eBay Aazadi Rocks Sale 100% off, 80% off, 40% off, 20% off, 10% off

ebay-1500coupons100% off Coupon: MZDH7IA4ES
80% off Coupon: S0YNTOPNTN
40% off Coupon: 8UYB0JFAHT
20% off Coupon: SU9E1OLVAR
10% off Coupon: FTC3HNACWP

6th to 11th Aug, 11AM & 5PM.

• eBay Vouchers of 100%, 80%, 40%, 20% and 10% discounts will be distributed during this promotion. Maximum discount you can avail of is Rs. 400.
eBay Vouchers will be displayed on eBay Deals twice a day between 11:00 am to 11:15 am and 5:00 pm to 5:15 pm during the 6 days of the Aazadi Rocks Sale.

Sometimes coupons go live early.
• Making payment using Internet banking is faster than Credit or Debit Card.
• Vouchers are not valid on Deals of the Week, Wakeup Call or where the listing has called out that “E-Coupons are not applicable on that specific listing”.

eBay: Deals (vouchers will be displayed here) | Azaadi Rocks Sale (offer details)

177 Responses to “eBay Aazadi Rocks Sale 100% off, 80% off, 40% off, 20% off, 10% off”

  1. Mehul says:

    Finally got 16Gb 10 Class at 504 Rs.
    Using 40% Discount Coupon.

  2. pankaj says:

    able to purchase two items with 40 % coupon in 7 tries thankyou very much smi for the info

  3. sabyasachi says:

    sorry all of u forgot to tell u before 5 pm about the link


  4. sabyasachi says:

    applied 100% but on payment it sucks… WTF

  5. Nirbhaya says:

    I just got 8 gb micro sd card for free..
    Successfully applied 100% off code

  6. kartik sen says:

    able to get only two 20% coupon in 6 days.

  7. suraj says:

    tried from 6th aug to till date not even got a single product….time waste hoga….daily applying coupon successful but bull shit ebay goes wrong at payment…..even for this offer i missed the great modi speach in tv

  8. KaSHYaP says:

    Bogus…. jhoot and chor only 10% coupons work…total fake site… waste of time…

  9. Bawariya says:

    Any chance of this offer being extended?

  10. Aman says:

    only one 80% coupon in these 6 days…:(

  11. shivam says:

    i got a 40% coupon .100 & 80 are are not easy to get.

  12. suraj says:

    tried from 6th aug to till date not even got a single product….time waste hoga….daily applying coupon successful but bull shit ebay goes wrong at payment..

  13. CC says:

    Fraud kinda scheme again.. many times tried. Finally succeeded 40% but while payment gateway it stopped responding & message: maximum limit !!!

  14. wr says:

    BLOOdy HEll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ak says:

    @smi help we have to just open the coupon page and wait or keep refreshing the page?????

  16. sabyasachi says:

    offer is fake. on transaction complete they show payment not done bt deduct from bank accnt.

    before 5pm i wl tel u smthing how to b quick to get coupon

  17. sherin says:

    this offer is fraud.they stops the customer at time of coupon applying or while payment.just for publicity ebay is doing tricks

  18. SANJU says:

    Got a 40% then max cupon reached ERROR….then i had to be happy getting a 20% only in this attend…

  19. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    When I applied voucher for 40% discount, first it takes some time in processing and after that showed “This voucher has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment”.
    Total garbage. Ebay person not maintaining their website sever properly and it is total waste of time.

  20. Vedant says:

    bekar h 40% bhi ni milta ab.. lagta h ebay k office vale he 100 or 80 le jate h.
    2 bar 80 % laga par next page pe service unavailable..
    aaj to 40 bhi ni mila

  21. SANJU says:

    No 40% today…..HTTP error….tried my best…..Bad luck

  22. Saurabh says:

    11 AM – Coupon reached maximum limit after hitting Pay Now button
    5 PM – http service unavailable..
    These errors I’m getting from last 2 days..
    Don’t waste your time on this offer..!!

  23. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    Every time I am successful to apply the coupon but When I am clicking on the payment option, it is showing “This voucher has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment”. I am also applying 40% discount code. How I can expect working of 100% and 80% discount coupon.
    Total waste of time everyday at every time.

