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wacky20FashionAndYou is offering upto 70% off + 20% off on Clothing, Footwear & Accessories. Free shipping on all prepaid orders.

20% off (no minimum purchase) Discount Code: WACKY20 (enter Discount Code > Proceed to Checkout)

Examples: Levi’s & Wrangler Jeans 60% off + 20% off from Rs. 1039  | Red Tape Shoes 50% off + 20% off from Rs. 959

Website: FashionAndYou (Men’s | Women’s)

4 Responses to “Clothing, Footwear & Accessories upto 70% off + 20% off – FashionAndYou”

  1. Srinath says:

    It’s a cheat website! Don’t buy anything from this portal. They will take 21 business days for delivery and have mentioned somewhere in their terms and conditions. You have to read it carefully. I had ordered two items without reading their cheating terms and conditions. After one month they sent me one product and after one and half month they called me to tell that they couldn’t procure the product I had ordered as the price was too high for them to buy the same in the market. Actually, they don’t have any stock. After getting money from the customer, they will start procuring the products. Pathetic business strategy. SMI, don’t promote this shopping portal. Buyers BEWARE about this cheating shopping portal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sever not available

  3. H.S.Gupta says:

    dafauq ? is this a scam website ? O.o

    WOT showing this warning

  4. Ankush says:

    On not even 1 product , 90% off is there.

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