AA Rechargeable Batteries Pack of 4 Envie Rs. 120, Eveready Rs. 166 – Tradus

envie99Tradus has discounted AA Rechargeable Batteries Pack of 4 Envie to Rs. 120 & Eveready to Rs. 166.

Buy AA Rechargeable Batteries Pack of 4: Envie Rs. 120 | Eveready Rs. 166

8 Responses to “AA Rechargeable Batteries Pack of 4 Envie Rs. 120, Eveready Rs. 166 – Tradus”

  1. Kunal says:

    I have four 2700 Mah batteries for my DSLR which last only 8 hours if used continuosly. Assume what a 1000 mah can deliver.

    Useless deal. don’t go for it.

  2. Karthik says:

    Kapil is right. For cameras you need more than 2000mah else you will end up with very less shots and again you have to recharge

  3. spreadinsmile says:

    thank you very much Kapil :owill wait for 2100 to 2700 Mah battries.

  4. kapil says:

    don’t miss guide any one Mr. cool dear spreadinsmile if you want this for camera then buy atleast 2100 Mah otherwise this envie is 1000 mah and eveready is only 700 mah which is best for toys radio etc. so wisely choice this is not as good as 2100 to 2700 mah is good for cameras.

    good luck

  5. Sri says:

    @spreadinsmile: The envie batteries are not very good. I bought it in a local store for 200. The rating says 1000mah but is not. I’ve had a 700mah eveready battery that lasts longer on my camera. After a full charge (envie) my camera shows only 50%. Go for eveready. It’s better.

  6. patel says:

    nice order one today again

  7. cool says:

    Ha main batunga kiya puchna hain saaf saaf likha tooh hain 118 rs ke 4 cell hain.kiya comment chahiye aur bata

  8. spreadinsmile says:

    can someone please say something about this deal…i am intrested to buy rechargeable batteries…plz review :o)

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