DishTV Standard Definition with Recorder + 1 Month Super Platinum Pack Rs. 1154 – IndiaTimes Shopping

• Free One Month Super Platinum Pack • Free Installation and Activation • India’s only SD recorder with unlimited recording option • Unlimited Recording, Pause and Record, Event Based Recording, Rewind/Forward Speeds, Record in Standby, Time Based Recording • More than 400 channels • Widest choice of regional channels in 18 languages.


Buy: DishTV Standard Definition with Recorder + 1 Month Super Platinum Pack

6 Responses to “DishTV Standard Definition with Recorder + 1 Month Super Platinum Pack Rs. 1154 – IndiaTimes Shopping”

  1. Bhaumik says:

    I am using Videocon D2H, and I happy with that.
    I am basic user of TV,
    Watching TV for few hours go get connected in world,
    I watch channels like SUB TV, Music and News.
    And i am getting all basic channels in my Rs.200 Pkg.

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Rahul-I am as happy but this is not experience and just a quote from a book.I don’t know of any human who watches more than 10 channels.Max 30-40 main channels are needed.Unless you want PTV,Ren etc

    The motion against dish is passed.2 against 0.Rest are general comments which are of no value.

    @Ash-Is that researched.And we have a large population,and oldest Zee is.We have largest no. of infant mortality.Should we be proud.Large is not imp.Don’t bring Asia in it.Who has ranked best,who is the CRISIL here,plz tell,I am dying to see any concrete reason for Dish.What is ur personal experience.Not copy paste immeasurable info from its site and ads.

    @Raj-Won’t debate that.As you have spared Tata with whom every known relative of mine is happy about. Videocon may not be as advanced and big business group as Tata but is a good company.Has purchased Thomson etc and brought India to limelight and also bought other picture tube MNCs. So appreciate it.Dish TV owner reputation is not better talked about.

  3. ash says:

    Dish tv is asia’s no. 1 dth with largest family of consumers. Ranked best of all.

  4. raj says:

    videocon always rocks……………..
    it can withstand in any weather condition , also it has better packs and channels.
    and d2h box has lifetime warranty.
    list of craps:-
    AIRTEL d2h ( cheater )
    SUN DIRECT ( worst )
    BIG tv

    So the winners are VIDEOCON AND TATA SKY.
    Go 4 IT !!

  5. Rahul khemani says:

    Dishtv is the best. 400 channels!!!! Which is not even available in any other platform. Faster communication with customers, efficient services, dish delight services offering many free services. Just because of no marketing, many customers are unaware of it.

  6. Ruchir says:

    Great buy.But DishTV is such a crap that you won’t forget ever in life.Dish changes its subscription packages everyday,forces you to change and confuses you and suddenly introduced a downgrade fees.Such horrible packs that you have to shell 300-500 for bare min channels.NIGHTMARE.Its STB box had 3 months warranty and after that it needed many repairs with no guarantee after repair.The antenna stopped receiving channels after 1-2 months and separate payment needed for antenna alignment after every 1-2 month.To have a TV channel and to provide DTH service are two diff things.

    Had to switch to Tata sky.Half price,double channels.No cheating.Online account,options to change,add packs etc.Recently got 2 months free after paying for 11 months.Total 13 months. STB had probably 2 years warranty.Withstood all storms.No problem with antenna or STB. Got dirt cheap at directly, almost free installation,STB. Tata sky sent the hardware via courier from factory. Amir as always is true-Life jhingalala. As heavenly as hellish DishTv is.

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