eBay Rs. 100 off on Purchase of Rs. 500

ebay100MobiKwik is selling eBay Rs. 100 off on Purchase of Rs. 500 Coupon for Rs. 5. Valid only on first eBay transaction.

Offer: MobiKwik (Offers > eBay-Offers)

8 Responses to “eBay Rs. 100 off on Purchase of Rs. 500”

  1. sripad says:

    This voucher has been used previously. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment.

    i used a complete new accnt & paisapay shows this error.
    yup its not authentic

  2. AB says:

    Not Authentic! Same coupon each time.

  3. AJ says:

    #SMI even i got d same coupon.talk to them about this ..as its not just about money but about authenticity.

  4. yasin gori says:

    i have parchesds to coupons they are sending to same coupons code every thing .i have wasted my money.

  5. raghubar says:

    dont purchase .they will send R2XQLB99ET to everyone.

  6. Rahul says:

    I have purchased two coupons and they are sending same coupon code everytime. I have wasted my money :-(

  7. Mehul Shah says:

    Its only for those who havent purchased anything from eBay yet.

  8. raghubar says:

    @smi, have u checked their coupon before posting here?
    i purchased their coupon.they are sending already used coupon and every time, they send same coupon code.
    so better, post anything after checking.

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