Digital Thermometer Rs. 50 – YumeDeals

It is optimally suited for all conventional ways of measuring body temperature, An LCD display allows you to take a temperature reading quickly and simple, End of measurement is indicated for you by a signal.

Buy: Digital Thermometer (Deal starts from 12th Dec 12AM)

5 Responses to “Digital Thermometer Rs. 50 – YumeDeals”

  1. Vikramsinh says:

    This site shows branded item and sends unbranded item. Never purchase from this site.
    They are cheating the people.

  2. Dev says:

    Guys Plz dont buy at all i got one 1 months which dint work properly……..

  3. Pradipta Moharana says:

    Please dont but, it is sending defective items

  4. debashis says:

    Yume Deals is fack…last time I bought two & my friend bought one Thermometer ..not change celsius to fahrenheit…so what is the use???after that we want to log in and complain …but the site is down…not accepting the user id and password.

  5. gupta says:

    I bought two , one didnt work at all, and the other stopped working after 5 days, I suggest not to buy

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