eBay Crazy Diwali Sale 100% off, 80% off, 40% off, 20% off, 10% off


• eBay Coupons of 100%, 80%, 40%, 20% and 10% discounts will be distributed during this promotion. Maximum discount you can avail of is Rs. 400.
• eBay Coupons will be displayed on Crazy Diwali Sale twice a day between 11:00 am to 11:15 am and 5:00 pm to 5:15 pm during the 15 days.

You must complete payment before coupon usage limit is reached.
• Internet banking is faster than Credit or Debit Card.
• Sometimes coupons go live early.
• Coupons are not valid on Deals of the Week, 1 Day Flash Sale, Deep Discounted Products or where the listing has called out that “eBay Vouchers are not applicable on that specific listing”.

eBay: Crazy Diwali Sale (coupons will be displayed here) | Know More

364 Responses to “eBay Crazy Diwali Sale 100% off, 80% off, 40% off, 20% off, 10% off”

  1. sunny says:

    These offers r looking gud with only bikkinis and chadda.’s ….wht a waste

  2. Abu says:

    All coupons worked for me.. but till i made the payment thru credit card it expired… last time i hade made a payment thru net banking it worked and i save Rs.150.. this time i missed it…
    After reading this article came to know that net banking is faster than credit card and all.. But dont understand that once the coupon has been applied on our page how could it get expired??? how others get a chance to apply it???

  3. Vicky says:

    Its bull shit …not even a single coupon works…

  4. mmittal says:

    Now waiting for flat discount offer …..with my carts full of products

  5. mmittal says:

    @swapnil…That proves we r truly indians…..saw that offer ended on ebay page but still tried……INDIAN ROCKS

  6. varun says:

    Hi Guys, It seems I missed something in my little poem……. MR. Geek the villein, I should have given some space to him in it………:-)

  7. Lucky says:

    15 se pehle hi baazza baj gaya ebay ka lol

  8. Swapnil says:

    Everyone did

  9. mmittal says:

    How many people tried refreshing d page today at 5: 00 pm also in hope coupons to cum…
    plz share….
    I did..

  10. VENKAT says:

    @geek,please tell me trick,how !! your saying after promotion ending tell the trick ??

  11. chiru says:

    If Ebay Providing coupons, without changing the process… I am ready for open challenge.

  12. geek says:

    @Chiru: Better luck next time !! And dont get frustrated !! Its an open challenge for 26th January, 2014 … Accept it … Lets see who wins !!! :)

  13. chiru says:

    I know about Scripting, Dear Geek.. Automation is not possible some situations. (I thought u should also know).

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is Geek Ke Wajah Se Promotion Over ho Gaya

  15. geek says:

    The offer is over guys !! For reference one can check this, “Enjoy freedom from big bills! eBay brings to you the Biggest Diwali Sale ever! There are limited coupons of 100%, 80%, 40%, 20% and 10% discount from 1st October to 7th October. Check the table below for more
    information. Coupon availability is based on first come first serve basis and the maximum discount you can avail of is Rs. 400!”

    Link for above text is http://deals.ebay.in/tnc/diwali-lowestprice-challenge_knowmore.html

    Finally I have got 11 100% coupons and 4 80% coupons …. It was fun ….
    @Chiru: For your reference ebay can never stop script writers… even if they do the script writers can change the script that instant … do you even understand what script means dum … script is just automation and nothing else .. Anyways will c u all again on 26th January ….

  16. Rohit says:

    @chiru how do you know?

  17. Man says:

    @Varun….nicely said yaar.

  18. chiru says:

    Wait… Not Over.. Promotion is running on… But They are doing moderation against Script writers.. Be Coool…

  19. Aman says:

    customer service told that :

    Yes I do agree as per our promotion team it got disconected from today.

  20. shank says:

    it seems ebay has stopped the offer and all credits to @geek and other scripting guys.

  21. sam says:

    SO IT’S ALL OVER!!!!!

  22. varun says:

    All I want to say…………..
    dat every single Day………… I used ebay !

    I wondered if I’ll ever get some free………………
    Just den SMI fulfilled my way…….. I used ebay !

    I was an innocent chld, but suddenly my life was turned away…….
    I found a coupon which claimed to be of ebay……….. I used ebay !

    I was excited n joyful feeling the charm of joy……….
    I mutely went to place an order at ebay……………… I used ebay !

    Den the time came of immense joy…………
    I applied the coupon to have a loot to the show……I used ebay !

    Suddenly, my eyes were stuck……………….
    My coupon got expired in the middle of the transact …… I used ebay !

    I went to the Doctor.. SMI.. to check for a remedy………..
    I found the flu had spread like an epidimic………….. I used ebay !

    Then a day came, the coupons stopped publishing
    That day I felt reliefed and calm, thinking If I can’t nobady can…… I used ebay !

    I am happy and grown up……. becaus I have used ebay !

  23. sam says:

    Why there were no coupons today between 11AM-11:15 AM??

    Beacuse the promotion is over. eBay Vouchers of 100%, 80%, 40%, 20% and 10% discounts will be distributed during this promotions, strictly at the discretion of eBay. eBay Vouchers issued during the Diwali Lowest Online Price Challenge Sale can be used during the promotion period only. Vouchers issued in partnership with other organizations will be governed as per the policies mentioned on the T&Cs of those vouchers.

    Point mentioned in http://deals.ebay.in/tnc/diwali-lowestprice-challenge_TnC.html

    “strictly at the discretion of eBay” This was the reason I was quoted by ebay promotion team.

  24. chiru says:

    you are soo smart geek.. :)

  25. sam says:

    the customer support is also down no chat available

  26. mmittal says:

    ye to choti diwali ho gayi!!!!!!!

  27. chiru says:

    Thanks Ebay… :) :) :)

  28. ALIEN says:

    @Anivesh, and we are the sufferers, we travelled by the “GOOD ROAD” !

  29. Anonymous says:

    guys wait, the one who upload the coupons is …

  30. ALIEN says:


  31. sam says:

    aaj coupon kisi ko mile bhi hai yaa nahi

  32. sd says:

    now that’s Diwali sale and people are going crazy ;)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sam Ko milte hai

  34. siddhant says:

    its all becoz of this GEEK GUY…:(

  35. Anivesh says:

    @geek. buddy thats why it is said dont kill the hen that lays the golden egg……
    wait daily for it…
    sorry buddy but you just killed the HEN for sure

  36. sd says:


  37. geek says:

    @Alien: Yup !!! Trolled in deed !!!! I was hoping to get all 40 today … SMI post of ebay is moderated by some ebay admin probably ….