  24. KIRAN says:

    applied coupon MKJFQPURGR 80% sucessfully but payment was not completed and showed error msg “Sorry, the eBay coupon is currently being processed on another order.If the order is unsuccessful, you may be able to use this coupon again after 60 minutes”

    can i apply again in 60min and cont the payment???

  25. Karthik says:


    Bought power bank for free using 100% coupon :-) http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161083016155

  26. him says:

    I agree with you mehul..

  27. wr says:

    hell with ebay

  28. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Dont waste time on this kind of deals. Its sheer nonsense nothing else.

  29. sabyasachi says:

    @Alankar yes discount still 400. but it wl b better for u to use 20% coupon as 20% discount for rs.2000 product is 400.
    100% coupon ke liye bahut competition hai aur wo milega v nahi better he 20% use karlo aram se buy karo

  30. Alankar says:

    hey… so if i buy an item worth 2000 and get 100% coupon is the discount still 400rs ?

  31. sabyasachi says:

    on applying 100% coupon on rs.399 product this error shown & i cant purchase. jab dena hi nahi kyu faltu sabka time waste kar rahe ho

    ”Request action cant be completed right now.Please refresh or try again later
    Sorry, we are unable to process your request”

  32. Sudha says:

    yaa today even i was able to apply 80% coupon

  33. Bawariya says:

    Was able to apply 80% today and had applied 40% yesterday,,,,Cool Deals… thanks

  34. Akash says:

    …only 10% coupon working…..

  35. RAKESH SURTE says:

    Within 2 min i get this message : This voucher has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment.

    Nahi discount dena toh q offer dalate hai..

  36. anonymous says:

    ya same here also got discount then service Unavailable

  37. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Too much load on the server …..got nothing today… :(

  38. preyank says:

    same here.
    Got discount but then “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable”

  39. manpreet singh says:

    happy this time …. got 3 80% coupon and 1 20%.. total discount rs 1600/-

  40. Anonymous says:

    Got discount but then “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable”

  41. Joy says:

    Fake… Fake… & Only Fake….

    Only 20% coupon was avaialble…

  42. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    Got today 80% off coupon & bought a jaipur printed double bed cover with just Rs 89/-

  43. shivam says:

    Order Total Rs. 854.00
    Gift Voucher Discount (TMGCLXQB9C) Rs. 400.00
    Amount Paid (Union Bank of India online bank transfer) Rs. 454.00

  44. SANJU says:

    got a 40% again

  45. Rohit says:

    Sorry, we are unable to process your request.

  46. Amit Bansal says:

    Got discount but then “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable”

  47. ABC says:

    Request action cant be completed right now.Please refresh or try again later


  48. Arvind Maurya says:

    I got samsung flip cover 100% yesterday 5.00 PM.

    Thanks Ebay

  49. ankit says:

    Got Samsung battery with 100% discount.


  50. ajk says:

    i got the message.. sorry the transaction has failed…

  51. Kinjal says:

    I am not much lucky yet !
    can anybody tell me , is there any trick or tips to get this discount?

  52. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    Got 40% off coupon. Price of HP 818b Simple Black Ink Cartridge reduced to rs 306 from rs 510.

  53. kiran says:

    got 80% successful when proceeded for payment got error msg Requested action cannot be completed now. Please refresh the page or try again later…..

  54. NetSecure says:

    Finally got 80% discount coupon…saved 200 Rs/-

  55. Joydeep says:

    Yes Rajesh, same here. They are not boring us with same error. Every time they are popping up new Error messages. ;-)

  56. pankaj says:

    discount wala page he nai khul raha tha
    net bhi tez hai apne paas to

  57. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    wow! finally got the full discount….:


  58. vinod says:

    this time ebay not want to give any discount, only create traffic on online site.

  59. DEEPAK says:

    jUST TRY FOR 20 % AND 10 %.

  60. Rajesh says:

    Got discount but then “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable”… then

    The PaisaPay payment system cannot be accessed due to one or more of the following reasons:

    The page might be temporarily unavailable – please try again later.
    The page has timed out,because you exceeded the time allowed for this step – please try once again.
    Your browser does not allow or support JavaScript – check your browser for JavaScript settings and capabilities.

