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brut-deodorantsPepperFry is selling Brut Deodorant Spray 200ml for Rs. 139.

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7 Responses to “Brut Deodorant Spray 200ml Rs. 139 – PepperFry”

  1. Shiladitya says:

    @ Mohit! You are right.Its the worst smell deo. Smells like Colgate total paste.I think they are selling it less price because no one will purchase it in store.

  2. Sudeep says:

    bought one , received today, but the seal was broken, otherwise product is ok.

  3. mohit says:

    please dont go for this it is the worst smell deo i hv ever used,,,,,,,not worth even rs 50

  4. Shiladitya says:

    Purchased one @ Price Rs.140,shipping free.Still a good deal mrp on flipkart Rs.269.

  5. Rajesh says:

    SMI please correct of Rs.140/- and not Rs.119/-. @ Amarjyot just now i have contacted pepperfry customer care in regards to proudct is genuine or duplicate? she has assured me :

    Welcome to Pepperfry ! Please wait for your chat to get connected. Please do not click on the “x” button at the end of the chat. Click on “End Chat & Leave Feedback” and fill the survey up! Help us do better :)
    You are now chatting with ‘Chitra’
    Chitra: Hi, Good Afternoon!
    Rajesh Malvekar: Just now i have order BRut Deo Spray I want to know whether its original or fake/duplicate deo
    Rajesh Malvekar: Because other shopping portal shows price above Rs.200/-
    Rajesh Malvekar: Chitra are u reading me
    Chitra: Well the product’s on our site are genuine and original.
    Chitra: You can be rest assured of the quality.
    Chitra: I understand.
    Rajesh Malvekar: check this link :
    Chitra: However we have had COD free cost in past, however that offer is stopped now.
    Chitra: What is the query regarding the link provided?
    Rajesh Malvekar: One of my colleague in line to obtain the same product, your feedbakc is most important. So please confirm its original
    Chitra: Well yes, its original.
    Rajesh Malvekar: Link i have provided for price comparision
    Chitra: Well this is on offer on our website, hence you can be rest assured about the quality.
    Rajesh Malvekar: Being my 1st shoppig experienc with pepperfy
    Chitra: Right.
    Chitra: I understand.
    Rajesh Malvekar: Okay Chitra really u are assuring this is the original then I will aks my colleague to order
    Chitra: Sure, No problem.
    Chitra: Anything else I may help you with?
    Rajesh Malvekar: No thanks u can sign off this chat session take care n god bles u!!!
    Chitra: You are most welcome.
    Chitra: Thank you for contacting, Have a nice day! Do not click on the “x” button at the end of the chat. Click on “End Chat & Leave Feedback” and fill the survey up and Help us do better :)

  6. amarjyot says:

    this deal is wrong, the final price in the cart is 140/-

  7. cbnrao says:

    Did they increase the price now? I see the net price after 20% discount coming to 140 (175 * 0.8)……………Please let me know.

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