  38. Shivam says:

    @ SANJU you are right. todays is the best day for script writers.

  39. senthil says:

    coupon ooooo ooooooooooooooooo….

  40. dipak says:

    aaj to ebay vale bhi sote rahe manmohan ji ki tarah

  41. Sanjay Verma says:

    Y’day I complained against scripts….looks they took it very serious lol

  42. Pranay says:

    totally wasted 20 min for the release of coupons…..

  43. anand says:

    smi ko bi lalloo bana diya
    wo bi wait karta reh gya

  44. Don says:

    Where is the f..k coupon?
    I think Ebay lost lots of money in this scheme so decided to not to give the coupon
    Fool Ebay if you don’t able to run such scheme then stop it and don’t waste our time.

  45. Priya says:

    Totally wastage of time.no coupons displayed.What the hell is this

  46. Amandeep says:


  47. pooja says:


  48. ALIEN says:

    Enjoy freedom from big bills! eBay brings to you the Biggest Diwali Sale ever!

    There are limited coupons of 100%, 80%, 40%, 20% and 10% discount from 1st October to 15th October. Check the table below for more
    information. Coupon availability is based on first come first serve basis and the maximum discount you can avail of is Rs. 400!

  49. geek says:

    Offer over :( Probably they are reading this forum :(

  50. User says:

    Babaji ka thullu

  51. Ashok says:

    baba ji ka ganta mila

    chetta yedavallara

  52. Amandeep Singh says:

    aaj to sabko mila

  53. Pradeep says:

    lagta hain ebay kangal hogaya hai…!!
    That’s Y they are not posting any coupons 2day..!!

  54. Anivesh says:

    blame it on the script guys :)

  55. Swapnil says:

    ebay servers down..

  56. SANJU says:

    @Alex & script writers…….now run yr scripts and ply online games with yr brothers

  57. vivek says:

    come back at 5pm …they gained number of clicks on their website :)

  58. Shailubaba says:

    ULLU banate hai
    now ebay is not that much trustworthy

  59. Swapnil says:

    ebay servers down lol

  60. kiran says:

    i think ebay had forgeted

  61. Nishit says:

    Offer is over from ebay . . nowhere the information about the coupons are shown.

  62. Sam says:

    no coupons………..

  63. ALIEN says:

    GEEK..TROLLED ! :p

  64. Bittu Boss says:

    baba ji ka thullu lelo

  65. Sri says:

    Looks like they’ve stopped this offer. No coupons given today (8-oct). It was too cool while it lasted.

  66. Amandeep Singh says:

    what the hell is happening

  67. Bittu Boss says:

    kahan hain coupons?

  68. Rone says:

    No coupons till now??

  69. Boss says:

    No Coupon So far

  70. Pranay says:

    what the hell
    wr r d coupons

  71. Anivesh says:

    no coupons today lolllzzz

  72. rohit says:

    script walo tumhe mila aj babaji ka thullu..!!! :D

  73. SANJU says:

    where the hell coupons?

  74. Rajesh says:

    4 minutes to go no coloum for coupons

  75. bond says:

    where the hack is the coupons page???

  76. Ankit Jain says:

    yes Aman is right.The column is not present now for coupons.Check now…..11 bajne me 15-20 minute h.Lets see what happens

  77. Aman says:

    the offer is over now bcoz now the page has not the coloumn of coupons

  78. Sruji says:

    seems like i don’t have luck..
    at 5:01 coupons are displayed by that time limit is exceeding.. :(

  79. Daddy says:

    @Alien.. itna bhi frustu mat ho..
    Tu apna email id dey.. badhiya GB Road ka maal bhejunga.. saari frustation nikal jaayega..
    btw.. Keep it up geek boy.. you will soon get an offer from ebay or any such big giant.!!

  80. Alien says:

    Geek…Hope someday I too get a clue, because till date I have only got 2 80% and 1 40% by manual way and a lot of things are left to purchase. Everyone wants to have something during this period but hardly one gets( apart from you:) )If you someone day feel for sharing the trick please tell, I will provide you my mail-id then !!

  81. RAVI KANT says:

    I think the e bay should put certain restrictions for the coupons to be diversified among larger community:

    1)The Id’s made after declaration of offer discount should not be allowed to participate.
    2)Only one offer at a given address (Consider all four coupons) be allowed.
    3) The coupons be diversified as 80%, 60%, 40%, and so on, so that everyone has to pay for each purchase, not just get the benefit of the technology and make the mockery of the offer.

    I hope eBay people are seeing.

  82. geek says:

    @sripad: Guys .. The value of the code is 40(100%) coupons per time (16000*2 = 32000) per day and remaining 8 days eqauls (32000*8 = 256000) … I dont think google or any other company in India would pay such a high amount for 15 days …. So please don’t get frustrated…. Even I was feeling the same last time when one of my friend challenged me ….I was doing manually :) I was planning to make the script public in my github account but then one of my friends told me that Ebay comes up with this offer every 6 months … And please I never apply 80% using my script …. Finally at the end of the offer I will be posting snapshots of all the products I have purchased using ebay …. Cheers :) ….

  83. Alien says:

    Geek…why don’t you share the trick, “sharing is caring”

  84. sripad says:

    if geek working for google then why he is here at smi. wasting valuable coupons that others could use & happily buy items. i know google engineers r highest paid & if they wl apply trick on ebay then a single coupon wl not available to common people & ebay opened this deal for common ppl not for these techies.
    is google salary is not enough for those cheapo ??

  85. geek says:

    Guys !! Last year when the offer came even I was doing it like you guys … But there are other people who are doing it .. So one has to learn from mistakes !!!

  86. Boss says:

    Geek Keep rocking

  87. Shivam says:

    @ geek . that means you are only the person which able to participate in ebay coupons. if every person will done manually many user will be more happy.

  88. raj says:

    @geek please share the trick yaar.

  89. geek says:

    Guys applying manually doesn’t work … Dont waste your time unless you have hi speed internet …. There are few people who are doing it quite fast ….

  90. Alien says:

    Geek, why don’t you share the tricks…!?

