DuDuBu Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge

dudubuDuDuBu is offering Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge.

Website: DuDuBu (Proceed to recharge > enter Email > Register)

100 Responses to “DuDuBu Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge”

  1. Unknown says:

    Does Not Work this Offer Plss remove Smi Reminder

  2. swastik says:

    got rs 10 instantly, thanx smi

  3. Afsar says:

    So whoever not received confirmation code. check your spam folder in mail…

  4. balaji says:

    its working perfectly, got Rs.10/- rc

  5. Golden says:

    Frndz pls help me .
    I’m not able to recharge .
    How to get more dudubu cash ?
    Pls someone help !

  6. nirmal suman says:

    Get free recharge 100% of Rs.10/-

  7. Akhil das says:


  8. sam says:

    thanks, recharged 8 numbers of mine n friends, but site is very erratic, lat 2 recharge were done after more than 30-40 try

  9. Abhishek says:

    Those are not getting verify code go on spam folder in your mail

  10. Anonymous says:

    got my recharge

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. SRT says:

    Not working :(

  13. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    It is working well. Please try after mid night for better performance of this website compare to day time. Sometimes it will take few trials but be sure that it is working. I have done 8 free 10 Rs. recharge using this website.

  14. zeesahn says:

    guyz in daytime it takes 10-15 trial for single rechrge

    try early mornog at 6-7:30 am..all recharges will be done instanly without a single failure
    hv done total 72 recrges

  15. sunil yadav says:

    recharge failed every time, this offer is only for attraction toward this site.no actual free recharge is there.

  16. sunny sachdeva says:

    free wale recharge karlo agar hote hai to……
    par paid wale recharge mat karna … …………….. 100 % fraud site…..

  17. sunny says:

    wow……………………. :-)

  18. Srinath says:

    amount of 10rs credited in dudubu account …recharge not happening

  19. RAHUL says:

    It is not working on Airtel, BSNL & reliance in Karnataka. Tried several times for the last 10 days, still have the same problem mentioned below:

    “Oops your recharge request did not go through.

    Don’t worry you earned Rs 10.00 Dudubu cash through our Inaugural offer.
    You can use this cash any time later to recharge your registered mobile phone”

  20. lokesh says:

    nice one amazing thanks

  21. Mohd Misbah says:

    hy how to recharge multiple nos.using a single ID..ny1 knws…??

  22. chamaan says:

    It worked !! Thanks SMI :)

  23. Ankit says:

    Successfully recharged my 3 no.

  24. manpreet says:

    successfully recharge ………. wow ……

  25. sunny says:

    successfully recharged today… 08-25 pm :)

  26. Arpit says:

    Oops your recharge request did not go through.

    Don’t worry you earned Rs 10.00 Dudubu cash through our Inaugural offer.
    You can use this cash any time later to recharge your registered mobile phone

  27. Anil says:

    Just got recharged

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. sonu says:

    This is fake. Don’t Share your Number & Email add. Just clicking purpose & Time count in website page.

  30. Bidts says:

    successfully recharged today… :)

  31. zeeshan says:

    guys try between 12 am to 1 am nught
    and 6am ti 7;30 am morning

    u will get rc for sure

    done 38 rc on diffrnt number of family n frnds today registratin through sinbgle email only :D :D

  32. sripad says:

    i got 2 recharges from 2 diff accnts.
    i’ll also try tomorrow for more

  33. Anonymous says:

    Recharge is getting failed

  34. taaj says:

    nice way to make fool.
    taaj ne bola matlab final final.
    don’t go

  35. vabnish says:

    i got 10 rs in five a\c

  36. Anonymous says:

    Evrytime rchrg is getting failed

  37. Anonymous says:

    no No confirmation code on e-mail…!

  38. genius says:

    working i got rs10.

  39. Man says:

    Mtnl and Idea recharge are not happening. About what recharge you are talking about?

  40. Jeel says:

    WoW..!! This cool.. 100% working…

    I just got my Rs.10 free recharge.. thanks :)

  41. RAJ says:

    i recharged 5 numbers using different mails …….after recharge fail also try multiple times
    after try try ………try it success

  42. vinod says:

    hw much time it will take to get the balance after varification…?

  43. zameer says:

    fake site

  44. Aakash says:

    guys……try recharge in midnight…and………mostly, while recharging BSNL nos, error message appears otherwise it is working fine………

  45. Pranay says:

    Sorry guys…i told its not working..but now its working…

  46. Pranay says:

    not working…

  47. zeesahn says:

    now its not working..giving verification code only
    but rechage is continuosly getting failed

  48. amit says:

    Oops your recharge request did not go through.

