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electronics100Offer removed from PayTm Website.

• Electronics 100% Cashback Sale on 22nd January, 12PM.
• Cashback can be used to Recharge, Pay Bills, Buy Products from 500+ Categories or Book Bus Tickets.

100% Cashback Promo Code: (use Promo Code from product page)

Buy: Electronics

241 Responses to “Electronics 100% Cashback – PayTm”

  1. vamshi says:

    please dont give this waste code

  2. sri says:

    swati code expired tell me whats the code please tell me write now

  3. VIVEK says:

    Paytm surf time waste kara raha he aaur kuchh nehi

  4. ankit says:

    April fool banane ka kam suru kar diya

  5. swati says:


  6. Praveen says:

    Full100 expired

  7. sri says:


  8. Ravi says:

    No sale no Gain

  9. Rinku says:

    Bakwaas…there is no sale…SMI please post only if you have confirmed information..dont post roumurs..

  10. Praveen says:

    Kahan h sale

  11. nitesh says:

    bhad me jaye smi..
    paytm 100% sale kaha hai time wastage

  12. bhargav says:

    no prior information about the offer in website

  13. Praveen says:

    Bhai ankit… kuch nhi pta chlta… na time ka or na hi net ka… hahaba

  14. ankit says:

    muje is bar time or net mujhe dono lose nhi karna

  15. Praveen says:

    Aa gai sale… j baat

  16. Atul says:

    Paytm lut gayi lagta hai tabhi ne 100% deal hi on nahi ki kal bhi dar gaya tha tho postpond kar diya tha???

  17. Praveen says:

    Kisi ko nhi pta kya???

  18. love says:

    Next sell kab hai

  19. Praveen says:

    Next sale kb aa rhi h … kuch Flash hi nhi ho rha…

  20. AC says:

    I got one 19″ HD LED @60 rs only. Thanks SMI & PAYTM.

  21. Change India says:




    YES OR NO??

  22. Abhi says:

    Isko bolte h ullu banana, mobile ka transparent cover order kiya usme shipping 90 rs le liya, market me uska 80 rs hi h. Achha hua tum log paytm me fraud se Bach gay. Paytm is very faraud.

  23. dinu says:


  24. harish says:

    nothing available

  25. Hari says:

    Waste of time…nothing available.
    All are out of stock

  26. Manav says:

    Is KO kehte hai khud hi apne paav per kulhadi marna… Bani banayi ijjat gawana… How cud Paytm become trusted like amazon ??? If will this like wrong activities…!!

  27. anil gupta says:


  28. sumit says:

    Those saying they got this they got that for free i think making us fool only this kinda sale r just to increase website TRP only

  29. yeeshu says:

    Only waste of time
    Jab dekho out of stock
    Paytm company is totally fuddu.

  30. Anand says:

    All item out of stock what a joke

  31. lucky says:

    All products are Out of Stock

  32. shail says:

    Got Ambrane P-200 2000 mAh Power Bank for Free

  33. Raghu says:

    If you have to keep only out of stock items then why this sale… time waste.

  34. VIVEK says:

    Hiiii paytm you are so sweet. You wished April full in month of January. Sale is at 4p.m. then sale is at 5 p.m. ha ha ha

  35. Praveen says:

    Kbhi 4 to kabhi 5 bje show kr rha h

  36. charan shresti says:

    in paytm webiste its showing at 5 pm

  37. G D AIRAN says:

    now at 5.00 pm

  38. vicky says:

    Sale starts at 5:00 pm

  39. Samik says:

    Postponed to 5 !

  40. Bhavin says:

    time changed to 5 pm

  41. asddff says:

    Electronics & Mobiles 100% Cashback Sale – Next at 5:00 PM

  42. bhargav says:

    time changed to 5 pm

  43. sunil says:

    time change now its at 5pm

    announcing wrong time and getting clicks

  44. anil gupta says:

    paytm pagal thodae na hi ka apko mobile bhi free mae dae dae nahi usko mangna padage bhheek

  45. trilok chand says:

    Paytm ek badi company he.esi deal dena jisme item pahle se hi out of stock ho,paytm ko shobha nahi deta.