  91. pankaj says:

    today coupons were just come and go

  92. balaji says:

    Waste of time… just for the clicks this deal is in place from ebay. worst…… stay away

  93. ajeet says:

    got baba ji ka thulu :-)

  94. chiru says:

    Its Waste of time.. Ebay should think alternative solution for providing coupons. These type of coupons belongs to only online browsing experts. They can only redeem repeatedly.

  95. Bittu Boss says:

    what are scripts manual/automatic can anyone elaborate?

  96. Adi says:

    kya ho raha hai bhai,,,coupon live hote hi maximum eligible redemption bata deta hai,,sirf 10% wala hi work karta hai,,,total time waste :(

  97. indra says:


  98. harsimran says:

    today finally first time got 80% off coupon,,,,,,,,,

  99. geek says:

    Got 7 100% today and 1 80% … uploading snapshots of image shortly …

  100. Shivam says:

    today finally i got 1 – 80% & 1 – 40 % discount

  101. shobhit says:

    jaise hi aaya vaise hi

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemption.befkuf banate hai.kisi ne liya hai abhi tak

  102. Ankit Jain says:

    The time is 5:02pm and this is lie.Coupons were displayed and the message “This coupoin has reached maximum”

  103. vikram says:

    f off ebay

  104. Anivesh says:

    gone in 40 secs… applied fine…then reached maximum redemption s
    people using scripts are somehow eating the coupons it seems

  105. sonu says:

    waste of time. I have got early2-3 mins daily but not applicable going through netbanking and closed.

  106. Pramod says:

    It seems like ppl who do get coupons are buying very ordinary things. There are some world class products on ebay not easily available outside at very discounted prices already…
    Sanyo Eneloop (world’s best rechargeable batteries, made in Japan) / WD40 (made in USA) / Sennheiser headphones, multimeters etc…

  107. geek says:

    Google :)

  108. Anonymous says:

    @Geek: Out of curiousity, where do you work :) :) :)

  109. alex says:

    great geek..do take care of that jbl headphones today at 5…100% :P :P :P

    @ shuvam: dude how is your luck going on..did you get 100% today manually :P :P :P :P
    keep on trying..

  110. Boss says:

    Great Geek

  111. geek says:

    @Ravi @Shuvam You all don’t believe what I told you .. Here are the screenshots …


  112. Nauman Mohammed says:

    I suggest every 1 not waist your time in this deal as I tried it many times at the start of the deal but always it reached to max limit of use.

  113. Shuvam says:

    ha bhai khud hi 40 se 3 le lo
    hum koun hain :P

  114. geek says:

    @Ravi @Shuvam Got 3 100% today and 1 80% …. I will be attaching the screen shots shortly ….

  115. Bittu Boss says:

    wats the trick gotu?

  116. vinod says:

    It’s like buy train Ticket on TATKAL

  117. Gotu says:

    Great………. Great……….. Finally I got trick……….. got today 100% off coupon………… SUPERB……………….

  118. Rajesh says:

    11:01 not even 40% available

  119. Bittu Boss says:

    Displayed at 11:01 and were all gone.

  120. chiru says:

    Only 10% and 20% working today.. :)

  121. mmittal says:

    @sabyasachi …dear Not 100% of people using SMI who use the Ebay…
    so we can’t expect their success coments on SMI …..& sum people think that if they share their success …more people will tryd coupons …so their
    chances will be down..

  122. Pranay says:

    @sabyasachi… its not fake..but it may be a cheating because every day i try and i got only 2 times on 3rd Oct and 5th Oct…other days coupons not displayed on time and reached maximum limit…………i got 2 coupons of 100% off…..

  123. sabyasachi says:

    the person who wins will tell abt his success to everyone & never sits silently
    but here most coments r abt their failure. then where those coupons gone. who r those ppl, why r they hiding their success stories. we r not living in 19th century we r in 2013 & how many days we wl be cheated like dis?

  124. sabyasachi says:

    agar 100% off ke 40 coupon hote to 10-15 positive comment hote success ke
    lekin idhar to 95% logo ne kaha coupon applied & lost.. to fir wo coupon use kiya kisne
    jaago grahak jaago !!

  125. Nidhi says:

    Applied 100% coupon and application was successful but after clicking pay button for confirmation, all gone.. lost my 100% coupon, got nothing…! Very Bad.

  126. Arup says:

    Utter bull shit this. Just a gimmick of Ebay to increase traction on their website. Today I tried to use coupons within 5 seconds beyond 5 PM and still only the 10% one worked. This is nothing but sheer trickery employed by Ebay to increase traffic on their website. Only a miracle can let you redeem the 100, 80 % coupons. I’ll call this an exercise in time wasting and nothing else.

  127. raj says:

    @swati yes swati true.. 10% is workiing only.
    no need to display ebay coupouns for 15 mins, display it for 5 seconds.

    bcoz after 5 seconds message come This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

    otherwise technical error, or eBay coupon is currently being processed on another order.If the order is unsuccessful, you may be able to use this coupon again after 60 minutes

  128. amit says:

    can automation script purchase full product like netbanking & debit card deduction

  129. Soumya says:

    Sorry, the eBay coupon is currently being processed on another order.If the order is unsuccessful, you may be able to use this coupon again after 60 minutes. If you do not wish to wait, you could try another coupon or proceed to payment.

  130. amit says:

    anyone sucessful

  131. Swati says:

    only 10% is working… what a stupid deallll

  132. raj says:

    Sorry, the eBay coupon is currently being processed on another order.If the order is unsuccessful, you may be able to use this coupon again after 60 minutes. If you do not wish to wait, you could try another coupon or proceed to payment.

    daily new message comes..

  133. harsimran says:

    @alex can anyone tell us a bit that how to make use of scripts and copy the coupons??

  134. Ravi says:

    One more problem I suspect is that, ebay certainly will have n number of web servers clustered across the world…So when they update coupons it is taking some time (may be 1 – 2 minutes) to replicate to other servers…within that time coupon limits are exceeded by others. :((((((((((((((((((((

    I am getting coupons only after 11.02 or 5.02…thats why…So LUCK should also be there…

  135. Ravi says:

    @Geek…Good one…However I tried so many automated scripts but getting HTTP errors and 500 error…But I got two 100% so far by entering manually…I have 2Mbps connection :)

  136. Shuvam says:

    @geek i do not require any script or bot. already got 6 manually. better use ur technolies in other place :P
    ebay not running the offer for users like you.