    Note: In case you were making a payment, please check My eBay / My PaisaPay for the payment status. If the payment was unsuccessful,
    please try again.

  61. Joydeep says:

    Got discount but then “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable”…..

  62. Rajesh Malvekar says:

    Netsavvy thanks for trick exposition of ebay keep it up my dear!!!!! oNce again thanks a lot;;;;

  63. Pramod says:

    Hey guys if you are frustrated with Ebay you can buy the same items much cheaper at DX.com or Banggood.com, have purchased lots from these sites without any problems and also free Worldwide Shipping.

  64. sabyasachi says:

    i was about to complete my order bt ebay cheated me.
    even on payment also your order is not going to confirmed. Beware of this cheap trick by ebay

  65. nazir says:

    do the coupons remain same ?
    i got a 40% coupon applied initially but before making payment it showed ” maximum redemption” reached. 10 % worked though.

  66. sabyasachi says:

    on completion of transaction i got Http/1.1 Service Unavailable error & then on refreshing order review page apper as “coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions”.


  67. Pramod says:

    I think 2 departments in Ebay are competing with each other… Advertising and Finance (cost cutting).

  68. arjun says:

    i tried exactly on 11 am and on 5 pm with a high speed internet but just on arrival of coupons it says already used.. this is bullshit.. they are not giving any discounts.. making people fools..and by this trick ebay is gaining popularity and nothing else as no one prefer to buy from a dumb site like ebay who dont even have a nice return policy.. so plz dont waste your time on this bullshit publicity stunt..

  69. shivam says:

    only 10 & 20 percent orders are completed. chor hain sab.

  70. Vicky says:

    I got 300% Discount From Ebay Inspite Of Giving me Order Worth 400 They will provide me Rs-800….O wow You Ebay

  71. Swapnil says:

    Another error :”Sorry, the eBay coupon is currently being processed on another order.If the order is unsuccessful, you may be able to use this coupon again after 60 minutes. If you do not wish to wait, you could try another coupon or proceed to payment.”

  72. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    First 40% off coupon applied but after clicking on payment option, it shows that “This voucher has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment”.
    Totally loss of time and nothing.

  73. Chirag says:

    Total Time Waste……

  74. wr says:

    thanks to netsavvy
    I spent 2 hours for last 3 days and got nothing not going to try again.

  75. Swapnil says:

    Error 1: Requested action cannot be completed now. Please refresh the page or try again later.

    Error 2 :This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

    if bypassed wid coupon “Sorry this transaction cannot be completed”(technical issues)

  76. NetSecure says:


    Thanks for the explanation.

  77. Venkat says:

    net savy. u told exactly.
    thank you.

  78. chandrashekhar says:

    @netsavvy, good analysis and true also

  79. sabyasachi says:

    netsavy is right.
    today i saw some warnings like “we are facing technical problems” & “transaction cant be processed”
    as per my view only SMI viewers are participating bcoz offer term n cond dont allow buyer from outside INDIA. then those applying coupon getting error & cant proceed to payment. after sometime coupon exhausted. that means coupons are counted as her use only not for transactions.SIMPLE LOGIC


    Boy o boy @netsavvy
    Got ur point so taking ur word I m off eBay for offers..
    I ve done shopping with eBay on 100 rs discount coupons from PVR ..they were good..

  81. bharat says:

    netsavvy is true

  82. Swapnil says:

    Point taken/agreed

  83. Swapnil says:

    Congratz to those who got it

  84. Netsavvy says:

    They are not giving 1500 coupons of each Rs.400 discount. They are only counting the “Apply” of 1500 coupons daily not the successful number of placing order.
    I mean e-bay is not going to spend or discount(400 x 1500)= Rs.600000 daily.

    If it was so; then they’ll not limit the time within 15 mins of auto expiration rather provide 4-5 hours.
    They created it intentionally 15 mins.

