Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 100 Tea Bags + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 83 – ShopClues

jd_4ShopClues has Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 100 Tea Bags for Rs. 83 and on order completion you will earn Clues Bucks worth Rs. 2. Features made from the rarest and the best tea leaves.

Coupon: SC4TT49

Buy: Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 100 Tea Bags | More Offers

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14 Responses to “Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 100 Tea Bags + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 83 – ShopClues”

  1. bharat says:

    achi nahi lagi to saif ko bhijwa denge

  2. karan says:

    wow thats cool, really good


    ordered. good deal and tea

  4. ajk says:

    @gupta: you can only order one from a single account make 4 accounts then order. They always deliver.

  5. ajk says:

    Good tea bags. I have used earlier.

  6. S M Gupta says:

    !. Is it sure they would supply the Teabags
    2. If I order 4 teabags, the shipping charges would be Rs. 19 or Rs. 76.

  7. Mehul says:

    On face of it this deal look superb. However, not sure of the quality and taste of the product; Whether it is strong or mild. I have never tried it before.

  8. Harchand says:

    SMI .. What is the manufacturing/Expiry date of the product?

  9. sachin says:

    tasteless tea bags.

  10. VIVEK says:

    are yaar ………..bakwaaasss

  11. siddhant says:

    awesome deal….

  12. ???????? says:

    cheep deal

  13. srinath says:

    only tea bag lovers can buy this deal

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