  137. aelx says:

    @mania and me: I am not playing any tricks guys..we are living in the world of automation. copy paste wont work if you want to stand out in the crowd.
    You gotta write some scripts and make the whole system automated. Just think for a sec how savemoneyindia is able to post the coupons on its website within fraction of micro seconds after the coupons are displayed on ebay..coz it is running a full automated system. It is correct that you can get coupons if u just do copy paste but in that you would be one in 40000 people. But if u r running script, you would be one in 400..This is the difference.
    I was also doing manually earlier but failed everytime. My friend Geek is perfectly correct. Thats how I am able to get discounts.and i am sure Shuvam is also running scripts.
    Jo bhi software engineer hai and jisne bhi college me dhang se phadayi ki hai vo Geek ka comment aaraam se samajh jayega :)

  138. geek says:

    @Ravi: What I can predict is ebay has done some sort of handling to detect whether a bot or automated script is running … VuGen is some crap tool .. I have written the entire script with some of the latest technologies like nodjs, perl and jquery… It is impossible for ebay to detect whether a bot is running …. Only thing which ebay can do and that is the reason why I have been failing many times is because of the following:

    a) Whenever coupon goes live on this site, “http://deals.ebay.in/ebaydeals/promo/” my script detects it that instant and applies it on the ebay site… This is spontaneous and ebay can do a handling of delaying the apply of coupon by 1 seconds… and by the time my script goes in a loop, some one does it manually …( The error for the same is 500 Internal Server error on application of coupon)

    b) Another thing is my blown off intenet(512kbps) I did get 2 100% using 512kbps but I failed today.

    Anyways guys Best of Luck !!! eBay Rocks !!!!

  139. ricky says:

    What scripts?

  140. geek says:

    Hey Shuvam .. Are you running scripts or you are doing it manually ? … Something went wrong today …… Was this order done today ?

  141. Cool says:

    @Varun Completely agree with you on both the points.

  142. Shivam says:

    what is this “manual script”???????????????
    pls tell us .

  143. geek says:

    Hey All !!! Did anyone get to work 100 and 80% today … I was running automated scripts and the instant coupons gave live, there was 500 internal server error from the coupon apply ajax request … Do reply ? I think something went wrong either from ebay or my side …. I have already got 2 100% and 1 80% till now ..

  144. varun says:

    Well….. If nne reads and observes the timiing for displaying of coupon each time, one will find that at exacct time the coupons are displayed on ebay site and 95% of the responses are coupon expired. you need to understand the followng things :

    1) – If only one coupon is eligible for redemeptioin say not 40 as given for 100% – then each and every person can apply that coupon and that coupon will remain active until and unless first person OR in ebay’s case 40 person don’t make a full payment, NOW – I am a regular online shopper I haven’t oberved or seen anyone applying coupons – making necessary payments through payment gateways within even 20-30 seconds, So, it is a clear proof that someting is very wrong.

    2) – If you refresh the ebay deals page again and again you will find previous coupons displaying for a second and vanishing, is it just a technical error or something is cooked behind.

    If filing of consumer case applcations was easy I would have filed a forgery case against ebay and ebay would have to produce atleast the names of the person who have bought orders under this deal.

    Well it is ebay’s time because 400 Rupees are not for Free, Soon the time will come when many others genuine site will bring such offers, it would then be the time to take our revenge and kiss Ass of ebay’s….!!

  145. Pramod says:


  146. VENKAT says:

    yest,today coupons is something there !!! all are max..reached expect 10%coupon, ???

  147. shivam says:

    nothing is working except 10%.

  148. chiru says:

    To day coupons are displayed 11:02. Except 10%, All are Exceed max Error.. Shit..:)

  149. lucky guy says:

    i have to thank god for giving luck to me. I bought a 2 bhk flat, 1 car etc.. all with these ebay coupons

  150. Gotu says:

    All 100, 80, 40, 20 % Coupons finish in 1 Second only…………….. Only 10% work…………… What rubbish…….

  151. Anonymous says:

    BULLSHIT NOTHING PURE CHEATING TODAY…coupons over before display

  152. Me says:

    Hey maina you are wrong here because i was also thinking like you but i got 80% yesterday. I can give proof i have a screenshot give me you email i will mail it to u. and i also think that there is no trick alex is just saying like kids that i got u have not.

  153. Maina says:

    I got twelve 100% and seven 80% and four 40% and still counting….

    Do you believe it? No, right?

    Then just ignore Alex and other’s messages who tries to fool others.

  154. Ravi says:

    Friends, This is a promotional offer and the code is programmed to display automatically at the stipulated times. The codes are decided only 30 minutes before the time and thus nobody can guess it. Also running scripts (including automation scripts like VuGEN) are blocked automatically by our system. So dont fool others and it is really hard to get it. Luck matters here.

  155. sandeep karan says:

    Be realistic guys an online seller will give you discount not because the seller loves you, they want traffic for their websites and also want you to do impulsive buying.

    In regard to ebay I can only say that usually the flat Rs.100 or Rs.200 are the best coupon which ebay offers. We all know ebay prices are higher than anywhere else so buy stuffs that are not easily available offline. It is for sure ebay has variety that no retailer can ever dream of having.

    Last month I used Rs.200 of coupons to buy some cables and connectors which took me number of days to explain my local electronic shop to understand.

    I bought a micro hdmi female to hdmi male connecter from ebay. You will not find this connector anywhere but only ebay. I even looked for this connector in a electronic complex in Bangkok but in vain.

  156. ricky says:

    @alex, dude whats the trick?
    @sripad, how to run manual scripts?

  157. sripad says:

    run manual scripts it is fastest method !

  158. alex says:

    @rajat….I got 80% yesterday and two 100% and two 80% today :P :P :P…ab bol jhunduu kon hai beta….and tu bas 40% he lena…I will get 100% coz I know the trick.. :P

  159. Pranay says:

    @Rajesh Sama….i also got the same message..it was because….the time was not 11.00 AM the coupons were active from 11.00.00 AM.When the time was 11.00.00 i applied the coupon and it worked…..i got a 100% off coupon…

  160. VENKAT says:

    i agree with rajesh sama today 5.00pm i was applied 100% after that message showing “This coupon can be used only from 05-10-2013? Please try with another coupon” again i applied 40% coupon i was got it ;-)

  161. Rajesh Sama says:

    Today (05-10-2013) morning I got the coupons at 10:59am. When I tried the coupons I got the error message as “This coupon can be used only from 05-10-2013″ Please try with another coupon.

