[Delhi] Uber Free Ride worth upto Rs. 250, 50% off

uberValid in Delhi.

Rs. 250 off Promo Code: FEB15DELHI
50% off Promo Code: HALFOFFWEEKEND (between 11AM & 6PM)

Website: Uber

7 Responses to “[Delhi] Uber Free Ride worth upto Rs. 250, 50% off”

  1. Blackout says:

    Meru n taxifor sure are cheaper than uber :infinitefacepalm:

    meru 23-29 rs/km
    Taxi fs – 14-18 rs/km
    uber 15-18 rs/km
    all rates are in new delhi where i live and rent cabs.

    We are passenger not agent of any cab company, prefer safety over money, if anyone wants to save money, there are 1lakh auto rickshaw in delhi.

    google a bit more and u will find the uber reputation all over the world
    “uber fighting bans in France, Spain and South Korea, imposed because some of its drivers were not correctly licensed. It has had to contend with further rape allegations against drivers in Chicago and Boston.”
    NO more comment,everything is clear here,useless to comment further.

  2. gouru says:

    Meru n taxifor sure are cheaper than uber and verification measures have been strict by the company for driver . Their security features in the existing app , the other cab apps cant even think off. Ask the 10000 cab drivers uber have in delhi ,all of them had left meru n ola have joined uber.one more thing i have taken approx 50 rides have even met some Post graduates and evn guys working in embassy driving for uber.

  3. Blackout says:

    uber don’t have any norms,rule or regulation for there drivers and even no verification of their drivers, no head office in capital what else u need to blame uber.either blame directly or indirectly uber also have loophole in it.so think yourself before blaming peoples for their mentality, hmm looks like a migrated noob here.
    and check meru and taxi for sure norms for there drivers, crap quality always available in cheap rates.

  4. gouru says:

    Those who abuse uber here or anywhere on that act of driver, I dont think any of you might belong to a metro politian city bcz wht u think and write exactly shows ur mentality , and be proud of yourself that you are 1 of d reasons of India’s downgrading.

  5. King says:

    even the logo of this app looks like some bad symbol.
    This app has haunted everyone, and media did extra efforts to kill them.
    Even the rides are free I never tried to make a taxi from them.

  6. Rajiv says:

    It’s not a Uber who instruct his drivers to do rape, if rape happens in buses or trains then you stop travelling in them in the name of giving respect to someone

  7. pushkar says:

    please do not book any car in uber taxi no matter how cheap they are giving.
    this is a way of giving respect to a girl who suffered in their car.

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