    Don’t worry you earned Rs 10.00 Dudubu cash through our Inaugural offer.
    You can use this cash any time later to recharge your registered mobile phone

  49. sachn says:

    working fine, dont listen to the who says it doesnot work

  50. Gagan says:

    I tried at night it was working quite well…i tried to recharge the same no again it hides the recharge button…so you can only use this code on a no only once.

  51. ankit says:

    code received. but recharge failed when try to recharge rs 10. i try many times. how do recharge

  52. Sunil says:

    recharged 6 nos in night… confirmation code was coming in 15-20 secs. try clicking resend code 2-3 times.

  53. amit says:

    any one try recharge with same number twice or more with different mail id

  54. zeesahn says:

    yesterday email were coming 3-4 hours later
    but toady dey deliver maill instantly till 8 o clok
    and after then again slow process
    but email will come for sure

  55. sam says:

    thanks ,recharge 3 numbers, 2 are in progress, since night email verification mail is coming late , but dont worry they will certainly send it, one verification mail i received after 4 hours

  56. BM says:

    website is slow like hell….. and did not get confirmation email on my email….. this site will not last for long….tried 2 -3 email addresses but never got email….

  57. prateek says:

    confirmatiion code take 3-4 hours to come

  58. donald says:

    did not receive any confirmation code….

  59. kunal says:

    we have to write an email ide of fb

  60. vabnish says:

    KOI confirmation code NHI AA RAHA

  61. Naresh says:

    Below error message occcurs:

    Due to heavy traffic on our website we are unable to process your request. Please try again later.Thanks for visiting Dudubu

  62. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Yup! U r right…I hv rchrgd three dffrnt nos since morning…now thr is traffic problem….
    Thnx SMI! Again n Again…

  63. Aakash says:

    Recharged 25-30 numbers for free…………..try to do recharge in midnight due to less traffic and confrmtion code is received within HALF SECOND…………..

  64. Srimanth Saha says:

    After a long time got some good deal from SMI.

  65. Bhargav says:

    working awesome….did 5 recharges…try now

  66. Shasank says:

    Awesome offer.
    Thank you!

  67. Aakash says:

    Recharged near about 25-30 numbers………..

  68. shiva says:

    got recharge for 11 mobile numbers, still few numbers are in further process for recharge, enjoyinggggggg……….

  69. rahul s says:


    THNXX SMI :) :) :)

  70. rahul s says:


  71. Bablu says:

    Got recharge of rs 10 on my number
    Nice deal DUDUBU

  72. Gagan says:

    Recharged 10 no’s. In case you don’t get the verification code…click on resend code :)

  73. lucky says:

    Recharged 6 numbers :D :D

  74. prakash says:

    its true…try all its working

  75. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    Got recharges of Rs 20 to two numbers. Thanks SMI

  76. Krish42 says:

    Hello guys, click on resend confirmation mail and u will get the mail within seconds…. It’s working…..
    Thanks SMI….

  77. Anonymous says:

    Recharge is working. It takes time to get confirmation code. Please check your junk or spam folder.

  78. varun says:

    waiting for email verification code. not received mail and code on registration

  79. Anonymous says:

    Got Recharge but not working with gmail. I got it from Yahoo

  80. santy says:

    wasting of time only

  81. Rohan says:

    waiting for email verification code

  82. Mohit says:

    Got free recharge! Just recharged 5 numbers. thanks

  83. bhupi says:

    This myt have worked yesterday but today its not working, as we dnt get confirmation code thru email, and if they not trying to fool us then they shud add mobile confirmation method also, what a poor start to a site which cant keep its promise for a day, Paytm is way ahead in recharging online and we trust it too, to gain trust of its members dudubu shud not fool people

  84. karan says:

    No confirmation code in Email.

  85. Vishnu Prakash says:

    They are making peoples fool…
    They are not sending any confirmation codes…

  86. well wisher says:

    no conformation code…receved

  87. ay says:

    recharge done thanxxx

  88. Mavi says:

    make fool of peoples They did not send any Cmation Code

  89. Anonymous says:

    NO longer valid

  90. NIRAV says:

    got total 20 rs on 2-number. :P thanks smi.

  91. srinath says:

    site hanging lol

  92. anmol says:

    totally waste!!

  93. tushar gupta says:

    got conformation in the starting but now not getting comformation

  94. arpit says:

    No confirmation code on e-mail…!

  95. Kiran says:

    Not receiveing conformation code on mail….
    so no recharge waiting for it!??!…

  96. tushar says:

    Working recharged 3 number just enter your number and on second page there will be option for sign up

  97. Prashant says:

    Its not working.
    Showing an error message-”Invalid Phone Number. Please check your phone number”

  98. Prashant says:

    Thanks SMI got free recharge of Rs 10

  99. Puneet Juneja says:

    hahahahaa..nice way to make fool……there is no way to signup on this site…bullshit…its all fake…

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