    What a funny message :-)

    Sometimes I am getting some security error message.

  162. Deepak says:

    ends in 2 sec. nothing got…
    give any idea to get fast….

    Thanks in advance…..

  163. Veerendra Prabhu says:

    I got 380 Rs off for a Wifi router

    Great deal

    :) i had applied80 coupans earlier which failed during payment.. I thought it was completely fake..then i tried 40 and 20 percent and it worked .. Keep on trying and you might get successfull..

  164. Jatin says:

    Is there any business without profit? All discount coupons are fake. If you have found a cheap product and applied coupon ebay will cancel your order. I think every body have noticed that. So sometimes a waste of time giving e bay a large no of hits

  165. siddhant says:

    any recommendations for products to buy???

  166. PKL says:

    Time now is 5.19pm. but above post of savemoneyindia is showing posted at 35 min.ago…
    How it is possible

  167. Amandeep says:

    thankssssssssssssssss a ton smi finnaly
    i got it!!!!!!!!!11

  168. VENKAT says:

    hey i got 40%,thanks ebay and smi

  169. Vicky says:

    was not even applied

  170. Dev says:

    Today I got 80% coupon :D

  171. EBAY says:


  172. Rahul says:

    When I put Coupon on order…. Error comes.. Coupon not placed… why its happening today ??

  173. Sam says:

    me too.. :) on 2nd oct..

  174. abhishek says:

    till now got 1 coupon 100%..:)

  175. Pranay says:

    Guy today i got 100% off….coupon..this is the second time i got 100% off…1st was on 3rd Oct and today..

  176. sripad says:

    if u can run manual scripts by any automation program then u can transact the fastest.
    some ppl r doing this hence coupon expire so fast

  177. sripad says:

    from mobikwik i purchased a coupon i will share this 20% off coupon here.
    on purchase rs 500 or more u willl get maximum rs.100 discount. must be accnt’s 1st purchase.
    Get 20% OFF @ ebay.in
    Offer Code: BDP7M1OJVN

    dont forget to thank who uses it

  178. P@L says:

    Thank u SMI for sharing the coupan befor ebay.
    Placed 2 orders successfully 40 and 20 .

  179. sripad says:

    yes today i also applied 100% but tech error.. new trick to fool people !!
    all r publicity stunt..

  180. lokesh says:

    100%——- 40 ==================Rs.400.00
    80% ——–60===================Rs.400.00
    60% ——–80 ==================Rs.400.00
    20% ——-120==================Rs.400.00
    10% ——-150 ==================Rs.400.00

  181. shank says:

    Now ebay allows most of the people to apply 100% 80% coupon and then gives technical error.
    Another way to fool people.

  182. Pramod says:

    Even after applying 100% over rs390 ebay has to process payment,..WTF?

  183. shub says:

    successfully applied 100% coupon but shows technical error and after 2 minutes redirect to payment page and when I select card and click on pay shows maximum redemption allowed

  184. Karthik says:

    Got 32gb Class 10 memory card for 1250….in 20% off…

  185. KIDA KAPOOR says:


  186. atul says:

    applied 80% successfully

  187. Shivam says:

    Now ebay is making fool to buyers. they are giving coupons after successful apply they are on payment page techinal eoor show & say we Apolized don’t give make cheating .

  188. Vicky says:

    my 100% was also applied four times but it was not processing.

  189. Vicky says:

    Got 80% finally

  190. Bhupendra says:

    If you really want to purchase something with discounted rate, directly apply 40% discount coupon. Don’t go for 100% or 80%. I have successfully applied and ordered using 40% coupon. Whenever I have applied 100% or 80% coupon, have faced the same technical error message at the time of payment.

  191. chainik says:

    applied 100% 80% 40% success fully and then service unavailable …
    10% is alive any one can use it …

  192. Ram says:

    Jaffa website..I successfully applied both 100% and 80%off coupons but for both of them it was thrown a technical error..

  193. ankit says:

    i used 100% coupon at 11:01 am. sucessfull applied. but on payment page techinal eoor show & say we apllolize. what is this so cheap promotion strategy

  194. Dev says:

    Sorry, but we’re facing some technical problems right now. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.While the problem is being fixed, you can browse our Community Boards for some fun and interesting discussions and chats.

  195. munish says:

    banate hai ebay wale, aage se koi coupon ni try karna ebya.in par, fraud hai sale, payment page par techinal eroor show kar dete. fraud fraud

  196. Ganesh says:

    successfully applied 100% coupon but damn ebay could not process the order

  197. online shopee says:

    poor man coupon applied 80% but technical problem

  198. sd says:

    applied 80% coupon and same technical problem for payment .

  199. Anivesh says:

    today applied 100% coupon successfully….had 0 rs. to pay… then when clicked pay now HTTP service unavailable…

  200. Boss says:

    Sorry, but we’re facing some technical problems right now. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  201. sanjiv says:

    payment karne par yeh eroor show hota, Sorry, but we’re facing some technical problems right now. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.. what the hell ebay fraud hai.

  202. sripad says:

    no man shuvam uses RAJNITEL ?G

  203. varun says:

    sasta and ghatiya tarika hai website popular karne kaa. i try to use their coupon every time whenever they offer from last year. but never successful. it’s better to visit shopclues, tradus and homeshop18 they offer better discunt daily

  204. Man says:

    @Pranay….Shuvam uses RAJNITEL 3 G…!!!

  205. KUMAR says:

    ebay fool

  206. Pranay says:

    @shuvam..which internet connection do u use while using these coupons?

  207. Pranay says:

    @sagar..i know the time of the coupon…but they are not displayed on time….i refreshed many times….but untill 5.04 pm the coupons were not displayed…

  208. Nidhi says:

    got 80% 2 time but even after making payment via net banking after pressing pay button on final step an error occurs, which exploit the all efforts. Same with 40% and 20% coupons, got twice but same result. Till now only 10% coupon r successful and even payment is successful paying via debit card.

