Colgate Super Flexi Toothbrush Rs. 7 – Tradus

colgate-super-flexiTradus has Colgate Super Flexi Toothbrush for Rs. 7. Features tongue cleaner that removes odour causing bacteria & dual cleaning tip effectively cleans at the back and in between teeth while sweeping plaque away.

Gift Voucher: MEGADDD5

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43 Responses to “Colgate Super Flexi Toothbrush Rs. 7 – Tradus”

  1. shaik shavali says:

    code is 8

  2. j p lohana says:

    what is code

  3. GAURAV says:

    I am waiting for the day when Tradus will Give CONDOM in Mega Deal.

  4. dharmendra patra says:

    kya offer is only for delhi always, other place not why

  5. nilang shah says:

    hiiiiii is this deal is valid only for new user or registerd user?

  6. vineet says:

    sab ko ulllu bana rahe hai ye.

  7. prithvi raj says:


    agar aise hi TRADUS deal deta raha, to kisi din No. 1 hoj ayega baki jo b online sale karte hai

    unhe b kisi din TRADUS ki sharan me aana padega, well DER AAYE DURUST AAYE, apna isi

    tarah sale ka naziria banaye rakhe,

    mere time tak to sold out ho chuka hai phir b SHIPPING waive karke aapne kamal kar diya

  8. Man says:

    Aaj lagta h Tradus 500-1000 toothbrush hi deal me lekar aaya thaa. Aate hi sab khatam ho gye…..:( It now seems a regret deal…

  9. pavan says:

    SOLD OUT :(

  10. vishnu says:

    IT works for some pincodes only, alternatively change to nearest area pincode.
    Tradus sellers ship the items through the different carriers, so that carriers are may not available in all pincode area. generally this type of deals shipped through Quantum, First flight, Bluedart, Overnight coriers. Some time even courier service available areas also shown as Not Serviceable area. best is choose the major city pincodes.

  11. chander prakash says:

    sold out

  12. kalpesh says:

    Out of stock

  13. Sarath says:

    SOLD OUT, :(

  14. varun kapila says:

    sold out

  15. Arun says:

    Really a nic deal !!!!!

    But Sold Out :(

  16. Ram says:

    ordered 1 ………. now sold out…

  17. aditya says:

    chalo par gaya bhog…………… sold out

  18. abhinav says:

    bought 8…

  19. Vampy says:

    Sold out :D

  20. SANJAY says:

    just 1 purchase, lets see tradus deliver or not

  21. HR says:

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!

  22. lavish says:

    deal finish ho gaya

  23. Venkat says:

    Its a Game they are making site hitting ratio they are not delivering to all

  24. kalyan says:

    my pincode is 534201 which was showing no delivery for many awesome mega deals

  25. Arnab says:

    Not Serviceable in Kolkata………..

  26. Spencer says:

    atlast a real deal from TRADUS..!!

  27. bharat says:

    i got one but lets see

  28. anil gupta says:

    aab aya apne aukat mae agar yah phir bigdae toe again boycot

  29. KickAss says:

    Bought one……..

  30. gourav juneja says:

    site not responding now….

  31. Rahul says:

    loot lo…!!..

  32. Imran Ahmad says:

    hip hip hurray…………. that is real mega deal…………..

  33. GANESH says:

    Thanks SMI for the information…I ordered 3 from 3 different accounts…This is the Mega deal…Lets enjoy….Chennai always serviceable area….

  34. Sarath says:

    Can anyone post the direct link please. site not responding when clicking the above mentioned link .

  35. Anonymous says:

    they give this deal to limitied cities i guess. They are not delivering products even to indore and bhopal,

  36. Sunny says:

    Cant believe its TRADUS. How come such a deal. hope its not a gimmick and they deliver.

  37. abhinav says:

    site not responding now….

  38. Prachi says:

    my pin code never worked on this site..:(

  39. abhinav says:

    bought 3…and still ordering…

  40. tarun says:

    got one

  41. Loothunter says:

    Loot :-)

  42. Gaurav Singh says:

    Awesome… Ise Keh Sakte Hain Mega Deal.. :D
    Come On Tradus.. Come With These Kinda Deals.. :D We’ll Empty Your Godowns..

  43. sanjeev sharma says:

    i hv placed an order ….lets c ….!!thnk u SMI :)

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