    1. firstly that in a hurry customer started to apply code all at a same time & server get exhausted to execution the process & shows Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.
    2. Secondly server will take too much time to respond during this process.[example in normal timings except 11:00-11:15 & 5:00-5:15,it takes 7-10 second to verify any valid code.but in high traffic situation server is taking 3 times extra. If within 10 secs 50 people redeem the coupons so in 30 secs (50 x 3)=50 people will redeem the coupon & all of them cancel each others coupon by reaching the maximum applied number.]This in turn increase the competition of a single coupon application & result nobody to win it.In turn E-bay has to bear less amount of discount from their end.
    3.As I’ve already told e-bay is counting the application of coupon within the box not a successful completion of the order by the coupon.So after you see the message of “smart move …Saved Rs.400 or 3** .After that still e-bay is started to counting the applied number of coupon by other user. when you gonna click on “Pay Now” it’ll take more delay(Due to high Server issue as stated earlier) to forward the request to bank & within that time if your applied coupon exceeds number of redemption then e-bay is cancelling all the users coupon simultaneously if even you showed the message of success a few seconds ago.So in this level e-bay is decreasing more user from grabbing discount & maintain their fund of discount.
    4. If above 3 steps are luckily overcome by someone then he’ll get the discounted rate order completion message. [provided if external Bank/credit card site don't get down at that particular time. If so you loose the all discount & you can not try it a fresh as you certainly got negative response.]
    5. In the end of 15 mins; number of successful order completion is merely 30-50 persons. Now if it was known to you that it’s a gambling of 30 successful user within 15 mins among the 100 crore of Indians;then will you participate? So they declared 1500 coupon daily….
    A clever bullshit Idea.
    6. If you see the event from a net savvy point of view E-bay India is gaining high reputation among Google other site statistics ranks as they are able to attract all innocent Indians to their site within a particular span of time.While in general E-bay was not so high traffic site.Customer rather try to choose COD(cash on Delivery) site like flipkart,snapdeal etc.But this offer/(trick) help e-bay India a lot to gain online web statistics reputation. Which will help them later in this month to show up in first pages of Google search result & attract the online seller depending on its statistics.
    7. On normal times when they sent you a mail with a discount code(if any) & validity remains 2-3 days & limited 100 redemption on first come first serve; then almost 99 redemption became successful by completion of order.But in this scheme they have declared 1500 daily but actually they are providing a 60-100 persons(see no 5 point) discount in max amount of Rs.400.So max expense (100 x 400)=Rs. 40000 merely.Same as any other time or might be less as on off season E-bay discount coupon provides 700-800 discount also on a single item purchase.

    So finally I hope I can illustrate what’s going on in back stage calculation of E-bay officials.Remember E-bay has changed its CEO around May,2013. They are now taking new innovative idea to gain high & attract lot more people.
    So it’s a cunning offer in the name of our beloved country independence.

  85. SANJU says:

    at least got a 40% today

  86. NetFun says:

    able to get 40% coupon waiting for the product now…

  87. MINESH says:

    Coupen get expired even before we get a chance to apply, trying for 2 days , the site is not able to take so many hits , so the site becomes slow and no body is able to get in.
    upgrade your site to take these many hits , or stop these cheap mkt tricks

  88. RAHUL says:

    Tried every coupon for the last 2 days.Its not working as it is fulfilled. They are cheating us to see their website.

  89. Sunil says:

    same here……..applied 100% coupon….but unable to pay due to error…in the meantime coupon expired……

  90. arjun says:


  91. sabyasachi says:

    after applying 40% page didnt proceed to next page. i was stuck there n coupon gone. howz this possible. if u dont allow page to proceed how coupons used up???

  92. Swapnil says:

    Azadi Rocks…But ebay dosen’t


  93. Siva says:


    Got one more 40% coupon for the day :)

    Thanq Ebay

  94. Vikram says:

    Could able to use 80% :D :D
    lets see if i really get the order..
    ordered strontium 16GB class 10 memory card fr 310 :D

  95. Swapnil says:


  96. Aman says:

    Http/1.1 Service Unavailable :( :(

  97. Aman says:

    After success of 40% coupon
    ebay say maximum used during net banking payment :(

  98. rahul says:

    same case with me…
    applied coupon succesfully but error while payment

  99. Swapnil says:

    What the hell
    I got 80% discount but when I went to pay It said “technical problem”

  100. pankaj says:

    wow 40% waqla lag gya baught sony soundmagic at 438

  101. NetSecure says:

    80% ka coupon apply hua & while payment HTTP service unavailable :(

  102. Joydeep says:

    80% coupon applied successfully but couldn’t pay rest amount. By that time, coupon expired.