  209. geek says:

    I got one 80% applied at 5:20pm.. From this probably I predict that due to concurrent transaction, ebay is trying to block the coupon for sometime and later on it works :) Guys write a script to do the same … It worked for me today :)

  210. siddhant says:

    unbelievable but
    have got 4 100% coupons till now :)

  211. alex says:

    @rajat…beta 3 baar laga k chod diya 40%..i am waiting for 80 or more else its ok..i am not a fool to order at 40% off…coz I know the prices they have shown now are far more than the actual…it is just *) and 100% coupons that could compensate or generate profit for u..not anything else….samajh gye beta

  212. alex says:

    people just buy if you are getting 100% or 80%..if you are going below that than that would be stupid..josh me aake koi bhi coupon lga k order mat kero..you cn get cheaper product than that outside..

  213. Vicky says:

    So what your point Sagar?

  214. Praveen says:

    Aaj ebay.in(Home Page) par pahle aa gaye the sabhi coupons

  215. rajat says:

    @alex tu kyn uchal rha h tusse to wo bhi nhi lga jhandu

  216. Pavan says:

    Only 10% Coupon works. Probably they give just one deal for 100%, 80% and 40%. 2 to 3 deals for 20%. People who are very lucky will get those deals. For everyone else, they can just try with bekaar 10% Coupon. This coupon will definitely work the moment coupons are displayed on the website.

  217. Sagar says:

    Mr Pranay and Mr. Vicky
    eBay Coupons will be displayed on Crazy Diwali Sale twice a day between 11:00 am to 11:15 am and 5:00 pm to 5:15 pm during the 15 days.

  218. alex says:

    @ebay…10% coupon ki to aise insult ho rhi hai bichara abhi tak lag rha hai…kuch to izzat rehegi coupon ki :P :P

  219. Pramod says:

    Argo…err Ebay yourself

  220. Rohit says:

    Hamnei Ebay pe time waste kiya aur humei kya mila?…………………………
    …………………..BABAJI KA THULLU!!!
    Its fake, i have refreshed the page several times but no coupon came till 5:03 and when it came it shows that coupon displayed around 5:00:10sec
    How can it be possible ??
    EBAY tumnei na ho payega, Logon ka ullu banana chodh do

  221. Sunil says:

    only 10% off working, all others reached maximum redemptions. all the coupons already expired before display, how is it possible.?

  222. alex says:

    @rajat abe 40% leke kya jhande gaad diye..itna to kai baar lag gaya..but 40% lena kisko hai..isse se to sasta vaise he mil jayega

  223. Pranay says:

    Get lost Ebay……the coupons not even displayed till 5.04 PM…hw do we even get the coupon…..

  224. EBAY says:

    not even 20% availablee

  225. vikram says:

    Hmmm i guess ebay is not giving the coupn

    they are cheating customers…
    i got the offer last time… but not this time…

    every time they say either the coupn limit usage is exceeded… or after acceptn coupn it sayss coupn limit exceeded…


  226. EBAY says:

    AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 WTFF

  227. rajat says:

    got 40%

  228. manpreet says:

    same thing again what happened today morning… the displayed coupon at 5.04pm and there were 11 minutes remaining..
    fuddu bna rahe ne..

  229. Vicky says:

    all over

  230. ajk says:

    Abe SMI tum kyu coupon paste krte ho… Koi fayda h kya?? Log to ebay ki site se hi dekhenge?

  231. Vicky says:

    RIP ebay

  232. Pranay says:

    @vicky yes you are right….the coupons were displayed at 11.02 yet the remaining time was 13 minutes…..it was a cheating……

  233. iashish says:

    got rs 400 off on 2490…applied 20% coupon..:D

  234. Pranay says:

    @Anivesh ..Surely something was wrong….for me also coupons were displayed after 11.02 AM …..all the coupons were exceeded even the 20 % were not available……..

  235. Prateek Jain says:

    i was constantly refreshing the offer page for the coupon and as soon as i got to copy one and applied i got the message coupon already expired.
    to my astonishment the coupon was yesterday’s coupon and by the time i realized that todays’s coupon went out and reached maximum limit..
    Damnn..wtf..i was quite fast for them..:-P

  236. Sunny28 says:

    Thanks ebay & SMI . I ordered WANTRN® 3 IN 1 Electric Mosquito Killer Machine by getting 20% coupon. Keep trying guys,you may get lucky.

  237. Gaurav Singh Dabi says:

    ebay.in par coupons display hote hi nahi..

  238. Anonymous says:


  239. Vicky says:

    friends aaj 11:02 pe aaye tab time remaining 13 minutes tha. i am right?

  240. Vicky says:

    Baba ji ka thullu.

  241. Nikhil says:

    i can bet today’s coupon were not genuine.

  242. Anivesh says:

    definite locha today….coupons werent displayed till 11.02… and as soon as they were there….reached maximum usage…….FU ebay…. see u @5pm

  243. Sarath says:

    SMI, you have posted later today.

  244. rasik says:

    got baba ji ka thulooooo ::::::::

  245. guru says:

    gone within 10 secs :(

  246. Bipeen says:

    I got 100%

  247. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Technical problems error = Coupon usage limit reached.

  248. mmittal says:

    Got 40% coupon after 5 unsucessful 80% attempts in 2 days….purchased orignal leather belt

  249. SUNDEEP REDDY says:

    same case with me too

    lost faith in ebay.in

  250. deepak says:

    succesfully applied 80% coupan.

  251. Nidhi says:

    Got 2 coupons of 80% and 40% but when check out shows technical problem. unable to complete payment.. wasted both coupons due to technical error.. it always shows these error, never make successful payment for any product..

  252. N M Rao says:

    Cheats….they published the coupon @ 5.04 PM and block the payment gateway as error occurred. Finally within minute all coupons exceeds limit except 10% discount coupon was working. New method to sell their product didn’t expect from ebay.

  253. Rock says:

    Got 100% off coupon successful but when proceed to payment error what is this?????

    Again Got 80% off coupon and same again..

    ebay / smi pls clarify

  254. Amandeep says:

    always coupon gets applied but payment gateway does not connect :(

  255. FARAZ AHMED says:

    100% redeemed but…………. coupon exceed error.

  256. sd says:

    same story – got 5 -6 times technical error page and then ebay said to refresh the page :(

  257. Anonymous says:

    100% redeemed but…………….. coupon exceed

  258. geek says:

    Guys !!! It has to be done with writing manual scripts.. It wont work with copy paste …

  259. Chaitanya says:

    even the same case with me as well :(

  260. sanjubaba says:

    EBAY DOWN !!

