Canon IXUS 145 + 8GB Card + Case Rs. 2742 (HDFC Cards) or Rs. 3047 – Amazon

canon-powershot-ixus-145Note: Amazon is adding stock few times a day.

Features Enjoy Canon quality results with a slim, stylish IXUS, 16 Megapixels for large prints and easy cropping, Shoot wide with 28mm or zoom in 16x closer without losing quality, Just point and shoot and let Smart Auto make the most of every shot for you, Easy viewing and sharing with 6.8 cm (2.7”) LCD, Add your personal touch to photos with Live View Control & Instantly capture all the action with HD movies (720p) and movie button.

HDFC Bank Debit & Credit Cards – 10% Cashback (no minimum purchase) upto Rs. 2500: Terms & Conditions

Buy Canon IXUS 145 + 8GB Card + Case: Black Rs. 3047 | Silver Rs. 4248 | Red Rs. 4249 | More Cameras

10 Responses to “Canon IXUS 145 + 8GB Card + Case Rs. 2742 (HDFC Cards) or Rs. 3047 – Amazon”

  1. Nazeer says:

    I have been trying for a long time but could find deal with Rs.3047…..

    Can you please help me what time shall i try?

  2. kalyan says:

    the cost 3047 is true.. but they are not giving 8gb memory card with that

  3. kalyan says:

    thank you savemoneyindia, just bought it for 3047/-

  4. Sachin says:

    Wow.. Such a great deal.. Finally bought one @3049 after long hours of checking…

  5. zeeshan says:

    finally got it @ rs 3049 after tying continiuosly

  6. mehul says:

    Amit, your review for the product?

  7. Jatin says:

    SMI, I just checked (around 6 mins after you posted), the rate is 3995, not 3049

  8. Divyaraj says:

    I Bought 1 @ 3049 on 11oct 11:26pm.Thankx smi

  9. Satinder says:

    i don’t see anywhere its rate as 3049 or 2744 . Where it is ???

  10. AMIT GARG says:

    Bought this one @ 5549 from amazon two week back. it was without any deal or any offer.
    Now with Rs 100 increase how it become lightning deal.

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