  46. bhupi says:

    sab offers paytm ke employees le marte hai, aur inko sirf web traffic se matlab hota hai, 10 minute hum logon ne inki site visit ki but mila kuch nhi, in kamino ne crores of rupees bna liye

  47. munish says:

    sab out of stock even 11.01 am, fake paytm fake offers, boycot the bullshit site paytm,

  48. akshay says:

    received one sandisk 8gb memory card for rs 20

  49. bhargav says:

    Wonderful sale, Without a single order, Item went out of stock

  50. Praveen says:

    Kuch nhi mila…

  51. Samik says:

    Got 4GB Memory Card & 8GB Pendrive but all costly items were Out of Stock at 11 only!

  52. MGM says:

    All are fake… everything is out of stock…

  53. shubham says:

    everything isn’t stock out but the code was expired..they are making fool.. you Paytm

  54. Ravi says:

    When item is available it says offer expired chal kya rha hai ye???

  55. kamal says:

    Khatam ho gaya paytm …

  56. Gags says:

    Now ppl know what’s actually going on…all items were sold out since the offer got live. The coupon code was available at 10:55 only but wasn’t able to apply. Only mobile backcovers are available that too cheap ones…i got one which is a local cover.

  57. Dhaval says:

    Fake sale from paytm. everything was sold out

  58. Bk says:

    Total fake, does any one got any thing? If yes, please mention your order number as well, so we can verify, is it fake or really true.

  59. charan shresti says:

    nothing is available…all are sold out…its just an game…not a single product available…

  60. Ravi says:

    All items out of stock…

  61. MN says:

    they are making fool just to increase traffic in their website.When u visit the page everything is out of stock

  62. MS Raj says:

    Everything out of stock already

  63. suri says:

    11:04 no code

  64. Az says:

    @anonymous : see the date of those comments .. lol ..

  65. Anonymous says:

    Deal to abhi start bhi nhi hui. People are so much excited that they dont even read deal start date.

  66. raj says:

    Bought 4 coolpix camera wort of rs 12000 for free

  67. Naddy says:

    Manage to get dell laptop back

  68. john nicholas says:

    don’t waste your time

  69. jeevan says:

    No link access for 100% cashback

  70. Raj says:

    Its not working

  71. swapnil says:

    Got Strontium Memory card fro free :-)

    I guess the trick was to have enough wallet balance to be able to check out quickly

  72. Dharmesh soni says:

    wait mat karo kisi ko kuchh milne vala nahi he

  73. balaji says:

    time waster..

  74. Dhaval says:

    coupen code applied but message comes that seller didnt ship item to your location. fake scheme by paytm.

  75. Rahul says:

    I didn’t saw any 32 inch led TV 2day…
    Which brand you got? @Sushul

  76. Venkat says:

    This time PAYTM playing games,once coupon applied,it is not going to payment gateway…3days i am facing the same problem product add the cart and coupon applied next step not going…I Think it is PAYTM trick…time waste…

  77. Sushul says:

    got 32 inch LED TV…owo wowww

    ty smi

  78. Anonymous says:

    dont waste ur time.Paytm se bachaooo.

  79. vivaswan says:


  80. Prasanna says:

    bought one 8Gb memory card.. but last time i bought 2 things from paytm for 100% cash back and paytm did not ship the item and cancle it.

    bakwas hai paytm… order accept kiya or cancle bhi kiya

  81. Vicky says:

    Got wd hardisk for free… Wd 500gb hard… Thanks paytm..

  82. Ranjiv says:

    out of stock in less than 1 minute.
    making fool, killing time.
    Negative rating to paytm.

