Endura Mass Chocolate 500gm Rs. 338 – SnapDeal

endura-massSnapDeal has discounted Endura Mass Chocolate 500gm to Rs. 338. Features provides you the exact amount of nutrition, not too much, neither too less just the right amount required to build muscles.

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One Response to “Endura Mass Chocolate 500gm Rs. 338 – SnapDeal”

  1. Vinay T says:

    Anything selling at this price is nothing but maltodextrin and a very little amount of protien. If you have money go ahead indulge yourself in good food @ a good hotel rather than buying these kinda crap which are much badder than eating burgers.

    To gain weight you need more REAL food and a protien supplement(ON Gold standard) and weight training exercise which needs to be strictly followed.

    Remember there is no shortcut for Weight gaining for slim people and weight loss for fat people. You need to work hard! Thats the only way out.

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