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fablooms-car-coverShopClues has FabLooms Car Body Covers for Rs. 363. Features Water-resistant, All Weather, Protects from Dust and Dings, UV Ray protection (UV rays cause paint fading), Very light and easily handled & Matches body profile perfectly.

Coupon: SC1FC39

Buy: FabLooms Hatchback Car Body Covers (HatchBack & Sedan)

23 Responses to “FabLooms Car Body Covers Rs. 363 – ShopClues”

  1. Anonymous says:

    jaldi bejhna

  2. Farhan says:

    Subtotal : Rs.799
    (-)Order Discount :Rs.485
    Price after Discount :Rs.314
    Shipping Cost :Rs.24
    Total :Rs.338

  3. Farhan says:

    SCCB14 is working …

  4. Man says:

    Got it yesterday. It is very thin and quality is not too much great. Can get this kind of stuff around Rs.350 at Azad Market, Delhi too, if bargained properly.
    Disappointed after getting this cover as I expected much higher quality like the one got in their pillows.

  5. RUCHIR says:

    No clamp system stopped me even after went to 368.Not specified metty material.Fabloon is a prodigy of Shiva carpets.But Fabloom division not a brand in itself at least.

  6. vivek says:

    ordered one lets wait for the delivery to check the quality. Fablooms is a quality product lets see.

  7. Man says:

    Ordered…Looks like a great deal..Let’s wait & hope for the best quality as Fablooms is a good merchant….saying this because I previously ordered Pillows & they are of very good quality.

  8. Suresh says:

    Now It’s Working. Able to Order Successfully.

  9. sameer payyadi says:

    now working

  10. Vaibhav says:

    Deal is live again.

    Check & Order Fast

  11. Man says:

    @MSD if u really bought it I must say that u hit the jackpot…:)

  12. Man says:

    Now there is no.coupon code available. They have removed the offer…..:(
    At such a price it was worth buying.

  13. kuldip says:

    Bogus Offer, Coupon not working…

  14. Anonymous says:

    bogus offer

  15. selvavinayak says:

    The Seller is giving bogus offer. The Coupon is not valid. Please dont try this offer. Beware of this fraud offers.

  16. MSD says:

    WORKING. nice deal

  17. trivender says:

    try to order for my car but coupan is no longer valid.

  18. Mehboob says:

    SMI, what is this ??? why post this kind of not valid offer ? before posting any offer at first check that is working or not….

  19. OM says:

    no longer valid

  20. Suresh says:

    The coupon you entered is no longer valid.

  21. Gaurav Singh says:

    Coupon Is No Longer Valid.. Tried to Buy For My Wagon R..

  22. Suresh says:

    Tried to order one but coupn is NOT WORKING.

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