  103. Mahesh says:

    Http/1.1 Service Unavailable :(:(

  104. ami says:

    Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

    banatey hai or log bantey hai…

  105. NetSecure says:

    100% – 40 Coupons
    80% – 60 Coupons
    40% – 80 Coupons
    20% – 120 Coupons
    10% – 500 Coupons
    Total – 800 Coupons

    800 Coupons X 2 times per day = 1600 Coupons

    1600 Coupons * 6 days = 9600 Coupons in total

    Mujhe ek bhi nahi milane wala :P

    Ref : http://deals.ebay.in/tnc/azaadirocks_knowmore.html

  106. Anivesh says:

    exactly service unavailable…ebay servers suck

  107. Siva says:


    i got 40% this time

    thanq ebay/smi

  108. Joydeep says:

    Http 1.1 Service Unavailable.


  109. Viren says:


  110. Pradip says:

    Waste of time only 10% coupon is working

  111. Dhaval says:

    Ok All is over See uall at 5pm

  112. P@L says:

    Http 1.1 Service Unavailable

  113. vivek says:

    no luch this morning let me try again at 5 pm

  114. Dhaval says:

    only 10% live now 0EX410DG29

  115. Rajesh Sama says:

    Http 1.1 Service Unavailable

  116. SHAMEEM says:

    Transaction Blocked!!!!!!!!!!

    showing error msg ;
    Sorry, we’re facing some technical problems right now. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    ebay cheated ………

  117. kiran says:

    only got 40%…..

  118. Pawan says:

    Transaction Blocked

    we are facing some technical problem

  119. Mahesh says:


  120. sanjay says:

    100% off GYM3YT9G8B
    80% off IBNN6HTZI7
    40% off TU9NM0L9VH
    20% off H8A5SUW6IB
    10% off 13PZ37LVYG

  121. Karthik says:

    Hi Guys,

    The deal is real, and the coupons are working. Only thing is you should be quick enough to get them. The coupons will be displayed 5-3min prior the time and will last only for seconds. So whoever uses first will get the offer.

    I got 100% and 80% today @ 11AM and 5PM.

    So guys, keep trying to get yours.

  122. sabyasachi says:

    1st remove ad blocker then coupon will show

  123. Arun says:

    I have 100 mbps speed internet and kept refreshing the page to get the coupons. Tried at 0457 and nothing worked and all expired.

    Are all the above ppl who said “it worked” genuine buyers?

    I still its a fake one..and u would just get 10% or 20% max.

  124. not working waste of time says:

    not working waste of time

  125. manpreet singh says:

    very happy today ….direct 80% :)

  126. Raj says:

    not working waste of time

  127. Ashish says:

    Got one 100% & one 80% Thanks SMI You made my Day….

  128. Ganesh says:

    Got 1 80% coupon.
    Baught a car jack which i wanted to anyways.

  129. SASSAD says:


  130. Vishal says:

    dude , i have same situation I have tried at 5:00:50 sharp and I got error of expired coupons.

    I not getting how all coupons get used in 50 secs.

    May be I late by 50 sec.

    next time I have to be quicker

    Best of luck to all for tomorrow

  131. Swapnil says:


    The coupons were displayed right at 4:56

    Now you can expect at-least 200 buyers in 4 mins of time.
    There are many hungry people around.(like us)


  132. manpreet singh says:

    hi guys!!! what about prabhat? do you remember him or not?

  133. Piyush says:

    Very Very Fake..

    At 5.00 o’clock, This voucher has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment.

    It’s a nothing but 20 or 10% discount offer from E Bay…

  134. Arun says:

    This is completely fake one.. within no time, coupons 100, 80, 40 will be expired.. how is this possible..

  135. Swapnil says:

    Try it :

    100 – D7NGR4OW5B
    80 - EUVYOT5QK8
    40 - 8ICHFUCA7Y
    1 - U0AQEGJ35R

  136. manpreet singh says:

    got samsung bluetooth orignal for rs 242….80percent discount. actual price 642rs.

  137. rajesh says:

    time is 4:59 and msg come
    This voucher has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment.