  83. NANI says:

    waste deal error in checkout showing

  84. rohit chauhan says:

    Everything is already out of stock before sales start

  85. swapnil says:

    Error in checkout

  86. Prashant says:

    Phir se useless…site par jaate sare items out of stock…bevkoof bana raha hain bus

  87. pramod says:

    nothing is available

  88. Dars says:

    Friends .. the tweet option is best …we will come together and spread the awareness.. Why should they simply get good name in market and reach the top for no reason. Thier customer care is useless.. no support nothing… Full on cheating..Lage rahooo PAYTM

  89. raj says:

    i have received baba ji ki thullu from paytm 100% cb

  90. Thiyagaraj says:

    Ullu banawing

  91. aswini says:

    obsolutely fale sale…

  92. Raj says:

    kl mene kya esi language me bola tha kya jo kisi ne suni nhi thi pahle or samjh nhi aya… Paytm surf bna rha h logo ko or kuch nhi.. normal sale me .b wo sirf bnata . hh bewakoof logo ko

  93. Islam Khan says:

    We all should twit with #paytmmatkaro. Once this will trend in top tweets then only they will understand the power of a common man.

  94. Raju says:

    Guys my order also get cancelled.Lets take it them to task.FB Twitter par post karo and ask your friends to share it maximum.I am going to do that.Lets remind them that they can harass us like this .

  95. Lakhan says:

    Paytm is bad
    My 4 products candle in 17 June

  96. Deepak Verma says:

    My three previous 100% cashback order cancelled by Paytm. They are cheaters.

  97. Parth says:

    Bhai electronics mai kuch order h nai ho raha… 1 sec me out of stock bata raha hai…!!but fashion wale offer mai mere shoes aa gaye …100% cash back k sath

  98. jumar says:

    waste of time.

  99. Vivek says:

    Nothing free waste of time just practice how to do online shopping with heart burns lets forget this dirty game by PayTM and focus on the work

  100. hr says:

    PayTm fooling us again and again… :) :) :)

    AND loosing its reputation of a genuine online portal…

    Another trick by PayTm the sale items not displaying number of orders now… we know why?… number of orders are zero :) :) :)

    Amazing sales by PayTm… Bye Bye PayTm atleast from your 100% Sales…

  101. aa says:

    Logon ko vebkoof mat banao… Flipkart ki tarah

  102. Avi says:

    Sabko bana rahein hain…exactly at 11 am…all products out of stock!!

  103. rohit says:


  104. JATIN says:

    majak ki bhi ek hudh hoti hai.

    Acha hai apni sites per hits lene ka.

  105. ashish says:

    fake sale friends they are just playing with us, i just managed to get 3 products in 15-16 sales and out of those 1 order, rest 2 were calcelled by them saying they are unable 2 deliver, this is just a cheap trick of paytm to add money in their wallet

  106. jkumar says:

    coupon expired… :(

  107. Dharmesh soni says:

    error in checkout

  108. gaurav says:

    again fake sale

  109. swapnil says:

    Error in checkout :-P

  110. samz says:

    waste of time.
    ended up with super frustration.

  111. Sagar says:

    @manu: congratulations for being the first person to receive 100% cashback

  112. Amar says:

    Order getting cancelled.. We regret to inform you that the merchant is unable to deliver your order due to unavoidable circumstances.

  113. mehul says:

    Mine 2 order cancelled from 17 June sale.

  114. manu says:

    Attention all SMI members..

    Previously confirmed 100% free order dated 17-June-15, cancelled today.. with following comments:

    Order declined by seller, money added to Wallet. Go to Paytm Wallet for refund to bank/card

    Nothing is free…!!

  115. Lakhan says:

    ne dimag ki laga rakhi h bar bar time waste krta h

  116. parth says:

    added to cart but error during checkout…uselesss…paytm…silicon power bank worth 3499

  117. Pratik says:

    I got a Philips Ironbox.. Its not fake.. You need to be quick.