    HA HA – they haven’t guts to handle such amount of users …..

    40% applied

  261. prasad says:


  262. RAVI says:

    well well.. if you are having normal internet package , then don’t go for 100% and 80% coupons, instead try 40% or lower , as the probability after successful application of coupon for maturing into complete order is nearly 70 to 80%.. try it.

  263. manpreet says:

    technical error

  264. sripad says:

    shuvam ka 4 order sucess lekin hamara technical error !!

  265. vishal says:

    have successfully applied 80% coupon bt it shows error during payment ,
    and whn i refresh d page n tryin again tht tym it shows error of maximum redemption

  266. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    Today I applied 100% off coupon but when clicked on pay option, it open a page of internal error and showed “data not received”. I think, ebay are fooling people. May be that they are providing very this discount to very less fortunate people.

  267. vishal says:

    same case with me too :(

  268. joydeep says:

    Successfully applied 80%, proceeded for netbanking payment, then received following –

    “Sorry, but we are facing some technical problems….@#$%^!&!^$@# !!! ”

    Congratulations to the winners…

  269. sripad says:

    80% applied but on proceed technical error.
    oye pura ebay site hi fraud he

  270. Anivesh says:


  271. siddhant says:

    till now have got only two 100% off coupon
    dat too on very first 2 days
    after that have not got any coupon

  272. sabyasachi says:

    @swapnil & @sripad i wanna say u both that i posted this link in prev ebay deal.
    sirf copy paste jante ho kya
    if u dont believe visit http://www.savemoneyindia.com/ebay-aazadi-rocks-sale-100-off-80-off-40-off-20-off-10-off
    look the last comments i posted there abt the direct promo link

  273. xyz says:

    even we people are smart enough
    we are using the same page:)

  274. sabyasachi says:

    ebay will give only n only 800 coupons from 1st oct – 15th oct
    they have only 40 (100%), 60 (80%), 80 (40%), 120 (20%), 500 (10%) coupons to give within offer period

    ebay sabko bewkuf bana raha hai.. socho dimag lagao 5sec ke andar coupon khatam hojata hai aur sabko pata hai ki payment process to minimum 15sec lag jata hai succesful payment karne ko(login id,password,or card details,CVV,SBI ka sms confirm msg,etc)

    if during payment coupon max redem then payment gateway will not debit ur accnt & wl redirect to ebay saying payment not done

  275. Pranay says:

    the coupons were released at exact 11.00 AM i was trying since 10.58….and i knew i would not get 100% off so i was trying to copy 80% off ….instead by mistake 100% off coupon got selected and and i entered …i got lucky and got 100% off…..i was like shivering after i got the coupon…i couldn’t believe myself….so don’t get back try your level best ..if u have luck u will get the coupon.

  276. Swapnil says:



    to stream coupons page directly.
    U hav 2 b smart enough :-P

  277. manpreet says:

    swapnil@ koi oor jhuut bolna hai…. vo bhi likh do…

  278. balaji says:

    worst deal..

  279. R1 says:

    Got 80% today…

  280. Pranay says:

    Got 100% off coupon….today is my lucky day….:)

  281. Vicky says:

    one more liar comes @swapnil. We may have believed if you have said 11:00 instead on 10:57 lol

  282. VENKAT says:

    in 3 sec i have used the 100% coupon and it worked but during payment shows , reached maximum limit….???????

  283. Swapnil says:

    Coupons were displayed at 10:57 today..
    Got 40% :-)

  284. manpreet says:


  285. Vicky says:

    They were not even applied today

  286. manpreet says:


  287. sanjiv says:

    making fool.i use aal coupon on 11:01 pm. aal coupon same roor its reached his limit. plz use some anoter couoon. how this possible aals coupon expires in 1 minutes. what a cheting game play by ebay.in. byt cot ebay now

  288. Sudha says:

    @TN-Bala: he is right we cant blame anyone.Its 100% luck.Last time i got 3 items at 80% this time none till now.

  289. Veer says:

    ebay.in, bana raha hai public ko !!!

  290. Amit Bansal says:

    in 5 sec i have used the coupon and it worked but during payment shows , reached maximum limit

  291. Amandeep Singh says:

    GOT 40%

  292. TN-Bala says:

    To All:

    Irrespective of whatever (100, 80, 40, 20, 10) coupon you apply, your transaction MUST complete within the maximum eligible redemption reaches. If maximum redemption count reaches when you are at any stage (Login, Paying, Applying Coupon, etc etc), then you are lost. It is purely 100% luck and DO NOT BLAME anyone including Ebay.

    Ebay is not a small portal guys, thousands and thousands of people will try 100% coupon same time when we try, but only 40 people will get it. So Try Try Try. Nothing else you can do.

    Note: When same kind of coupons given last time, I tried 10+ times but only one coupon I could win.

    So Dont blame anyone.

  293. Sachin Ruia says:

    used 40% coupon…

  294. CoolCB says:

    No coupon is working except 10%…I tried immediately after coupons go live……faaaaaaltussssssssss

  295. KSY says:

    80% laga but after payment details. coupon reached max limit…cheating

  296. Gotu says:

    fake, fake & fake…….. Ebay is just Fake Site…… Doing Time Pass with us……….

  297. ajeet says:

    got 80% discount coupon

    Payment details:

    Paid By:Net Banking Bank:State Bank Of India
    Order Total: Rs. 349.00
    Coupon Discount:- Rs.279.20

    Total Amount: Rs. 69.80

  298. amit says:


  299. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Today i got Pen Drive 8gb worth Rs. 399 for absolutely free.

    Thanks SMI.

  300. online shopee says:

    Not possible only 20 % available

  301. ajk says:

    Chor hain… Mera coupon lag gya tha 100 % but jab pay Button click kiya toh reached maximum eligible redemptions. How is that possible.

  302. online shopee says:

    not possible only 20% discount

  303. Sam says:

    Really 100% worked for me too…

  304. ARSENAL says:

    shuvam which net do u use ?

    tht is pretty impressive wt u hv done !!


