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ShopClues is offering Laptop Custom Skins for Rs. 123.

Coupon: SC1CK99

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8 Responses to “Laptop Custom Skins Rs. 123 – ShopClues”

  1. rohit says:

    Hi all… I ve never had good experience while buying from shopckues… first, a wrist watch…sabbon ki shakal me jhaag..of inferior quality…and d strap is torn in jst 3 months. secnd, a pack of toothpaste and brush and mouthwash…. the total mrp of d products was 110and u charged 127.. damn… soch samaj ke lena dosto

  2. kartik says:

    guys it can fit both for 14 inch and 15.5 inch… they snd it for 15.5 inch and if u have 14 inch lappi then dont worry , u can cut it from sides….

  3. Monika Jain says:

    Hi Amar,

    Thanks for the valuable information.

    Howz the print quality? I mean in terms of pixel density? is the pic clear enough?
    I am planning to have one with my friend’s pic. :-)

  4. amar says:

    I have bought this previously the provide full size skin i.e 15.6″ u need to cut and stick the same according to ur laptop size, so be precise while uploading ur pic..

  5. pranav says:

    where is the options for setting screen dimensions?? lol. shopclues…have some pity. …so unprofessional.

  6. nitin says:

    Will it fit for 14.4″ laptop

  7. rohan says:

    how can we mention the size of laptop?shopclue didnt provide full informationn regarding product

  8. sai swaroop says:

    will it fit for 15.6 inch laptop?

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