  118. John says:


  119. vivaswan says:


  120. vivaswan says:


  121. swapnil says:

    Added micromax mobile to cart twice. Then error during check out :-P

  122. Mogli says:

    error in checking out… no order placed :-((

  123. Rakesh says:

    Sab pagal banaa rahaa h roj 6 baje se sab ko offers k chaker me mobile data udaa rahe h

  124. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Again nautanki chalu at 6

  125. Ravi says:

    Free ka maal aisa hi hota hai

  126. Rohit says:

    Got Envie Nano Charger with Envie Ni-MH 2x2100mAh Battery worth Rs 360/- for free..

  127. kumar says:

    Fake offer.. after applying coupon not redirected to payment page… waste of time.. any one placed order??

  128. Bourne says:

    Guys..thing is..all Paytm wants is a million hits at once on the website..and that traffic results in Paytm’s profit..we are giving paytm the required just by visiting the website just when they want us to..only 1 out of 1000 is getting the product which is noway near to the the profit which Paytm is earning by the huge amount of traffic..its all business.

  129. Tejas says:

    Same situation with me Venkat :(

  130. Anonymous says:

    fake post karta hai

  131. rupa says:

    guys yha bolne e kuch nhi hoga… paytm ki fakeness sbko btao twitter facebook sb jagah btao logo ko ki kitna bda fraud h paytm or kese khud ki image kharab kr rha h sbk bich apni.. aj sb twit kro and post kro FB pe ki kyu bewkoof bna rhe ho logo ko nhi dene ki aukad h agr to kyu ese faltu me sbka time waste kr rhe ho… jo normal offer chalta h wo hi dede sidhe se ese bewkooof banane ki kya jrurt h

  132. YASH says:

    any one get anything?

  133. sahil says:

    hahaha katta again, i dont know when we will stop encouraging these guys and stop trying on such sales…hr br sochta hu next time nhi but fir vhi ajata hu

  134. Dharmesh soni says:

    banaya 1 item card me dala checkout kiya to bolte he cart 2 do item he ghanta 2 item tha

  135. Lakhan says:

    Paytm bakwas h time waste krwa raha h
    Paytm ki to …

  136. mani says:

    baba ji ka thullu…paytm fuddu bna rha hai… 40 person bathe the ham kisi ko kuch nhi mila…

  137. Lakhan says:

    Fake paytm

  138. Venkat says:

    Paytm,what happening,,Same repited ,i was add the cart and coupon applied,next payment page this message showing…

    I think this time PAYTM playing Tricks…

    Seller does not ship Nokia 105 (Black) to your location yet. You can try entering an alternate address (PIN code) or try again after a few days

  139. Vivek says:

    As usual bana diya applied coupon and while proceeding to payment got usual ERROR message.

  140. balu says:

    feku Paytm…offer only for publicity …tried each sale but couldn’t able to buy single product in offer

  141. Anonymous says:

    not showing product yet

  142. Buyer says:

    paytm ki aisi ki taisi,, fake site fake offers,, Jaldi nipatne wala hai paytm,, Only wasting our precious time.. payTM have to pay for this…

  143. jaffa says:

    Bakwaas offers. no item is 100 % cashback. all is fake. it’s paytm trick to popolar karne keliye.
    don’t post offers like this SMI.

    post only recharge offers

  144. nandan kumar says:

    Waist of time or nathing its fake code apply me baad ve much nahi deta hai

  145. hari says:

    there are no orders only for likes is displays.its fake offer.

  146. Suzit Gupta says:

    What is the promo code for 3pm?
    And here showing laptops for 3pm.
    M I right?

  147. Samik says:

    I too added to cart,applied coupon but it showed error in address page :-(

  148. Venkat says:

    I was add the cart and coupon applied successfully,but next page not going…I was click the process the payment.but it is not going payment gateway…I think this Paytm Trick…

  149. Himanshu says:

    paytm abse aise offer mat dena pls customer ka belief toot ta h pls bhaiyo mujhe support kro taki ye poaytm fake offer na de ske itni achi site aise bakwas offer de ro h sharm nhi ati in logo ko baithe baithe naam dubare h

  150. Rup says:

    Me Paytm Bech raha hu 100% Cashback me lena he kisi ko?

