi without any mention of price and without any bill.Instead of Fablooms brand,they shipped Galaxy car cover.If Galaxy was a good in house brand,they would have stated that.Who knows Galaxy actually is a subsidiary or from a third party bought at 100 bucks or just a third grade variation sold at 150 offline.

    Same story Shopclues.

  6. Man says:

    Useless deal. Bought it for Rs.150 from Azad Market, Delhi.
    They have added a few more lines cleverly- very thin & light, supersoft, its from our inhouse brand Galaxy etc. Totally local type product, not upto the mark.
    I am still repenting on buying a spare car cover from this seller…poor quality, too thin,looks like won’t last even a single season..

  7. Praveen says:

    The seller is Sarika Carpets not CarDecorator

    Please check Ruchir

  8. Ruchir says:

    (Based on 184 ratings)
    55% positive over last 12 months.

  9. Bulli Khan says:

    Cover to le lunga, But Bike?

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