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digilocker• DigiLocker which is the national Digital Locker System launched by Govt. of India.
• Digital Locker of each resident is linked to their Aadhaar number.
• 10MB of free space in the locker to securely store resident documents and store links (URI) of Govt. department or agency issued e-documents. The storage space allocation will be increased to 1GB in subsequent release.
• eSign online service to digitally sign the documents online without using dongle.
• Sharing of e-documents online with any registered requester agency or department
• Download eAadhaar .
• List of issuers which have issued e-documents to residents and list of requesters which have accessed resident’s documents.

Website: DIGILocker

6 Responses to “DIGILocker Free 1GB Storage Space – Digital India”

  1. Shiv Kumar Rathi says:

    UID Service is not Responding. Please try again.

  2. prateek says:

    Mana bhot secure h, but h to sarkari hi,,, haa ha aha ah chalega to sarkari speed p hi

    Indiand govt

  3. Avinash says:


    I have unbiased answers for all your questions:-
    1. DigiLocker is very safe than your google drive or crome browser that you use. It is GoI product developed by NIC and master piece. I am using it frequently. Its working fine.

    2. India have its own OS (Bharat Operating System), own email service (NIC-email), own data centre/Own servers (National data centre), Own GPS (Gagan), Own Map (Bhuwan ny ISRO). Before criticizing govt see your efforts first.

    3. Site is not horrible. If your mobile is mapped to Aadhar , you will surely get SMS to login,

  4. Uttam says:

    Manas this has just started and you know the way things work in here so for me I think it will take some 10-15 years to get with the pace still with some anomalies and we have to live with it.

  5. mayankk says:

    this is useless feature for making country digital.
    Agar digital banana hai to sabse pahle koi indian e mail service banani chahiye,apna indian server hona chahiye.aaj bhi ham us ke servers use karte hai. Indian social networking sites promote honi chahiye instead of fb,,,

  6. Manas says:

    Horrible site, not responding after Aadhar OTP. Ab ye haal hai to kab desh digital banega

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