Carlito Vests Pack of 3 Rs. 119 – Tradus

Bring in style and comfort to your Dressing with these vests from Carlito. Made of soft fabric, these trendy vests will contour your body perfectly and retain their shape after wash.

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11 Responses to “Carlito Vests Pack of 3 Rs. 119 – Tradus”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @Dinu-Nahi milega !!

    @Nazim-Your reviews are the real helpful ones.Sign of intellect.

    @Sridhar-India has sufficient population to fool new 3000,4000,any stock for one time.Next time the people lot will change but Tradus will have its privilege banking A/c flooded with Crores.Both will happen in parallel-1 party will be the loser and Tradus+1 party will be the gainer every time.

  2. Sudhir says:

    People who have bought will realise how bad quality Tradus products are once they receive it.

  3. Sridhar says:

    Despite informing everyone about 3rd class Quality, almost 2000 people have Purchased it. This is what Tradus wants. No wonder everyday they come out with lousy Deals.

  4. nazim says:

    cheap quality guys.. it is waste..

  5. nazim says:

    True boss.. I agree with you guys. The quality of all the product and surprisingly even the branded products are waste. I ordered UCB watches and they were pathetic in quality. I also ordered door and window curtain from the site. You will be ashamed of looking at the quality of the same.
    Very bad experience with they used to be good but not anymore.

  6. sakthi says:

    i agree with all ur points we get good quality in the shops by spending little more from this money

  7. Raghavan says:

    I have personally decided not to buy anything from TRADUS. All are VERY MUCH CHEAP QUALITY. Worst products. Beware from them

  8. Sridhar says:

    cheap quality, waste,

  9. dinesh says:

    75 mein 3 do to luga !


    The vests are not shipped to all india. Shipped only to restricted area. I don’t know why they are doing like this.

  11. ra one says:

    cheap quality.not a great deal

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