  138. Mahesh says:


  139. vivek says:

    applied 100% bought one blue tooth thanks SMI/ebay

  140. vivek says:


    80% off


    40% off


    20% off


    10% off


  141. SHAH says:


    Site not working in any browser


  142. SANJU says:

    got nothing in morning session

  143. NetSecure says:

    Good one

  144. Varun says:

    No matter how many comments or experiences of betrayl are there of such offers, people like you or me will still Sit in the morning & evening thingking,” Aaj to Ebay ki Watt laga dunga”, But in the end, kucch naahi milta, milta hain to bas ek or tareekh.

  145. NetSecure says:

    Only 20% & 10% were working…I will try to grab 100% & and 80% next time.

    SMI, did you get any coupon?

  146. Pearl says:

    Dear KAUSHIK:: u can got this code from ebay home page…

  147. Rajesh Sama says:

    Only 20% and 10% coupons worked for me.

  148. KAUSHIK says:


  149. Mehul Shah says:

    Greed never ends, all will sit again at 5
    .00 Pm.

  150. Swapnil says:

    100% off U07442V24Y
    80% off ALOWDY0HZZ
    40% off FVRQIP3YNX
    20% off BQENOKBCX6
    10% off IH4D5IG5ER

    Could use only 40% coupon
    when tried for 100%, 80% got an error

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.


  151. pramu says:

    unnecessary time waste…better things to do instead of falling this trap….full bakwas

  152. Avi says:

    As usual only 10% and 20% coupons worked.. i think other coupons are for the staff of ebay only…

  153. Vicky says:

    Switch to idea guys, net is awesome

  154. santosh says:

    Bakwaas… not forwarding to bank payment page… after payment click it lands to same page…. and if you will again click on payment then here it is…

    Sorry, the gift voucher FVRQIP3YNX is currently being processed on another order. If the order is unsuccessful, you may be able to use this voucher again after 60 minutes. If you do not wish to wait, you could try another voucher or continue with your payment.

  155. sabyasachi says:

    thanks smi i got EC122 dongle at 599.

    40% coupon lagatha lekin hat se nikal gaya fir 20% apply karke ye mila.

    anyway thanks SMI

  156. Mukesh says:

    Where the coupons are displayed.
    They are not on the ebay on page
    Please give me the link where these coupons will be displayed

  157. P@L says:

    40% coupan successfully applied thanks to smi

  158. kiran says:

    it shows The server closed the connection without sending any data…….

  159. Gaurav says:

    i was able to use the 40% off coupon

  160. Vicky says:

    Got a free bluetooth headset, ebay rocks

  161. Kumar says:

    100% 80 % and 40% coupons are over

  162. rajesh says:

    Totally time waste…..

    This voucher has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment.

  163. GURDEEP SINGH says:

    again only 10% and 20 % Codes working

  164. Swapnil says:

    3G, 4G , Parle G kuch bhi lagao…
    Nahai Chal raha

  165. Pearl says:

    time wasting offer

  166. Pearl says:

    nt working

  167. krishan says:


  168. rajesh says:

    lag gayi ebay ki..

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

  169. chandrashekhar says:

    Too many connections

  170. MOHIT says:

    last time i got 250rs off using these coupons but my item was not shipped and my money was refunded back

  171. SANJU says:

    Last time i gone creazy and wasted at least 10 hrs for this deal ….and was able t get only 2 coupon 40% and 2 of 20%….with extreamly hard effort….
    Now i have to get at least one 80% coupon on the 1st day….
    Guyes be ready with yr 3g , 4g, brodband whatever weapons u have to hunt the bladdy coupons…:)

  172. gagan choudhary says:

    e bay ka purana drama shuru

  173. Bk says:

    I agree with Amit… Last time they also cheated customer, and wasted so much time of lost of users….

  174. jay says:

    u r right amit. sirf 10% vala coupon chalta hai..

  175. amit says:

    @shivam ebay hamesha ki tarah tadpa tadpa ke maarega logo ko:P 3g ho ya 4g rahega toh faltu deal no one wil get lag gayi bet 100% sure.hahhahahhahahaha

  176. shivam says:

    4g net lagwa lo advance me deal Launch ho gayi hai lag jao smi user

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