  305. Sam says:

    Wow…! that’s great you are lucky…

  306. Shuvam says:

    got total 4 till now
    3 yesterday 80% off, 100% 0ff today


    its all about ur speed and ur net speed :D

  307. FARID AHMED says:

    Sab bekwakuff banate hain ebay wale, 11:00 and 30 sec pe 80 percent and 100 percent cohpon expire batata hai, sab ebay ke member hi redeem kar lete honge mujhe toh yahi lagta hai frnds.

  308. vishal says:

    fraud hai sab k sab

  309. vibha says:

    please do not waste time , i have very good experience with ebay, if by chance the coupon works also , by the time you make payment, it will expire or sometimes after making payment you will get msg you have allready initiated payment request , this means your transaction is missing and amount debited also ebay does not reissue any coupon in case of transaction failure, i would rather say beaware people its just promotion .

  310. vishnav says:

    40% coupon worked for me.thanks SMI & Ebay

  311. VENKAT says:

    I agree with APARABAL KUMAR,what your saying 100% correct,I got 100% when i was paying it was showing “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemption. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

    time waste,10% was worked more than 14.00 min…check…,what was thinking ebay ???

  312. sitar says:

    do you think they r fools to give things at 100% off or 80% off. they only give 20% or 10%.

  313. Prasad says:

    Only 10% coupon working.

  314. kiran says:

    None if them worked except 10% within 5 sec

  315. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    Only 20% and 10% coupon was working, in other case, it was showing “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”. Although I started to use from high value coupon.

  316. Man says:

    Wastage of Time only, nothing else……..Poor Ebay!1!

  317. VENKAT says:

    I applied the 80% coupon and message come successfully i was select the bank other banks option and click the payment option ,it is showing maxmium coupon reached,how it possible already message came successfully…I think ebay given 2 or 3 coupon only ,they are cheating the customers time and money waste…..

  318. Manas says:

    This is a total waste of time . A lot of advertisement but not much of coupon which is in the opening day as a less people know about it . let’s try tomorrow!!!!!

  319. Gaurav says:

    Ebay is nothing.. They want just traffic & Clicks… Time Pass offers…

    Today I place order at Ebay with 80% off Coupon, Coupon apply Successfully, My payment was cut, I got message on my mobile regarding payment cut & on next side ebay saying, They cant get my payment…

    foolish site…. JUST TIME PASS OFFER OF EBAY..

  320. Kunal says:

    phir se logon ka phuddu bana rahe ho

  321. Shweta says:

    Thanks SMI.. you are simply great.. and thanks to Ebay too…
    what an offer…!!
    I have purchase 3 bikni with 80% off coupon…!!
    Enjoy the deal…!!

  322. chandrashekhar says:

    got this for free, lets c if they honor

    Seller: megastoreindia ( 3 )
    Item title Price
    Shipping price
    Qty Item total
    Samsung 8GB Memory Card (MicroSDHC) – Class4- with original bill ( 261294549709 )

    Rs. 399.00 Free 1 Rs. 399.00

    Subtotal Rs. 399.00
    Coupons, gift cards, discounts -Rs. 399.00
    Total Rs. 0.00

  323. Shailubaba says:

    Really Noutanki..

    site is stuck in Additional Security Validation (Trying from chrome).

    I hope they will cover this BUG shortly.

  324. Vicky says:

    Don,t Say it, We know will still try.

  325. Nidhi says:

    Only 10% coupon working..!

  326. sripad says:

    have u seen that today coupon came late? but i tried 100% coupon within 5 sec of coupon display by using this link http://deals.ebay.in/ebaydeals/promo/ but max redemption howz it possible. i use this link to bypass large page loading

    on retry ebay started some code/captha verification & on typing correct code it didnt accepted.

    i here guarantee that ebay team dont want to give anything its a just publicity & to increase hits to their website.
    its 100% true my dear INDIAN brothers n sisters.. just read my comment & think again

  327. sam says:

    kisi ko kuch mila ho to share karo mera to time waist hua coupon lagth hai next page pe expire ho jata hai

  328. mike says:

    Sab banane ki baat hai

  329. xyz says:

    got 80% coupan but page redirected back

  330. jain says:


  331. WR says:

    satyanass ho ebay ka!!!!!!!!!

  332. shank says:

    forget 100% code, not even 10% code was working for me.
    Total marketing gimmick.

  333. vabnish says:

    total waste of time………..fudu na bano 22 logo…..

  334. zeesahn says:

    coupon came at 5:03 pm
    80 off was applied
    and just i pressed pay button it has reached its maximum redemption

    realy a complete waste of time

  335. kiran says:

    aray yar coupan code tho dekha hi nahi

  336. jain says:


  337. Mehul Shah says:

    Nautanki shuru for 15 days.waste of time, energy & money.

  338. Swapnil says:

    Seems that ebay is back with its old shit..
    Please read the post below before wasting time.


  339. Sunil says:

    got 80% off….payment debited but order unsuccesfull…..ebay site given technical error.

  340. sripad says:

    why SMI? those who visited ebay today only knew the offer is coming. less people knew it.
    i was thinkin smi not posted it & i can buy with ease at 5 pm.
    as u not posted at 11am today why u posted now, try to understand u shd have post it at 5pm today

  341. GURJIT S THIND says:

    Heighest value coupon ton lug hi nhi rhe
    only lower value coupon apply ho rhe hain
    woh bhi lower price products par

  342. trendin says:

    got this time 400 off on 800

  343. xyz says:

    can any tell me what is the maximum price of the product to get the offer?

  344. abhishek says:

    Loot hai

  345. Sarthak says:

    There are Limited choices………….Its written “save on every deal” but they only have 5 laptops in their sale……

  346. ashish says:

    nothing till now already 8:02am

  347. Faheem says:

    To all this is the link of WD 500 GB External Hard Disk on Ebay under Lowest price challenge – http://www.ebay.in/itm/231063606529 priced at ?3582 where can you get the price lower than this….

  348. SANJU says:


  349. Sarthak says:

    Is there any idea guys will they be providing discount coupons for the same?

  350. zeesahn says:

    loot for those who dont compare prices and buy blindly

    not for those who r well experinced

    prices is much high after those discounts also

  351. SP says:

    32gb class 10 card before around 1400rs
    now with offer 1557rs just fooling the customer’s

  352. SANJEEV KUMAR says:

    prices are higher after discount too comparing to other websites.

  353. Vicky says:

    BTW Diwali have a large time to come for now

  354. vikrant says:

    Please update me for good deals

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