Cinemax Movie Tickets from Rs. 50

cinemaxCinemax is offering Movie Tickets from Rs. 50. Valid at selected theaters & days.

Website: Cinemax | Example Offers

9 Responses to “Cinemax Movie Tickets from Rs. 50”

  1. don says:

    50 rs me front seat dedi tohhhhh

  2. vicky donar says:


  3. ud says:

    bhai delhi main hain par offer nahi hain

  4. Sachin says:

    Maze Mai…. Cinemax is in delhi at subhash nagar pacific mall

  5. vicky says:

    is it valid for cinemax nagpur

  6. Siva Krishna says:

    @SMI Is there for hyderabad?

  7. Maze Mai says:

    Cinemax is not in delhi :D

  8. chew says:

    @SMI : is there any deal for delhi?

  9. Fan of SMI says:

    What the rate for Ahmedabad???

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