  151. praveen says:

    why paytm doing these kind of things? i couldn’t buy anything even i added in the cart.while i was going to make purchase it was prompting me address set error.so many times i bought products from paytm .but these are fake ..please paytm don’t try to make fool others.we were trusting you.

  152. yaswanth says:

    unable to payment its show error.

  153. NAVEEN says:

    waste offer,dont wast of time

  154. narendra says:

    pay tm not working on sale time other then it work properly fake offer product not add in cart at time of sale total time kharaab ???

  155. hr says:

    FOOLING OFFER…. if you see the product pages of the products like mobiles (e.g. https://paytm.com/shop/p/kestrel-km-401-white-MOBKESTREL-KM-4NV-R4088492AEEDBD)

    it shows OUT OF STOCK and ZERO orders :) :) :)

    that tells the whole story… so lets don’t waste time and energy…

  156. MEEE says:


  157. mani says:

    no items…sale paytm wale fuddu bna rhe hai

  158. Anonymous says:

    unexpected error every time.. literally

  159. Mohit says:

    Wth I was in time but it always showed error while checking out and the product was still in stock . This is cheating

  160. swapnil says:

    3 Big products…Just for Showcasing :-P

  161. Buyer says:

    Fake scheme.. only chutspa

  162. santosh says:

    time vast

  163. anand says:


  164. G D AIRAN says:

    it is 11.05
    sale not opens

  165. adesh says:

    Sasti marketing
    Ullu banawing

  166. Anonymous says:

    jb baski ni h sale chala to lagate kyu ho…site ki fat jati h tumhari,aur product dete ni error in cart..error in huh..wtF

  167. bhargav says:

    Gajraj you are right… they not at all giving any products.. every big item will get error in checkout..these are their cheap tricks… waste site

  168. yk says:

    ullu banaving… :-D

  169. gajraj says:

    Why Paytm is making fool of peoples. First they show the product in stock without offer code applicable, soon then show offer code but product is out of stock and if by mistake they shows offer code with stock available then at the time of billing they shows sorry, item is out of stock.

  170. BALA says:

    Got powerbank 3000mah worth 375 …@100% :-)

  171. ASHISH says:


  172. Rajesh says:

    error during payment woh bhi 4 baar

  173. Samik says:

    Senheiser headphone..Added to cart, Coupon Applied, Address selected and then Error in checkout !@! FU

  174. saifi says:

    offer expired
    making fool

  175. Mahesh says:

    Promo code kya that GET007 NOT WORK

  176. kul says:


  177. chirag says:

    no item in stock

  178. Anonymous says:

    Promo code not working

  179. Amit says:

    Promo code can not be applied to this item although the product is in stock at the time of clicking buy button.

  180. Teja says:

    Don’t put the out of stock items and say like 100% off…

  181. sahil says:

    got oem iphone earphones…shipping 50. doesn’t seem worth it

  182. Azharudeen says:

    Same , promo code applied for onida mobile but while checking out its showing error

  183. rohit says:

    yes it gave me also the error during checkout.

  184. Tushar says:

    Kuch nhi h sb bewkuf bnate h, payment ke tym out of stock…

  185. TAMIL says:

    Is it work?
    Anybody buy product using this 100% cashback
    my experience totally fake and it’s not working

  186. mahen says:

    Did anyone really succeed in buying the product ?
    It gave Error while checking out to me.

  187. Mogli says:

    Nothing… showing no items now !!!

  188. Kuldeep says:

    Get 3 item :P

  189. jeet says:

    hey anybody give the direct link???

