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lcd-cleaning-kitDailyDealBazaar (new website) is offering LCD Screen Cleaning Kit for Rs. 29. Features Could clean the dust most effectively and completely, Cleans without scratch and damaging surface, Keep the LCD screen bright and clean like new one, The brush is used to remove the dust and dirt away, Comes with a superfine fiber cloth, help to absorb water/moist and dust effectively & Anti-static and dustproof.

Buy: LCD Screen Cleaning Kit (This Daily Deal is for Delhi Buyers only, NCR and Rest of India please do not buy. Otherwise your payment will get struck.)

6 Responses to “[Delhi] LCD Screen Cleaning Kit Rs. 29 – DailyDealBazaar”

  1. ajk says:

    Its not fake. I received my product today.

  2. Gagan says:

    @ SMI – On the basis of these comments you shouldn’t upload deals from fake sites like this.

    I login to SMI more than i login to facebook, i hope you’ll not break ppl’s trust by posting such kind off deals again.

  3. Kuldeep says:

    Kunal is correct….. Customer Care No is Switched Off….. and no Responce on the Live Chat

    Do not give your CC details to this website…….


  4. Gagan says:

    Ab to order place kar diya….can anything be done now :(

  5. Kunal says:

    Do not buy this item, 100% fraud site.

    When I tried to contact on their customer care number, the number is switched off. The pincode of their address is also wrong (They published 110018 as their pincode instead of 110092 for Ganesh Nagar, Delhi).

  6. Gagan says:

    Placed an order…

    Lets see if they deliever the product or not..I hope its not like Khaugalli website

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