  190. nitin says:

    coupon code plzzz

  191. Don says:

    next time is 6:15, time changed and no promo code updated…

  192. joe says:

    can some one give the direct link

  193. vashu says:

    time change 6:15 pm

  194. PANKAJ says:

    its now 6.15

  195. Azharudeen says:

    Sale at 6.15

  196. swapnil says:

    Time changed:
    Next 100% cashback Electronics Sale starts at 6:15 pm

  197. Venkat says:

    I got Eveready power bank,thanks SMI & PAYTM

  198. Anonymous says:

    ab sab stock mai hai hahaha

  199. Tejas says:

    Bought Eveready RF03 3 Blades (355 mm) Rechargeable Table Fan (White)

  200. vashu says:

    got this time 1 iphone 6 cover & adcom mobile
    paytm best

  201. krishnareddy says:

    only one item per one user… paytm becoming worst day by day

  202. Vivek says:

    Got Belmark Back Cover For Xiaomi Mi3 (Black) had to pay shipping Rs 50 Its ok

  203. Dev says:

    Any body get big product like camera or anything ?

  204. ghanshyam says:

    got note 3 screen protector

  205. pappu says:

    Who can baught.??? ..Rajnikant only…Ha…Ha…Ha…

  206. Sudhir says:

    got genius mouse

  207. Tushar says:

    Items stock out before the time… PAYTM please tell us the names of your costumers who got 100% OFF…Full timepass

  208. Santosh says:

    Fake Offer
    All products are Out of Stock

  209. swapnil says:

    Digitek 2600 mAh Power Bank (White) (DIP2600)
    for free

  210. Sandeep Verma says:

    Why did not write promo code..

    Is it intentionally or unintentionally?

  211. Raju says:

    what is the promocode to be used

  212. Mogli says:

    Anyone facing pincode issue while placing order Error like ”
    Not available for delivery at your location yet. ” …

  213. Crazy says:

    Got free Mouse

  214. Gags says:

    everything was sold out since the deal started.

  215. Shoaib says:

    hahaha… Good one Paytm…

    Jago Ghrakh Jago…..

    Bullshit man… wasted time in this…

  216. Don says:

    O chup bethja,

  217. parth says:

    hahahahaah pehle to lg ka mobile and dslr rakh diya me to khush ho gaya ye aj lag gayi lottery but nikal diya and onlu flip cover and screen gaurds and also 5,0 rupees delivery charge so its not worth sale hehehe

  218. Raj says:

    Able to order only Lenovo screen guard. Rest all out of stock

  219. Rajesh says:

    tai tai fiss

  220. harsimran singh says:

    Worst and Fake site in world #paytmmatkaro

  221. kul says:

    out of stock sale

  222. vivaswan says:

    GOT THZ ..NiSi 67 mm Ultra Violet Filter BUT NO USE FOR ME ..

  223. Anonymous says:

    Everything will be out of stock

  224. Ashok says:

    sab out of stock ullu banawing

  225. Azharudeen says:

    Wow.. Got huawei datacard in 100% cashback :-)

  226. Rahi says:

    hahaha, what a time pass

  227. Raghu says:

    Time waste items are stating with “Out of stock”… same on you paytm.. if you are keeping items how it can be out of stock @11.10 AM (Sale 11.00 AM).

  228. dilip says:

    every item sold out

  229. hathi says:

    hathi ka lelo

  230. rajesh says:

    @don teri ka bho mila tha last time.. Comment to ese dala kr jo logo ko believe karne layak ho..
    One item/order hi rehta h pta hna or agr first time me kuch mil b jata hto second time me sbsout of stock ho jata hh okk

  231. rohit says:

    at what time will this sale start frends

  232. harish says:

    babji ka thuluuu
    lelo lelo…

  233. vashu says:

    best offer ever by paytm
    last sale are rocking i am orderd 19 product

  234. Harsh Patel says:

    out of stock… within 2 minutes :(

  235. sanju says:

    Again a time wasting stuff from

  236. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Everything will be out of stock

  237. Don says:

    try karo i got 11 items in last sale

  238. Aayush says:

    Kuch nhi milega

  239. Er hussain says:

    Baba Ji thullu milega

  240. Manju says:

    every item will be out of stock…
    Dont put any expectations on the offer..

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